Zeta Plus A1 (E)

Yup, it’s done last week after applying decals. I was really mad and pissed off over the Samuel decal. I can’t believe it was so weak and easily torn off. I’m not sure if the water decal papers itself quality is at fault. I lost quite many and the printed sign easily weaken. I have to depend some of the stickers’ decal to fill some of the space. Can’t really say it turns out well but following the method from the hobby magazine method. It does help a bit.
IMG_3450 (1024x768)
I will be submitting my entry to Bandai World Gundam Competition at figure.fm soon. I am still choosing the best photos for submission and going to be long upload thanks to the fuck up espeed at night. Probably it will be done on this Saturday afternoon. I do not have lots of confident about my Gunpla submission in free style categories. Since my original idea plan submission is Oowashi Strike Rogue E. The time is simply too short and I do not have enough budgets to go ahead for this build.

Anyway, my idea on this gunpla build version is a follow up with my own make up story event somewhat in between Zeta Gundam and Gundam Sentinel or before Gundam F90 timeline. You can read my short notes about MSZ-006 A1 (E) Zeta Plus by clicking read more and full gallery view.

Historical and Technical UC Note
After the AEUG resistance group officially disbands, many mobile suits like remaining MSZ-006 A1 Zeta Plus test type has been sold to the Mars expedition organization. It was mainly serves as a security forces for patrolling in Mars planet in parts of the agreement between the organization and EFSF.

MSZ-006 Zeta Plus was originally intended exclusively for use in the atmosphere. Its space flight systems and atmospheric entry features were previously eliminated by AEUG resistance group. However, all was brought back after few upgrade and tweaks by the engineers to allow equipping with space booster pack to enhance the speed and maneuver of MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus performance.

The space booster pack even allows capable of performing atmospheric entry to Mars and ability launch back to space which is similar to the redesigned version of MSZ-006C1 Zeta Plus. The only drawback and condition requires is being equipping at all time. Others extra feature are allowing swapping either two beam cannon or missile pods.

MSZ-006 A1 (E) Zeta Plus continuing to serves and service until UC0101. Nonetheless, it was heavily damage during the encounter with unknown MS while patrolling around the Mars planet terrains. None of the EFSF security force reported returns. The Mars expedition organization was later forced to pull out order by the EFSF to allow full investigation over the incident.


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