Missed HG Customize Parts Campaign Summer 2015 at Hobby Link japan

If you want to get Bandai HG Customize Parts campaign stuffs, look no further only Hobby Link Japan happen to have this promotion that offer to international customers. The third campaign finally started on August 17th. Nope I didn't manage to get any damn single out of it. You see this happen when these customize parts ran out before they packed mine. Yes, disappointed to know. But what pissed me off HLJ actually already started offering on August 8th even the graphic logo listed the exact date and put up on 17th! What the fuck?
I really lost of words and find this very upset they kept this promotion quiet while making majority waiting and browsed for the news everyday wondering the third campaign going to happen or not. Not only it pissed me off and began to question why 17th? They said because it was traditional Obon holiday (three days) and the announcement was delay. I call that bullshit excuses and the fuck we subscribe newsletter service for? Traditional Obon holiday celebrate on August 15th (wiki) and will last for three days. So what happen during 10 to 14th then?
Let's be frank about this, we all can see global economic problem does indeed affect Gundam model kits sales and has been slow down this year including those new released lines. Not only that, P-Bandai exclusive are spoiling the market itself too. You will notice if you browse the pages every few days or easy way, type HGUC or HG in the search. The list of the new released and old Gunpla stocks numbers hardly running out of stocks even after the campaign ended.
My opinions on this, probably a marketing stunt to find way clearing high volume stocks stuck in their warehouse. You see, the past two campaigns last two to three weeks and I hardly able to choose which kits to buy as majority run out of stock. The third campaign, so much in stock kit's selection and closed only less than 5 days (17th to 21st). If the promotion originally started on 8th, either they found the sales were slow during that time and the remaining HG customize parts already given out almost dry since we are talking about three parts for each HG purchase. I myself would find this golden opportunity card push to clear the stocks and make sure the “This campaign is only good as long as our stock of packets lasts!” slogan were used to protect them from hot head customer like me. Smart move.
Of course, I may be wrong. This is just speculating and no prove at all of their wrong doing. Even if it happens what I wrote above, well, they got right to do that. Still, I find this case so rare they would stay quiet and delay announce this campaign for such respectable online shop with lots of loyal customers base. I never had any problem with them before but this is the first time making me so mad wasting my money purchasing from a campaign period (the day they open) that gets nothing in return. The way they handle this announcement just wrong and left me speechless. There won't be next time blindly rush to purchase like that. Thanks to that, I actually brought wrong Nemo version. Arggg!