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Gundam Treasure Hunt! #1

Hooah! Heh, hunting down hard to find and previous missed out limited goodies sometimes does bring joy when you finally able to obtain through the power of the internet. I do admit it does cost a lot of money. To me, keeping a good patience mind eventually will get you the best price rather spending triple.
I'm sure majority would go and search at eBay. Well, its true that we could find plenty of limited goodies there. But for book publication limited released toys are different especially Gundam plastic kit. I myself rarely able to spot the right price and sometimes require to bid for it. Plastic kit never worth your time on bidding. Reason is simple. We cut, destroy, modify, assemble, and paints. You can only go for either the sellers sold them for a right price or bundle them in attractive sets for bid.
Another problem I am facing with eBay is using the search engine. They rarely get the items right occasionally and had to spent more time checking through some discover sellers…

Disappointed Outcome Decisions

One of the main problem working in big private sector company was dealing with people who actually can fuck up your job anytime. While this kind of issues can be consider very common nowadays and happens to anyone in the world. A company shouldn't have continued to practice of such behaviors. I do understand taking care more than hundreds of employees aren't an easy task to begin with. If you continue to not listen or believe their opinions then the company are just only losing good employees.Of course I’m not doubting the manager's ability performing and managing its employees. But what I more pissed off was having someone else who isn't a fucking IT could simply steps in taking charge of the computer hardware's without any single discussions and proper planning before distributing like wild fire. Over time, this actually becomes uncontrollable problems and seeing a good business PC one by one turned into trash. Even the warrantying the hardware causes major quest…

The Fail Customer Services in Brunei

That would be the HSBC! While I do have problem with Telbru and sometimes complained them, at least they did try to change and improved their customer’s service support. HSBC is getting worst every year and got me nearly slamming the table in their Seria center from my last experience over the credit card issue. Even their 24 hours hotline call service doesn’t work from time to time until today. No I’m not lying. This is true and can guarantee I’m not the only person having this kind of experience. The hotlines are so fucked up that you can only able to get someone during working days. I had done a few tried calling at night when having trouble swiping the credit card. All I got the same answer from the auto response from the system was told to call back during working hours. This isn’t the first time, it been ongoing for weeks and happens again after few months when I call during morning on Sunday. This got me so rage logging complains for answer when the lost card phone line didn’t …

Building GM Using GM Sniper II Resin kit

The Amuro Ray GM Custom built can be consider my experiment and study project. Both plastic kits are cheap so I don't have to worried about breaking and damaging while working half way. So far everything working out fine except during an accident from the wind blow into the ground scratching the whole kits paints.

GM (Amuro Ray Custom)

It's been a while I haven't posted anything related to the plastic modeling. This year has been slow and maintaining budgets avoiding buying Gunpla. The remaining Gunpla kits really gives me headache and require certain kits in order to continue or complete the work for my projects. Luckily, starting the GM direction landed me a new ideas helping me to get rid some of the resin kits I got from Model Kit World. Yup, the GM Sniper II conversion kit. I will explain my work in the next post. Oh, I can't believe this is going to be 1000 posts!!!