Building GM Using GM Sniper II Resin kit

The Amuro Ray GM Custom built can be consider my experiment and study project. Both plastic kits are cheap so I don't have to worried about breaking and damaging while working half way. So far everything working out fine except during an accident from the wind blow into the ground scratching the whole kits paints.

When it comes to idea, I got none from it for HGUC GM. It was early HGUC model so the first thing I had to do was assemble it before thinking next step. Well, this is where the Model Kits World GM II conversion kit play along. I have to admit the resin kit was lousy made and unbalance when comes to assembling.

For your information, this resin kit conversion weren't original made for GM. It was originally used for either HGUC GM Space Command, Command and Cold District Type. For my case, I decided to do some kit bashing since I got three sets of it.

The starting point I decided to focus more on the leg parts. Since this is lousy resin kit, you need to use quite a lot of puttying and then heavy sanding doing fixing the hole. Actually I didn't do a good job on that. =P

Some modifications and rework to the GM ankle joint to make sure able to fit into the resin kit. The final touch up were using drill a 8mm hole and insert steel rod into the middle. This is to provide strong attaching to the leg once I applied cement after painting.

Here is the final result.

The rest weren't particularly special or something. Most of the kits I use are left over parts. The backpack has some minor upgrade before painting. I did some slight cutting to the holes to fit the Bandai thruster.


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