Bringing Up Edison Chen Stupid Story

Do you believe it? After two years of the Edison Chen scandal shits happen. Someone in Brunei really thinks we IT Technicians would do the same things do them. I was totally gone blank when one of the bosses brining up this story because I didn’t do a full format on his PC. Well, it wasn’t because why I didn’t want to do it. But rather he was telling me to replace the hard disk only so of course what we IT Technician do is clone the whole things without require to do reformat, this result no data loss and no changes at all. That’s it.

Since he also didn’t give me any instruction about reformatting, my job is 100% to make sure his stuffs and data don’t get fuck up. All else, I would definitely get sue or fired straight from my job. Of course, I didn’t really pay much attention why he still replacing the same hard disk size while his data are getting larger not until I asked him. Then his question me do I know about the Edison Chen case and how his stuffs were leak out. I was like, what the hell does he have to bring up this thing, wasn’t this an old celebrity story? Everything went totally blank on my mind at the time and he told me people (also referring us) might do the same thing to his PC. I don’t really know how to response his question. To me, who really want to steal his information that doesn’t worth a single millions of dollars or even who aren’t even an important person in Brunei? I can’t say about people might threatening him or getting caught in the tape having sex or affair with another woman. If you doesn’t have any of these, why do you afraid of?

I know there is such person who have nothing do it would do all sort of this thing trying to recover the secret stuffs left behind in the hard disk drive. But so far in our country, the numbers of IT Technicians commit this kind of crime is very low, like 1-2% for those home users PC. For business companies, I find it very less likely going to happen unless the employees itself are stealing the data. But so far I never heard of such cases except once two years ago which I don’t want to talk about it.

But if you really want to make sure your piracy and confidential stuffs never get leaks out. Defrag your hard disk drive every month and backup your data to another personal external storage or best yet, you can use some free shredder programs to get rid the data in your hard disk drive that cannot be easily recoverable which is the best solutions rather changing your hard disk drive only. If you don’t know which free programs is the best, check out some of the links below and read the users comments for better selections. Check the links below.


Gundam October Check

Well, just another of my Gundam collection stock check for this month. I decided to do some arrangement and deciding which kits are going to build next by the end of this year. I haven’t figured out which one yet but the two HGUC for GM Striker and Blue Destiny Unit 2 are coming to an age of 3 year soon. Yeah, I brought it few years back and keep it because I was broke that time. Not because of over buying toys, it just my car fuck up and needed repairs. Poor those two, anyway, hopefully will be able to do it next year.
Here’s my current Gundam kits collection taken today. I’m sure it going to be more sooner after I abandon straight building. Man, still have so many buy list pending awaiting my mouse to add it to the shopping cart. Slowly~! Slowly~! ^^;;;

Busy With New Job!

I think I have to thank for that busy shit around me this month. My bossy haven’t decided yet to give me internet access so lesser time surfing around the online store compared to my previous job, everyday at least. That’s why I broke faster than usual. Arggg…

Another one more week, we are going to get our salary soon! But it suck I have yet to go to HSBC to open back my saving account because there is really have no time for it. I did remember it can done from online. But after checking the website, I can’t seem to find it anymore. Maybe due to the security reasons I guess. Why HSBC!!!

Hopefully it can be done smoothly this Monday. Just paid up 2x MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise yesterday. It does cost a lot on the shipping and wondering why it was so heavy. Luckily before the pre-order, I manage to snap a 30% off from it. However, the most disappointed news for me is unable to get hold of Revoltech Evangelion New Theatrical Ver. Eva Provisional Unit 5. This is the first time in my pre-order life I wasn’t able to obtain it. This Eva 05 was so damn popular and according to the HW Japan, this is a limited released version. No one can really tell how popular it was for Evangelion 2.0 movie. Nonetheless, I will see how the plan is for next month getting from Hong Kong online store if Japan already runs out.

The next upcoming pre-order for my list is Bandai Lightning Action Base. Looks really interesting and the price is not bad too while it allow to combine with Action base 2. Not sure about the Action Base 1 version. But I am getting this for sure. It will be great for doing posing for photo shots. Picture stolen from Ngee Khiong. =P

One last thing, I have a US$5.00 off coupon (expire coming end of this month) for buying items above US$50.00 from I’m going to give it for free. Simply hit “Read more” to get the code. Only one for you all, first one who use it. You win.

Coupon Cade: SZ-FJL-CSV

Astray Blue Frame 2nd and Walter Hobby Update

Ngee Khiong yesterday posted update news about the backpack for the upcoming release MG Astray Blue Frame 2nd next week. However, already got holds this kit and posted the information on his website! You guys should check it out except the backpacks pictures has a missing link so you can only look at the currently thumbnail on the info pages. Hopefully we are able to see it in action soon and fix on the missing links.
I also will be doing an update on my review for Walter Hobby soon. If you recently visit his website, you will notice he update his website looking better and now with more products. At the same time, he is now offering another up to 50% off for the toys and plastic kits over there. If you are interested, you should drop by. The most I interested Gundam kit I am eying right now is the promotion on the bundle for Gundam MKII HD color for both A.E.U.G and Titan 2.0. It’s currently offering 36% off for $59.90USD, not a bad deal to me. One more thing, he did indeed visit my blog after I posted the review. Seems like he did some homework on the search engine.

Weekend Update and Cleaning #2

There haven’t any interesting things happen on me lately except the fucking Telbru espeed is so terrible fuck up the internet every time after 7.00PM. No one knows what the fuck they set on the system making the whole internet so slow or exchange system is fuck up in KB. I’m not sure how many of you out there experience this, but I continuously getting speed drop at night and surfing the internet is totally frustrating. What I can’t believe is that going to Brudirect takes almost 1 min to open and continue loading the rest of the images.

My download speed is only around 15kb so far I test at night and my Steam updating only manage to reach over 30kb and drop constantly over the time. Torrent is exceptional and reaching over 50kb has no problem at all. But uploading is the worst scenario in my life, uploading a 150kb photos takes more than 5-8 min and getting errors again after 7.00PM. Until now, I haven’t even managed to finished upload my photos.

I already did a numbers of times at night and morning doing speed test. Currently, only today morning is working fine and the download speed is back. To be honest with you all, I don’t really trust much about the speed test using the Telbru Speedo Meter. I should have taken the snapshot on the result I get for the first time and its 90000+kbps few days. I was like what the heck was that? Going another round testing for tonight, if the results it’s the same. I am going to call the center third time.

Anyhow, I going to take it slowly on the house cleaning and dumping all those useless stuffs put at the back of my father house. Yet and again, it’s the same old step bitch doing it intentionally. I don’t care anymore if that is valuable or not. It will be gone forever in my watch! Will be doing my Gundam kits stocks check afterward too. Hehehe…

The World of Climate Change!

Yes, today is the Blog Action Day! It’s good to discuss once in a while about other important matter rather than just about toys and anime in my blog. Our world is changing every years and even the technology advance so fast that no one really could imagine how much it can impacts our life and surrounding. This is why we need to discuss about the important of climate change from time to time.

What exactly is climate change? How does this affect us in our country and around the world? Not many of us and younger generations these days have an idea what is going on with the climates. However, the easiest way to understand is takes an example of the flood and heavy rains happens this year which it already claimed two human lives, destroys many houses and also landslides in Brunei. This is the cause of changes in modern climate that no one ever able to predicts.

Although we can’t compare to another country, such disasters cases believes to be becoming worsens every year for our country. Probably most of us think are it because of lack of design infrastructure and Governments not putting their effort on climate change in priority lists? Yes, they are. But I don’t think they are the only to blame. However, the most blame should goes to us not taking this disaster seriously as always thinking very less likely happening in our country.

It’s easy to understand. We are living in a peaceful country and taking things very slowly. No matter where you go, in the public or living other non town areas. I believe the worst seeing people throwing and dump rubbish into the manhole or drains which normally done by the children’s and teens. Of course, same goes to the foreigners. We don’t care much about it and always thinking avoids getting into trouble.

However, what we never realize is how bad this damage could be done to the environments and understanding it could block the water flows through the sewage properly. This is why we seeing most of the place easily get flooded when heavy rain fall and at the same time creates waste water. Even if the infrastructures have improved over the years, we continue to repeat the mistake over and over again.

The question right now is how can we prevent climate change? I myself can’t think of better answer to this question. But my first thoughts are hoping the Government considers launching a community service programs to those people caught love littering and vandalisms. This is the best measure to educate the locals and foreigners taking good care of the surrounding. No matter how much the opposing mind from the locals. We have to think about the climate change issue and even the money spends on the repairing and renovating the areas. If this method able to work well, it can help to save the country becoming polluted, also improve the healthy lifestyle and improving changes in modern climate.

Pathetic Day

It was totally a pathetic day for me. During my tenth days at work, someone tried to PAKAT me because I wasn’t using hand rail when I was carrying a heavy stuff. This dude totally brainless and doesn’t think at ALL! This fucker thinks that I am made of superman. How the hell I suppose to use one hand carrying the heavy stuff walking up to first floor? Isn’t this going to be more dangerous and unsafe way of carrying any heavy objects? I almost quarrel with this asshole after my friend told me to take this as a joke and just forget it.

Okay, I had done that. But still, I really felt so angry at those people working in oil & gas industries these days are so abusing using PAKAT system. I can doubt that less than 20% of the employees in Brunei understand these systems. Why? They can simply PAKAT everyone or anything without knowing if they are actually working unsafely or not. The worst are sometimes doesn’t even involved about safety and just made up nonsense that you made mistake in your work.

I don’t really like how this PAKAT system going because this could even leads you getting fired from your jobs or quarrels with your colleagues in the companies as it might destroy your relationship with bosses around you. If you received the PAKAT from someone who suddenly nail behind your back, you can either sign it or choose not to sign. It’s your own choice to admit if it’s true or just false accusations. But you have to go to your head office and explain details why you disagree. All I can say it 100% won’t goes well for all. I know safety is very important and bring awareness to the surrounding. But I simply don’t like it a bit about this until now no one bother to understand the details of why it was not safety.

If you don’t know what it means, I myself have little knowledge about the PAKAT origin since I don’t work HSE (Health and Safety Executive). As far I know, it was like a daily safety programs require for every employee who working onsite or in the office to write about the unsafe incident reports encounter by them. It is a common standard safety management system (SMS) for oil & gas industries around the world.

Another stupid thing happen also calling to 121 Telbru centre in the afternoon. I was so mad at the male operator talking nonsense to me that if your speed is lower than 512kbps. I shouldn’t complain unless its lower 300kbps. I was like what? Is this idiot making fun of me? I was totally mad about it after the above incident and fire at him without second thought that I won’t accept such answer coming from him. The question to him is what residential plan are we paying for right now? 512kbps speed every month or fucking lower? I want him to show me the policy. If there are such cases coming from Telbru, I will definitely post it to Brudirect or direct to their bosses of such employees behavior in the phone. For now, I will continue to see how its going.

Weekend House Cleaning

Damn, that was so tiring cleaning the house backyard. I really hate those plants growing all around the place and its really annoying dealing with this nature. It also creep me out when seeing those frogs and mouse hiding inside the box while throwing out some of the old stuffs.

I clear as much as I could for today and transport it to the dump site. Probably I am going to plan for another two or three more rounds to clean up the place because there is still some more old trash left outside. Hate those ants living around those old stuffs.

On the side note, I already upload my Zeta Plus A1 (E) photos at for Bandai World Gunpla Competition. It took me at least three hours to only upload only 10+ (160 +/- kb each), thanks to the mother fucking Telbru internet. I can’t believe it was getting terrible and I notice my speed drop after doing the speed test. I am going to fire up the complains tomorrow. Hate this kind of shit happen every few months and smell Telbru is doing something fishy on the internet sometimes. I even sure the terrorist would want to blow up the Telbru centre because of the worst internet service ever experience by them unable to communicate with their groups and leaders. Imagine when they are in a hurry unable to to execute their plans with a freaking slow internet.

The 49th All Japan Plamodel Radicon Show

Man, I was really surprise about the Victory Gundam will be the next and soon release in MG ka version this year. No one really expecting that coming from Bandai and I’m sure many Gundam fans who wishes about it are totally in cheering. I’m not really sure if I should place my pre-order since it haven’t said anything about any special prize or items yet. Not going to be my priority buy list, but it’s going to be next look out for next year or two until I finished building the old one.
The last Seed VS Astray unit, Nebula Blitz also finally reveal at the event. I can’t really tell how much changes did the Bandai actually done to this kit compared to the old version of Blitz. What I can only sees it just only have additional weapons and changes to the backpack which allow to swap with others unit. Doesn’t really seem what’s new to me so far except the upcoming Astray Mirage Frame that can transform into emm…. I don’t know what it call it. I just got to admit Gale Strike Gundam still my favor the most. Nope, no changes to my plan getting ALL Seed VS Astray once all release. Come! Come! MG Blue Frame Second!
There is extra good news for me, ReZEL and Stark Jegan is coming next year under HGUC kits!!! I don’t feel disappointed being not release in MG, but I really do hope Delta Plus will be the next. Goto prepared my $$$!

Zeta Plus A1 (E)

Yup, it’s done last week after applying decals. I was really mad and pissed off over the Samuel decal. I can’t believe it was so weak and easily torn off. I’m not sure if the water decal papers itself quality is at fault. I lost quite many and the printed sign easily weaken. I have to depend some of the stickers’ decal to fill some of the space. Can’t really say it turns out well but following the method from the hobby magazine method. It does help a bit.
IMG_3450 (1024x768)
I will be submitting my entry to Bandai World Gundam Competition at soon. I am still choosing the best photos for submission and going to be long upload thanks to the fuck up espeed at night. Probably it will be done on this Saturday afternoon. I do not have lots of confident about my Gunpla submission in free style categories. Since my original idea plan submission is Oowashi Strike Rogue E. The time is simply too short and I do not have enough budgets to go ahead for this build.

Anyway, my idea on this gunpla build version is a follow up with my own make up story event somewhat in between Zeta Gundam and Gundam Sentinel or before Gundam F90 timeline. You can read my short notes about MSZ-006 A1 (E) Zeta Plus by clicking read more and full gallery view.

Historical and Technical UC Note
After the AEUG resistance group officially disbands, many mobile suits like remaining MSZ-006 A1 Zeta Plus test type has been sold to the Mars expedition organization. It was mainly serves as a security forces for patrolling in Mars planet in parts of the agreement between the organization and EFSF.

MSZ-006 Zeta Plus was originally intended exclusively for use in the atmosphere. Its space flight systems and atmospheric entry features were previously eliminated by AEUG resistance group. However, all was brought back after few upgrade and tweaks by the engineers to allow equipping with space booster pack to enhance the speed and maneuver of MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus performance.

The space booster pack even allows capable of performing atmospheric entry to Mars and ability launch back to space which is similar to the redesigned version of MSZ-006C1 Zeta Plus. The only drawback and condition requires is being equipping at all time. Others extra feature are allowing swapping either two beam cannon or missile pods.

MSZ-006 A1 (E) Zeta Plus continuing to serves and service until UC0101. Nonetheless, it was heavily damage during the encounter with unknown MS while patrolling around the Mars planet terrains. None of the EFSF security force reported returns. The Mars expedition organization was later forced to pull out order by the EFSF to allow full investigation over the incident.

Moving to New Environment

After joining the new company last week, spending on blogging is lesser or even lazy to type at the moment. I have to wake up early and sometimes bring my sis to work and had to rush up to Anduki. I am currently not used to it right now because normally I start work at 8.00AM and the location is so close within five minute reach (without traffic). Of course I can’t compare to those staying in the capital area rushing down to KB.

There are quite a lot of familiar faces over there. Most of them are my previous clients and even classmates. It’s great for me because less pressure for me being alone without knowing anyone there. I just need to be extra careful on the bosses. Everyone is afraid and as much as possible avoid seeing him. LOL!

Well, my boss hasn’t giving too much tasks at the moment as my PC haven’t arrive yet. It will be going to be busy and lots of assignment sooner or later. I already know what are the outcome in the future, I just have to think about the $$$ and work hard for it. Hai~! Even my colleague just calls me before typing this post IF I am free to go to the company hotel to check the clients PC and also introduce me to the workers there. But I simply have to refuse for today only because I am currently so lazy to change my clothes and open the lock gate.

However, that was not the case because since I am still under probation and don’t have any single fuel allowance yet. For me, it was unwise to drive around while keeping my money as tight as possible and even borrowing my mom money to cover it. I really owe her a lot. Thanks to my previous company for not paying ANY single cents on my car fuel and mobile phone credits. It just makes me mad remembering it.

This is a good advises for those wanted to works with Chinese. If you are working as an onsite servicing and at the same time using your own cars, make sure they pay you after your probation. If not or broken promise, you should just starts looking for other jobs instead. No point of arguing with those who doesn’t want to pay.

MG Blue Frame 2nd R Bonus Back Pack Reveal

I have been waiting for the news about the back pack we are getting soon this month. Seems like Ngee Khiong able to gather the latest and clearer picture about MG Blue Frame 2nd Revise back pack bonus how it works. Not the same as the previous picture that Bandai posted but somehow it was written in Chinese. Anyway check out the picture below.
It was great to see these back packs offer does gives a nice upgrade for both Gundam Seed MG and HG 1/100 version. But I am more interested in the back pack for the MG Blue Frame itself if it might works with the HG 1/100 Astray as well. I’m sure anyone of us really loves to know it. I already order for two for myself and man, limited offer does makes you smile. Same goes our money too. At the same time people still think its a ridiculous marketing which I don’t really care about it.

Samuel Decal Mini Review V1.0

Samuel Decal is a well know custom and remade designs marking for plastic kits that are not sold or official made by Bandai, Kotobukiya, Wave (for example) in Hong Kong. If you are having a hard time looking for custom made decals for your plastic kits, you should drop by this decals online shop to check it out.

They have many selections for the nice custom made decals design over there. Some are remade limited decals from the hobby magazines and also resize version from 1/100 to 1/144 for plastic models. Of course, non-Gundam decals and other SD resin kits also recently available at their website this year.

Discount Offer

Samuel also kind enough to offer for everyone discounts as long you made an order for over US$20.00 which he already introduced on year 2005. If you purchase over US$20.00 you get 10% off and 20% off for over US$40.00. Not bad.

How to Order

Only this time I include in my review because Samuel doesn’t used any shopping cart methods on his website. You need to send it by e-mail (order [at] samueldecal [d

ot] com) for orders.

For example:

1. Ex-S
1/100 Scale

2. C3 FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam
1/100 Scale

If the decals like Ex-S also available for 1/144 scale, simply check the price for the 1/144 and change it like this.

1. Ex-S
1/144 Scale

2. C3 FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam
1/100 Scale

You DO NOT need to pay Samuel first! Wait for his invoice and the total cost before he requesting you to pay.

Payment Methods

Samuel currently only accepts Paypal and Western Union for payment. However, please note that there will be 3 - 5% service charges impose only for Paypal users.

Well, for me it’s cheaper than paying through Western Union.

Shipping Methods

You can choose either deliver by normal or register airmail. This option is included together with the invoice after you order.

For me, I do recommend paying extra for register airmail to avoid getting missing since he is using mail packing method to send over. Some asshole in some countries might think there is money inside and also easier to track if it arrived in the post office in case you haven’t received for two weeks or more.