Dealing with Customers Suck!

I work as an IT technician and tried to supports including solved the problem as much as possible I can. I don’t know if I am the one having such stupid problem or them. But I am really sure they are the reasons making me fed up serving them and hate them so much thinking about quitting my job. I don’t really know how to explain the situation how I deal with them or could be miscommunications. But I really fed up talking to those jack asses who don’t even understand the problem after you told them and wasted countless hours explaining to them. You have to start bringing some objects and example to make them easier to understand.

The idiots I mention in my previous post are about the router stuffs. Now there is another one I encounter today. That is about the laptop I recently reformatted and build a new Window XP for him. I found some problem with the HDD that actually perform very slow. Normally a bad sign showing the hard disk is coming to its end soon. I’m sure everyone knows it is recommended to change if you have used your laptop for business for almost between two to three years. Not to mention if your laptop holds so many confidential documents and business stuffs. I do encourage them to replace a new one before it will cause any problem in the future. Well, they are the one who said that was not necessary. Since I already warned them, they asked me to go ahead to reformat it and rebuild it only. Okay, now they come back and start complained with me there are a lot of problems on the laptop. I asked them to bring back to me so that I can do a full stress test over it. Guess what, he doesn’t bring it to me and not a single call if he can’t make it. I wonder how am I supposed to take any responsible if I can’t even take a look at it instead just bear those useless complained.

No matter how I warned them, they never want to listen or just telling me they understand. I wonder if I am just wasting my time or maybe just a useless thing to do. The worst thing and I hated most is arguing with them. I don’t even know what wrongs with that guy starting to tell me some nonsense, yes, a director. He started arguing with me about the Network Bridge networking stuff and kept telling me how good it is. He told me another IT technician encourage him to do that. I wonder if that is really needed if you are using only 512 kbps internet speed in the office with more 7 people using the internet at the same time. I have to admit I’m not expert in networking stuff, but I do know it will not work well or even improved any internet performance and I know it do involved using servers. But the idiot start telling me there is nothing got to do with me and just argue how good the plan the other IT guy suggests. My feedback is very simple and I straight forward telling him THEN WHY DON’T YOU JUST ASK THAT GUY TO DO IT FOR YOU!!!

Wasn’t it having more common sense and simple now? If you think this IT guy can do it, then just asked and paid him to do it. What’s the point of telling me? I don’t care how good the plan is and I even happy to see how good this plan works. This idiot is more than over an idiot who doesn’t know how to think and just came forward me start talking shit. I will never be polite with these kinds of customers if they can’t stop talking nonsense with me. If you think we can’t offer you a good service, just look for another companies to do it for you. I had enough with this company delaying us for more than two to three months without any payment. Everything can be done if they pay me in cash. My boss is more network expert than me, I can just ask him to do the so call Network Bridge plan if they willing to paid us in cash. Doh!!!

The Worst Crime In The World

Which one is the worst crime in the world? Murder or shooting? Nope! Stealing? - Nope! Selling Drugs? - Nope!

I’m sure everyone knows, right, rapist! I have been reading TONS of raping news around the world lately even happens in my country. Yes, men are beast and should be curse. But not all men like that because many of them went for becoming gay or even change their own gender. I don’t know what the hell with the world ending up too. But I would definitely like to ask those idiots what they really feel after they raped those girls, woman and children. I don’t want to listen about their excuse and shit about forgiven.

The problem is, I don’t really understand why they actually done it without any good reason? They knew if they done it, they will eventually go to jail. Are they doing this for fun and enjoy their own pleasures? Probably they can’t find any girlfriend, prostitute or money to spend to fuck with them? The worst thing worst, if you do read the recent news about Boys, 8 and 9, charged with raping girl, 11. Do you believe it? Even 8 and 9 years old boys know how to rape a girl! I wonder what kinds of environment do these boys living in? Too much Youtube, I guess.

Another one is the gang-rape victim got jailed in Saudi because she was with other men on the car. After the seven men found out, they abducted her and took turn at least 14 times by raping her. Even thousand of pity and voices won’t help this poor Muslim victim. I was lucky I am not born in a Muslim family in Saudi. Even I was, I will work my ass and studies hard, and moved out to other countries. The system is terrible for women over there and they have no power to fight over the rights. The traditions are simply too powerful on Saudi and we won’t even going to see it change even I become an old sucker. I ever saw the fear in the woman eyes before. When they see me outside waiting to go in and fix the alarm system back in the days. They were like in totally disaster looking for clothes to cover their face after they saw me. What a difficulty culture they actually living in.

Father raping its own same blood daughter is totally way too much. It just happens not long ago posted in my country and it’s a shame reading this. He is an unemployed Father, is getting 18 years and 12 strokes by raping his two own daughter between 2000 and 2006. If I am the judge, I would give him forever life sentence in prison. Can’t believe he even do it on his own blood. What the fuck is wrong with him anyway?

I don’t really know what to say about this. But woman should learn more how to protect themselves and equip any necessary device that may help you to fight the rapist in the future. Being alone is not a really good choice and should get some friends going with you. Parents should be aware of this too and educate your children to be careful on strangers. This world is just been fuck up too much.

Razor Make Asian Unhappy

That's right! Razer Zone make me unhappy because I can't get a free shipping for holiday gifts, instead they just offering the deal only to North America. I wonder why Asia was so been drop out so bad. There are tons of gamers who love Razers, am I not correct? This is not the only reason I am complaining about, because they even take down the Razor international online store down too. Which I find it as sad as the only site offer a very great deal and free shipping if purchase over US$100.00 in the past. I really missed that store very much. Now it’s gone forever.

Still a good news to all gamers who got free shipping in North America for holiday gifts and don’t missed out the contest. I hate you Razor! Farewell to my holiday gifts!

Bad Day and Encountering An Idiots

I don’t know what to say about myself. I am definitely piss off and fucking mad this weeks. Something just steps over me and I can’t control myself over outrageous emotion towards anything that kept on happening. This may sound stupid to most of you, but I’m not kidding when I am in berserk mode. It just all happen when my step mom going out vacation with my sister. I was told her friends will come over to look after the dogs and feed themselves. I don’t normally care about it anyway, so it started happen when one of them love to hang locker on the fence and lock it after when they come in. EVERYTIME!!! Why am I so pissed off? Because I am always the one have to try to open the locker under the rain at night and even morning. They simply just come in and walk away like that. They were lucky I didn’t go for a rant at them because I didn’t know my step mother going to be back yesterday. So I decided to back off. No more next time for them.

Another lady also pissed me off whenever I come back home for lunch. She love to park into my car garage at the center and occupy all the space. I don’t even understand why she never think or even properly park in somebody home. I feel so insulted by this outsider who doesn’t know any manner or even know how to think. I hate this kind of repeater shit going on all the time.

Not to mention I even encounter an idiot who are over another top of idiot who doesn’t even used common sense at all. I swear I will never like to talk to them or I might even one day go to slap them directly to wake them up. I can’t believe I have to explain the same things all over and over again to a same person whenever I do onsite service. On the first day, it was fine for me and telling them their wireless router hardware has something wrong and they need to replace. They knew already there was a problem, so I don’t want to bother much with it. The only stupid thing he does ask from me requesting us to provide them a free router to test for few days before they decided buy. I hear what? Do you ever think there are many PC companies nowadays would want to do this kind of free service? Of course I didn’t say directly to him he is stupid to think that way. Oh, I forget to mention. That idiot was a rich customers and their family is weird. But I do frankly tell not to ever think about that.

On the second day, that person asked the same question again why he can’t receive any wireless connection from his laptop. Again, I done another explanation to him that there is some problem on his router and need to reboot it. However, since they made a call to get them a new cheap wireless router. So removing the old one and put it back into the house. They suddenly make all the fuss testing it with their desktops and laptop together. I am even surprise they complained about the low signal and bad about the product we supply to them. I was like what the hell do you think the cheap wireless router can do for you. You choose the cheap one and you complained to me that was not really good? What do you want to expect from it? A cheap router built with a satellite dish or something?

I can’t believe I am dealing with a rich weirdo that doesn’t even think logically and he started the conversation again that he doesn’t understand why they can’t received a full bar on the signal. He expects me to explain everything in full detail and clearly about the wireless problem. Man, he think I am some kind of super human can see how the wireless signal works? I am wasting quite a lot of time talking to that idiots and end up the same thing conversation over and over again. I was so pissed off in the end and decided to switch to escape plan. The more I am listening to them talking nonsense, the more your involvement gets deeper. I am not going to get that deep. It’s like they want something that is perfect and cheap they can get these days. What a troublesome rich people nowadays. They are just expecting too much from it and I am not going to entertain them ever again.

Welcome VerveEarth‏

VerveEarth (Beta) is a virtual world built with the unique interface on top of Google Maps for connecting people and content around the world on the net. I received the email today and was invited by Clayton (CEO) to join the fun and experience the world. Frankly, I did not find much of my fellow Bruneian bloggers and website join the VerveEarth. Okay, it still under Beta and just a new friendly face on the internet. However, I do would like to invite you guys to join too because it’s free!

I find it relatively easy using the maps looking for bloggers in some countries and it worked quite fast for me. Although I do experience some problem viewing my own posts from my profile (example the picture above), including the others. I do they could address this problem using the scroll bar type browser to read the post generate by RSS. However, my main concern is how do they intend to sort out the thousand (or more) of bloggers in one state or district once there are more register users? o.O I wonder...

Play-Asia 2x US$5.00 Off Coupons For you!!!

Well, are you guys prepared to celebrate Christmas next month? I’m sure you guys do. Anyway, I got myself two free coupons from and I am not going to used all of them. So I decided to give them away. I wonder if any readers might want it, a free 2x US$5.00 dollar off when purchase over US$50.00. Not to mention, it gives you free shipping (conditions apply) under less than 0.75kg, under max value of US$100.00.

To enter, simply post your comments (1x ticket) or link my post on your blogs (another 1x ticket). Simple as that and please remember to leave your link in my comments if you post it. However please note that this will only last for only one week (might extend if necessary) which is on next Sunday and ended at 9.00PM (GMT+08.00). And I will announce the two lucky readers getting the free coupons. That's all!

My Cosmos Prize

My stuff just arrived at the same time with my Play-Asia order this week. I just forget to upload it, here my picture. Feel free to drop by my Facebook photo album to see the others!

Macross 25th Anniversary - Macross F

Macross fans! Be alert! New Macross F animation apparently is coming this year! According to the news and rumors. It was done by the same teams who animated Macross Zero. You can check out the trailer below, it look promising going to be good. ^^

Google Analytics - You Definitely Want It!

Google Analytics is really a great stat site for monitoring your site and blogs, not to mention it’s free to join. The overview reports generate by Google are almost amazing, which is the reasons why many popular bloggers and commercial websites are using today. That’s why you no longer see my Statcounter in my blog anymore, if you are return visitors. Keeping track on who visiting my blog also keep me interested too and also able to find out where my readers comes from. Well, most of them are from Brunei, my country of course. The second largest is from Malaysia and the third from USA. Total 29 countries readers have visited my blog in one month after I insert the code on 15th October, last month.

I am really happy with the results, but, NOT REALLY!!! Visitor’s numbers doesn’t really mean something I have to admit it. After I had done a little case study over the reports, I was wrong about my way of thinking. No matter how big is your counter listed there, it just a useless numbers anyway. The most important result what I am really looking is how long they stay on my blog. That’s the real answers for who are really reading your posts. However, still it’s not quite that bad. At least there are 32 visitors who have stay on my blog for more than 3 minutes. Out of 229 visitors run away within less than 10 second.

The answer is quite clear for me though. Never look at the number of visitors in your stat if you insert counter stats. Those numbers meant nothing at all. I have been blind with the numbers for quite long after I started website and blog in year 1999. I always thought if my numbers is large it will prove that my site is quite popular. Other reason affect these results might also not use your own domain name to run your own site or blog. If I used it, maybe the results would definitely different. However, I am glad to have these great analytics insert into my blog. Thanks for another free online stats tool from you. Google!

**New link added to blogroll, Gossip Babes! Please drop me a message if you link me! So that I can gives you guys a link back without going through Google to check my visitors! Thank!

Late November Posting

Alright, just a few update in my blog and I will straight back to my RF online for leveling my character. As you all know (or might not) RF Online has taken down the monthly subscriptions off their products. Which mean you are getting another FREE online game from Codemasters. All you need to do is get your product key direct from official website and you will be direct to the download page to get the clients installation (weight around 1.55GB).

Other than that, good news for me is that, my video, “Guildy Martin – I don’t care”, has finally submitted and waiting for approval. It took me quite a while to figure out what’s the actual problem unable to submit into the CM Kode5 website. Thanks to Stage6 embed code that causes some issue and I have to solve it simply paste the code to the notepad, and copy again into the forms. Not really a lot of work BUT it annoy me because it wasted all my time waiting starting from last week, without knowing why my video is not enter the contest. Thanks to CM Lucus for helping to check out my entries. Oh! He also sends me my prize tracking number and according to Fedex. I should be receiving my stuff this week. I hope it won’t end up again in Australia and don’t call me from Australia, please.

More good news for me again! My Play-Asia November order has arrived!!! That was fast, seven days I think. Anyway, more picture to be post up soon tomorrow and hopefully able to receive my Cooler Master prize on Friday. Weeeee……….

Square-Enix Collections: Chocobo (WM) and Bahamut

I forgot to upload into my Facebook album. You guys can check it out. Follow this link! Love the Chocobo ^^! Another good news is that, the previous price I won from Coolermaster finally shipped out last week. However, bad news for me is that the X-Craft 360 has no stock and they asked me if I want to change the price. My answer is no and I choose to wait. Since I'm not really urgent to used it. Hope to show you guys soon!

Men are Better than Women

Yeah you read that right! However, I am not the one who actually doing the spotlight here. The real person behind this is Dick Masterson who run I visit the blog few days ago after i stop by reading Shoe post about this guy. Everyone should check it out and you might even choose to agree what he said or you might even want to rape him instead. I began find this guy is funny after I read some of his post.

Well, just in case you might asked if I agree what he wrote in his blog? My answer is simple, every men and woman are equal today in these world. I never think men are better than woman and I don't agree too woman are better than men. How about you? Anyway, he also went to Dr.Phil show. Check it out!

Guildy Martin - I Don't Care

Just uploaded to Stage6, it sure take a while on this one. Anyway, using Window Media Maker and Fraps to do the work. Not a professional video editing work. Anyway, I used Window Media Maker and Fraps to do the tricks. If you are CM club members, give me some vote! hehehe... ^^;;;

Second Video Coming!

I am working on my second video this time and hopefully able to be done by tonight when I get home from work. I haven't seen my first video posted in Kode5 contest yet, not sure why and they didn't inform me if that is not approved or not. Anyway, currently working on a MTV version of Guild Wars called 'Guildy Martin'. I think possibly this will be my last video to submit to the contest or maybe I will plan another one next month. It sure wasted a lot of time planning on this video editing but anyway, hope it work out on the end.

Learning Video Editing

I have been busy spending my time learning and mixing video for the recent Cooler Master Kode5 video shoot-out contest. Never knew doing video editing is quite fun and using your own idea to make a great video. Yesterday it took more than 5 hours to finished a 1 minute video clip, which is consider unfinished video. I was lucky I kept some great techno music in my music folder. The only left are looking for more clips and recording my own online in-game as it really takes time, not to mention its my first time doing video editing. I hope it will turn out well.

About CM Kode5 Video Shoot-Out
The revolution has begun and we need you to record the events as they unfold. It is not only a video contest. We expect that more gamers will come out and join the great revolution. That's why Cooler Master has designed this contest for enthusiasts to show the gaming world through their eyes.

So don't delay! Put on your thinking caps and dust off that video camera. Enter Cooler Master's $10,000 KODE5 Video Shootout, and you could be on your way to the KODE5 Global Finals!

Join Now!


Another month has passed and it’s time to run the Viewbar again for another five hours. I think I am starting to get pissed off getting error all the time unable to sign in. Not sure what the hell with the Agloco. But I do know they announced a new marketing relationship with Personafile and we members of Agloco were asked if anyone interested to join. Ok, I decided to take a spin on that, since I got nothing to do on that day. So I ended with my time registration my new account and check out what benefit I might be getting joining with them. Well, it somehow turns out to be a site simply asking you to voice out the products you purchased recently and act like a review products database center to help the new buyers simply by providing products information, review, and tutorial and so on. I’m not sure how many people like it. But sorry to say, I hate it!

The good part for Agloco members is that your economic value will increase as you and your direct referrals actively use the Personafile. The conditions are simple, all you need is to organize products you use every day using your account (same goes to your referrals). There will be also cash-back rewards if the products you buy, along with the products your direct referrals buy. But how many of you would want to purchase from there? But to me, it’s more like wasting my time doing this kind of useless thing in order to get your Agloco value higher. I thought they were doing advertisements, and now you are seeing more like joining a survey to earn more. I don’t like this idea on increasing the economic value in your account. Although, it does helps for those new or old newbie who have recruits with very less referrals or maybe no activities in their hours. But still I don’t think it help much bringing something that will not generate good income for both users and I have to say it’s quite complicated to start off with the menu seeing there. I think the interface need some improvements.

Machine Robo MugenBine

I didn't actually know Machine Robo MugenBine is quite popular in Japan. And it’s hardly can be found in the store today’s unless I go look from Ebay or maybe check out some of the department store in the capital. After watching the CM my friend downloaded from torrent. I was getting excited to looked for more information on the web and if I had the chance to purchase some of them online. Yes, I love robots very much when I owned a lot of Transformer back in the days.

Sadly I have to say, it’s very hard to find many of them online especially the old first version released on 2004. Considering the best place to look for on the internet, I can only think of Hobby Link Japan. They still selling quite few of them but I decided to place three of them into my cart first. I will be getting the others slowly. I do wish somebody can slap me with some more online store if there are any others are better than HLJ. I did spend time looking for other online stores selling Mugenbine, but it isn’t cheap at all and worst price ever. HLJ is selling the original pricing and they are still the best place to look for Japan toys until now.

My mind is still a child and I wanted to try out why these toys is so fun as you can build many different robot based on your own idea, just like Lego. Although I don’t see much fan or community site showing interested on Machine Robo. Well, since these toys are made by Bandai. I shouldn’t be allowed to miss it badly. You can visit the official website for more information and it sure look quite good, believe me.