Bad Day and Encountering An Idiots

I don’t know what to say about myself. I am definitely piss off and fucking mad this weeks. Something just steps over me and I can’t control myself over outrageous emotion towards anything that kept on happening. This may sound stupid to most of you, but I’m not kidding when I am in berserk mode. It just all happen when my step mom going out vacation with my sister. I was told her friends will come over to look after the dogs and feed themselves. I don’t normally care about it anyway, so it started happen when one of them love to hang locker on the fence and lock it after when they come in. EVERYTIME!!! Why am I so pissed off? Because I am always the one have to try to open the locker under the rain at night and even morning. They simply just come in and walk away like that. They were lucky I didn’t go for a rant at them because I didn’t know my step mother going to be back yesterday. So I decided to back off. No more next time for them.

Another lady also pissed me off whenever I come back home for lunch. She love to park into my car garage at the center and occupy all the space. I don’t even understand why she never think or even properly park in somebody home. I feel so insulted by this outsider who doesn’t know any manner or even know how to think. I hate this kind of repeater shit going on all the time.

Not to mention I even encounter an idiot who are over another top of idiot who doesn’t even used common sense at all. I swear I will never like to talk to them or I might even one day go to slap them directly to wake them up. I can’t believe I have to explain the same things all over and over again to a same person whenever I do onsite service. On the first day, it was fine for me and telling them their wireless router hardware has something wrong and they need to replace. They knew already there was a problem, so I don’t want to bother much with it. The only stupid thing he does ask from me requesting us to provide them a free router to test for few days before they decided buy. I hear what? Do you ever think there are many PC companies nowadays would want to do this kind of free service? Of course I didn’t say directly to him he is stupid to think that way. Oh, I forget to mention. That idiot was a rich customers and their family is weird. But I do frankly tell not to ever think about that.

On the second day, that person asked the same question again why he can’t receive any wireless connection from his laptop. Again, I done another explanation to him that there is some problem on his router and need to reboot it. However, since they made a call to get them a new cheap wireless router. So removing the old one and put it back into the house. They suddenly make all the fuss testing it with their desktops and laptop together. I am even surprise they complained about the low signal and bad about the product we supply to them. I was like what the hell do you think the cheap wireless router can do for you. You choose the cheap one and you complained to me that was not really good? What do you want to expect from it? A cheap router built with a satellite dish or something?

I can’t believe I am dealing with a rich weirdo that doesn’t even think logically and he started the conversation again that he doesn’t understand why they can’t received a full bar on the signal. He expects me to explain everything in full detail and clearly about the wireless problem. Man, he think I am some kind of super human can see how the wireless signal works? I am wasting quite a lot of time talking to that idiots and end up the same thing conversation over and over again. I was so pissed off in the end and decided to switch to escape plan. The more I am listening to them talking nonsense, the more your involvement gets deeper. I am not going to get that deep. It’s like they want something that is perfect and cheap they can get these days. What a troublesome rich people nowadays. They are just expecting too much from it and I am not going to entertain them ever again.


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