Angry Rant on P-Bandai Gunpla Wish List #2

GunplaRant_2nd Version (1)

Is the pee Bandai folks focusing a lot on Advance of Zeta theme lately? I say YES!!! It’s already expected to be happened after Bandai released Master Grade TR-1 Hazel last year. I was right that MG TR-1 Advance Hazel released announcement, but I am wrong about the third party stuff. Since Bandai is such an asshole continue releasing limited Gunpla kits only in their Premium Bandai store, there definitely no surprise they might make both MG version of Hrududu and Primrose upgrade available. Well, according to Gundam Kit news. They are making Hrududu and to be announced on later date. How can I not start collecting MG kit again?

Of course, I do have other suspicious that high grade kits may not get left out and definitely not going to be a good news either. I’m not sure we may get reissue limited Hrududu and Primrose for high grade version again. HG Galbaldy-β could be the next victim for P-Bandai future, Galbaldy β High Mobility Type. Why? Looking at its latest picture showing there is removable chest armor. You won’t be surprise that were specially designed for implementing the AOZ parts (or maybe Build Fighter or Diver).

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I know it's too early to speculate at this point especially the HG Gundam TR-6 (Woundwort) is not yet announce coming as retail or fucking Pee Bandai. We know for sure there are some plans for the kit and I really wish the older kits get some treatment too.

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HA! Efreet Nacht is coming to Pee-Bandai again. Unimaginable they decided to pissed off majority of its customers who don’t have any access to their premium shop. Getting from third parties will be quite tricky this time. Efreet Nacht is 500 YEN more expensive than Efreet Custom (EXAM) so we are expecting higher mark up. I decided to wait for the review and see what are we getting inside the box. Man, I love Efreet series...

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Are you a fan of Gundam The Origin? I am, not as much really jumping in to collect MSD series. The only kit so far I wanted is Waterproof Gundam. Now, FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam is coming? I am seriously had no excuse not to buy one. Problem here are, will both Waterproof Gundam and the MG version getting reissue? Please make it happen!