My Cosmos in Da House!

Oh yeah! I have been messing around with my Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 chassis and disassemble the parts for taking pictures using my Canon camera for nearly one hour. The important things is I have to check out what CM has sends me in the package. The Cosmos includes almost everything that was originally mentions on the website which also recently they decided to add a dust filter for the rear. I am really grateful to them sending me for that one! Simply love you guys!

Opening every part of the chassis is almost very easy and I merely using my screw opening much except the floppy drive required smaller tips to open it. But I didn’t do it anyway. I just snap the picture should be enough because I’m not yet ready to build a new PC at the moment, as there are few more CM stuffs I won haven’t arrived yet. This is not my only reason, as you can see, Intel and AMD are fighting so fierce I don’t even know which one I should really go for (I know this time Intel win). End of this year is coming close, so I would rather plan carefully before I go spending like an idiot again.

I really have to admit that looking at the picture doesn’t really tell the truth to the buyer. Seeing the real thing is the best. That is why I have to announce that Cosmos is simply stunning and got a very attractive design I have ever seen. The only down fall is the chassis weight at least 18kg without any hardware and PSU installed yet! I was really having a hard time carry out and I am going to do that again because my friends will be coming to visit and wanted to check out my Cosmos. The chassis can describe as almost perfect as it seem to me. Still I was able to find a few flaws on the chassis. There is nothing wrong with the manual or the extra carrying box bundle together. But it just feels like something is missing or needed to fix. Anyway, I am really happy to own one and I will need to get another fan bracket for the Cosmos.

I have snapped quite a lot of photos on every part I checking. Feel free to drop by in my Facebook photos. Cheer!

Selling Junk Steel

I have been doing some cleaning in my office two days ago which is what I am waiting for to clear off the power supply junk left over almost a year. Since I have planned to clean up the office, I decided to do some tidying in my room as it getting messier than ever. Other reason, of course, I need to prepare an extra space for my Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 arrival next week including yesterday night I made an order from Play-Asia. Another nightmare for me next month! I just simply can’t control myself spending money and I still owned my mom four months payment ^^;;;. Well my mom still in Singapore, so just includes into my debt. Until she get back end of this year. Hehehe…

Anyway, I sell off 50kg of rusted/damage water heater, water pump, old casing, keyboard, printer and PSU junk includes another 18kg for the monitor. Total 68kg and I get $7 bucks from it! In my local recycle company, they currently offer $1.20/kg (estimate) for any lousy steel (rusted or new) and for computer monitor only $0.03/kg (from what I heard)!?! You may wonder why monitor cost so low. Well, I can’t answer you either. But to me any tv or monitor require carefully recycle and I’m sure everyone knows it still contains power in it even if it’s not turn on. I also wanted to recycle my soft drinks can but it only weighs less than 2kg so I decided to recycle next time. For your info (to all local Bruneian & foreigners), the guy told me they will paid for $1.80/kg for soft drink cans. I’m sure most of you will bring down to our neighboring country to get more out of it comparing here.

Fedex - Where Are U Going?

It was SO SAD that I can't post up the picture of my Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 chassis here. Blame the Fedex! If weren't their little mistake, it would be received by today. It very funny I have to say while looking at the tracking in the local Fedex website. I can’t believe they didn’t notice that error and even made a phone call. Although the tracking told me they have send to wrong location from Singapore to Australia. You definitely won’t believe this what I am going to write here. The customs over there actually made my Brunei mobile phone call in their own home land, in AUSTRALIA!!! WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Even I can’t believe after Lucus from CM China email me and inform that there is problem sending and the custom unable to contact me. I was so confused, my mobile phone is working and my sister is at home. We didn’t even receive any call at all. How did that possible that they call me in the first place? I thought that my Cosmos ended in the custom or maybe in the capital, so I decided to give them a call to my local Fedex. This is where it all started! My stuff ended up in Australia and has to wait for my local to help me bringing back direct from there.

But I am starting to question about the Australian custom. Why the hell did they call my mobile phone there? They knew the phone doesn’t actually belong there and they still call? OMG I can’t really believe the customs not even bothering to look at the address where did that send from. They straight away inform CM in China that they can’t contact with this person there in Australia? My address is there stating ‘BRUNEI DARUSSALAM’ and they still don’t get it? I have to say this is my worst experience using an expensive courier services. And yes, my local Fedex did ask me a silly question. Are you buying a medical equipments or medicine? Luckily I didn’t say it’s a device that can build a nuclear weapon. Just hope I am able to received my stuffs this week as my stuff still pending to send out in Australia.

I just found the Fedex humor about asking Bill who had no idea where China is as he ended up in other countries. It's time for me to asked the Australian customs to put the pin where Brunei is. I'm not trying to insult the customs there, but can you believe they actually call Brunei phone number in Australia looking for me?

I Hate Phone Survey Caller

I definitely hate it so much! I can’t believe me always the one who pick up the stupid survey phone call all the time in the office. I was able to reject a few time because they straight away mention if I want to spend some times doing a survey. For those professional types, I have to admit I will be able to get lure easily in the phone. I just doesn’t know why, maybe they were able to predict my thought or something and maybe they hold some my company background information’s. You know, any related to the company that hasn’t settled yet are very critical especially when dealing with payment stuffs. I always thought they are one of them because I encounter once when my company haven’t paid the advertisement in the Brunei Year Book.

There are also several reasons hating the phone survey. Here are the things I have come out with my mind.
  • It is very annoying when you have to listen and pay attentions carefully what they are trying to say. As you might know sometimes you don’t know what the hell they are trying to asked
  • The questions and answer are too long, OMG! Some of the questions are terrible long, not to mention them trying to speak so fast.
  • Using excuse coming to Brunei starting a IT course that require survey first
  • These companies are from overseas, you know we are paying for the phone incoming cost?
  • Wasting your precious time and you won’t know when your customers might call, if there is any urgent call out services.

I would rather waste my time filling the forms and online survey which is much better and faster. Phone survey is kind of old system. Although hearing answer directly from real person talking on the phone do provide greater and correct results from the survey. But well, I am the person who really hates phone survey. It simply just is wasting my time.

Hunter X Hunter Comic Finally Continue!

I just went to the department store to look for magazines and comic to read ^^. Yes, its free! After reading the comic weekly, I found Hunter X Hunter chapter already finally started in October! It was a long waited anime in Japan after it stop last year without any reasons. Well going to download some of the missing chapters I haven't follow up yet.

JohnChow Still Overtaking Shoe

JohnChow is still overtaking Shoemoney in RSS war. End of October is coming close next week and I can't wait to see who is going to get frag. ^^; John and Shoe both are throwing out the contest to keep their RSS going. So do you want to part of it? John will be later giving away two $25 New Egg Gift card, two $25 Barnes & Noble gift cards, a 300×250 ad spot, and $300 of promotional pens. If you haven't subscribe to JohnChow RSS by Email. You still have a few hours left to get in on the draw.

Shoemoney also giving away more than $13,000 contest. But I have to say, none of them I really interested on. But if you are interested, subcribe his RSS too to win something.

Not Again...Starting to get fever...

Sorry not going to talk anything today. Brunei is currently having some bad weather. And I maybe going to caught a fever sooner. Going to take some rest. Chao!

Ops..I forget, I already update the contest featured on side. Currently VR-Zone are giving away a special prize if you can dig out the oldest Gigabyte motherboard or graphic card from your store. Check it out!

BlogRush Is Kicking 10k+ Blogs!

Bad news for those received the news:

We've just completed a massive SWEEP of our entire network. We've removed over *10,000* blogs (Yes, ten thousand) that did not meet our new Quality Guidelines. We have done a huge "quality control audit" of our network and have reviewed all the blogs one-at-a-time. We will continue to review each NEW blog that is ever submitted to our network.

Good news for me ^^!

You are receiving this update because your blog has passed our strict Quality Guidelines and criteria -- we believe you have a high-quality blog and we are happy you're a member of our network!

WooHOO!!!! Love BlogRush!!! I can't believe I pass the qualifying test from them. I have to admit BlogRush indeed help me to invite traffic's to my blog. After monitoring few weeks using Google. I have to say the visitors were indeed increases comparing last few months when I haven't insert the widget. I am grateful to enjoy the free service. Thank you!

Dango! Dango! Dango!

After watching the drama Air last year and Kanon animations this year. Finally I will be able to see another new comedy and romance anime from Visual Art's/Key, called Clannad. I already watched the episode one to three yesterday. I have to say I really like it and looking forward to watch the rest. I am also waiting for the Clannad Original Soundtrack and the ending song, I think its Dango! Dango! Dango!. ^^;;

About Clannad
Tomoya Okazaki is a third year student labelled as a delinquent. Everything seems to be unchanging for his school life until he meets Nagisa, and Tomoya finds that his life is about to change. He starts to have dreams of a bleak world and meets a girl who has the ability to fuse junk together in order to create things, and doing so, creates a body out of junk for him. He is then reborn into this empty world and follows around the girl, the only two existences who are "alive."

KB Live! Discontinue

I will be discontinuing my local blog "KB Live!" completely starting today onwards. I hardly able to maintain the site and my post are getting lesser because the local server has been down almost every few weeks. Of course, there are few other reasons I decided to stop using too.

I simply can’t find anything to write lately for me living in KB. No matter what, I still can’t find any interesting or news to post except if I can write some insulting post. Well, I just simply can’t do that in my country and unless I am looking for trouble only. Anyway, if you still want to read about what’s happening in KB. The best place to pick is “KB Happening” blog.

Secondly, I hate my local blog system! They are using Wordpress and I am really happy using it. However, the admin never intend to upgrade to the latest version to fix some of the issue and best of all, it features more than Blogger! I have been using Brunet blog for at coming three years and I still stuck with three years back Wordpress version. DO you imagine how hard it is continue using the crappy basic features all this years? The themes are not attractive and not even single functions for us to arrange our sidebar. I had it and I’m out!

Lastly, although I decided to discontinue my KB Live! blog. I am already started another blog called “Protect Ur PC” last month. I post mainly about all security news, software, free utilities and review. I’m not really professional on security or even thinking about promoting the blog. It’s just for my security information collections especially it can be very useful from my work to help my customers and friends computer. The online security treats today have becoming higher comparing few years ago when we still dealing with the virus. But now, spyware and adware are the more critical issue we are looking at. If you are interested reading it, feel free to drop by.

I will start migrate some of the posts from the local blog once the server comes back again. You will probably see my Brunei category fill with a lot of posts soon. ^^;;

COSMOS Where Are You??? T_T

One of the Coolermaster members who win the watermark contest last two months have already received the chassis in Europe. It was told it shipped from China. The question is, why the hell did it arrived first to Europe, not in ASIA??? What the hell. Not sure which courier did CM used to send. I hope I will received mine sooner hopefully this week and the answer will be reveal.

*Update*minilem told me that he currently only received his power supply unit only and his chassis has not yet arrived. He told me it was sent on 15th by Fed-ex international air transport. So possible mine is coming this week. ^^

Is Agloco a scam?

I have been thinking about quite a while lately. I started joining the Agloco program on April when Xia Xue introduced from her blog and I got interested on it because I heard AllAdvantage before that really make money. So I decided to give it a try. Back to the past few months, the Viewbar has not even launched or available for members download yet as it was told only the early members will get the chance for testing. Ok, now the Viewbar has already made into official releases to all members and we have been using it for more than three months. The current rule for surf limit is 5 hours for every month and the maximum payout is still unknown (Agloco said maybe $10-$30). Many members have suggested that it should start at minimum payout around $100. I think is completely bullshit to think that way if you only earn $0.50 (for example) per hour and the rest you have to depend on your referrals below you which is going to take ages to get that amount if your referrals are not using.

However, this is not the current problem I am looking at it. The most highly participate question is. When do we get paid? That is the most critical issue everyone is talking about until now. I visit Agloco blog every once per weeks to check out the latest news and current statues about their progress. I already read the post about the “Member Distributions” from the blog. But the answer for getting paid is still unknown and you will have to wait until Agloco was profitable. They also mention that all members who used Viewbar from June, July and August will get additional small bonus payment for the previous month in the future. Good news to all, but how long we have to wait?

Agloco mention that they made more than $100,000 losses in financial on the servers, development teams and times. So the question is, how did they pay the bill with such a high losses? Not only they fail to mention where the income statues are doing and saying there are one million verified Members. How do you explained that there are only 350,000 download and with over 250,000 Viewbars having been used more than the five hours credit limit. Where the hell to all 650,000 members gone too? I believed the answer is very clear by then or maybe another new question going to hit Agloco again.

I am also started to question about the current Viewbar performing. Like I said where are the incomes coming from. Agloco is an advertisement company. What if they are secretly actually using the Viewbar as a tool bar running profits from us (like spyware type) if we used in our desktop? It’s quite possible for me. After earning enough until it reach into suspicious level (like stop using Viewbar) and start to announce the company cannot afford to continue this advertising program. Poof!!! Gone!!! Left the members behind to clear up their own explanations about why it happens. That is why we see them announce they will be giving a free bonus for previous months to clear up the suspicious.

I’m not considering myself as an Agloco haters or even a loyal member. As long they are still talking on the blog and still not yet announce when they are going to pay. The questions will still going to climb up higher. There will be more members losing interest towards Agloco, stop using the Viewbar and taking down the promoting links or left it alone in the referrals page. I will continue to use Viewbar if I feel like it because 5 hours can be reaching within two days. But I will never focus my time promoting Agloco.

If you want to try it yourself, just click the link direct to the registration site. Click Here

Please note that there are still many questions if Agloco is a scam or not. But there is still no proof out there. Just keep an eye on their blog and don't waste your time heavily promoting it if there is no single pay. Focus on other program is more worth wasting time with it.

Blog Action Day - Help Our Environment

Today it's a Blog Action Day! We, bloggers from around the world have been asked to write about how we can help with the environment around us today.

Currently I can think of few that can help us better on our environment activities. Not quite a very good suggestion and probably a costly idea. Anyway, just leave out the money at the moment.

Let's start with the technology. We are seeing more and more new PC, laptop and other affordable entertainment gadget stuffs rolling out from the factory every few months. However, not many of them really today have met the global demand on ROHS, carbon free and lead free in their products like iPhone (according to Greenpeace). Who's the best to go for it? I would definitely think about using VIA "Green Computing" technology. My reason is simple, their products have been known in focus on mostly in power efficiency and meets with today global environment laws. Not to mention VIA is able to roll out their new latest processor running on 1 WATT, which is great news to all. I think if the Governments and small business company are looking for eco-friendly computing and budgets lines performance PC. VIA is worth checking out.

We also do know that, there are millions of users PC are using torrent program to run 24 hours everyday to download legal or illegally musics and videos. However, everyone know this can be easily be done by turning off the PC. But now online gaming are much more worst today, and young gamers are sitting in front camping with their PC everyday. We hope the parents, the community, Governments will joined hand to resolved this. Not just about the environment, saving people lives are also importants with the surrounding. We help the people. We help the environment.

Make Little Money with Gamers Instinct

GameSpot has launched an online survey system call Gamers Instinct on September, this year. By taking the online surveys send to your email, you'll have the opportunity to participate in gaming-related research and product development.

How does it work?
The rule is simple, once you received 1000 MarketPoints you have sign up for each survey. You can use your MarketPoints to redeem US$50.00 from your account. Each surveys you participate will gives you approximately 50 ($2.50) or 100 ($5.00) MarketPoints per completed survey.

However, Gamers Instinct will send you a study invitation based on the information you provided during the registration process. You may receive several e-mail requests per month to participate in online surveys. But I am somehow only received one invitation on October. Until now I haven’t receive any more requested survey email. There could be possible my information is not suitable for some studies or maybe Gamers Instinct is still new on the web.

Registration is free for many countries and you must be at least 14 years old to join. Filling the survey is easy. As long your information fit into their research, you might get few more online surveys in your inbox for each month. Gamers Instinct is not a fast earning money online program. But you can still earn a few bucks just for joining some survey in one year (maybe). Yes I know its long, just take it as a small earner.

Join Here!

Transformer 2 Announce?

I just caught this one from Seibertron. Here's what it say: and are both reporting that Transformers 2 is currently scheduled for a June 26th, 2009 release date. I highly doubt that date is set in stone, especially with the news that the G.I.Joe movie is also scheduled for a 2009 date. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Happy? ^^

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Demo

Damn! These FPS game is a great rocking game! I was able to play a very good frame rate on the demo with almost all setting turn on running in my old system loaded with AthlonXP 2600+, 1GB and Geforce 7600GT in 1024x768 resolutions. Ooo....can't wait to play the full game next month! I have to admit the graphics is absolutely stunning! I also found an interesting setting in the demo too. COD 4 has a feature to enable dual video cards in the options, which is great news to all Crossfire and SLI owners.

Just to give you some bad news, AthlonXP (like mine) will experience crash in Window XP when starting up the game. If you find these error called “mssmp3.asi”. No worry, someone is kindly enough to upload the COD2 “mssmp3.asi” (grab it here) to fix this issue. However, do note that mine do not experience any problem using 2600+ processor. But some forum members mention that AthlonXP owner still unable to run the games. Just give it a shot and remember to update your DirectX directly from the demo too. All else it won’t run properly. Cheers!

Who Do I look Like?

I went to moglie to leave a comment about my blog url has change. There i found some interesting about a post celebrity face recognition technology to personal photos from MyHeritage website. I decided to played around with it ^^; (you guys to should join the fun) with my passport photo as it might give more accuracy results. Let see the picture below.

What? I look like Kim Jong II??? Muaahhahahah!!!! Don't mess with me, dude! Its my uncle!. XD Other than that, I believe both Michelle Chia and Kim Hee-Sun are my sisters ^^; as we both do lookalike. Won Bin? Far from that!

Please note that this is a free demo product, so why don't you head over there and have fun! Click Here!

RX-0 Gundam MG - My Next Buy List?

I think I might going to grab two RX-O Gundam (Ver.Ka) in my buy list in December, after I spotted these post in Danny site. This one definitely look cool for a MG model, even over Destiny. It just remind me I haven't even touched my HGUG Gundam Destiny 02 and GM yet in the box because of some missing paint I didn't order from Hobby Link Japan. Other than that, I also spotted latest Gundam G-Generation: G-Spirits to be released next month for PS2 platform. OMG!!! Can't wait to grab one too!

Selamat Hari Raya!

Wishes to all Malay a Selamat Hari Raya!!! & Enjoy with your family and friends celebrating at home. Of course I am happy too to enjoy my public holiday here at home. The bad thing is, it just always happens to have a power trip in the early morning on the first day of Hari Raya, every year. Well, luckily it’s not long and I really need my PC running to finished download two new PC demo Call of Duty and Time Shift to rock my time next week.

Nothing much seeing any interesting in my town, except some shops decided to open on Raya days to continue their business. The road is still quiet in the morning and I’m sure they are all preparing their foods to entertain their visitors. As far I can see many of them have gone to vacation on the neighboring countries in KK or Miri to enjoy. Well, if you are just like me become a ‘Hikomori’ on public holiday. You can visit some of the great site reading and watching videos. Here’s are few of them.
  • Top Gear Four four exclusive clips from this week's news that you didn't see on the telly.
  • John Chow talks about the ads issue in your blog.
  • IF you played Command & Conquer: Tiberium War. They have launched a new C&C TV episode 1, check it out if you want to learned some strategy tips.
  • FifthGear.Com has upload the new Top Gear video for October, by the time you read this. The second video should be release.

Layout Changing...

Ok, yet again I am changing a new layout. However, it seems like I am experiencing quite a lot of problem in xml thingy. Hopefully will be able to fix it by tomorrow!

October Crazy Supermasket Stock Up!

Oh my...whenever I go to supermarket every month, I will control my budget spending between $30 to $50 maximum. This time I broke $78.90!!! WOOT!!! ^^; Man! I do hope it will last more than one month before I start restocking my snacks and foods. Bloody hell, maybe I was out of my mind looking for something to try out today. Pushing my trolley around and just grab what I wanted. I never think twice when putting the foods and snack into my trolley. Only drinks I might think more than twice if I wanted to try something new to enjoy myself while watching animes and movies. Maybe other reason I think there are nothing to eat if I got home. So probably stocking up foods to enjoy at my lunch time at home would be much better than spending eating outside the restaurant. You can look at my spending for October. I even can’t imagine myself would spend so much only for just past 1st week. I do hope this and next two weeks I might be able to pull off a little eating outside. Just hope it really turns out well.

Click to Connect! Button

When I am looking for something related to Window Live Messgner. I always end up to website. Believe me or not, I never visit Mess website for nearly a year. Maybe I doesn't like messing with my messneger.
Anyway, found an interesting post about creating your own Live Messenger button at MSN. Worth checking out. You can sees mine above there and another sample below. ^^

Tabula Rasa Online

It took me almost a week to finished download full 2.9 GB clients beta from Fileplanet. I'm not a person really rush on any online games these days, because I find it hard too to spend few hours getting my characters up and running. Just like my current Silkroad Online character has been left abandon and less going for leveling.

Tabula Rasa is quite different from the others. It’s more like controlling and playing Max Payne. The server is not really stable, although I only see three servers listed the traffics 'Medium'. But I am experiences quite lagging on the game while I am moving around on the base and missions. That really makes me feel bad and started to get sick. I’m not blaming the game it just the gameplay build like a first person shooter and I can’t stand it as my stomach is going to throw out the junk foods.

You still can join the game and grab a free beta keys from Fileplanet. I’m not sure when it might going too closed but I’m sure sooner. Don’t ask me about the character I am building right now. I have no idea what the hell I am doing with it and just leveling. I find a bit confused and the instructions are out of questions. I’m not to worry about the missions details as the map will be able to point out the locations. It just the questions how am I able to find those enemies to kill and grab the quest items on the maps. I find the online games are getting hard to play nowadays. Luckily the base is not as big as WOW castle. I remember finding a shop took me 10 minutes looking around for it. xD

John Chow vs Shoemoney in RSS War

You heard that right! This is a bloody RSS war between John Chow and Shoemoney. Don't you think that is really interesting competition to see who are going to get shot in the RSS at the end.

However, the good news for you bloggers is. If you help John Chow tears up Shoemoney in their RSS competition. John will be offering some great prizes, which worth more than $1800.00, for lucky people like YOU signing up to his full feed RSS. He is evil indeed. Well, at least Shoe is offering nothing instead of posting where he is going. XP

Check out John Chow website for more information about the contest!

Name the Cheater At Your School!

Ha! This young blogger are now having quite a lot of trouble in the public and school. Posting classmate and teacher real name surely will create a big disaster in your blog frontpage. If you post into your private blog is ok, without showing to the publics. But posting in the visible frontpage, umm...that is really bad indeed. A good lesson to all local students not to follow this behaviors. No matter how much you hate the person and that goes for the school. Don't mess with the teens. ^^;;;

KLANG: A young blogger caused a storm in her school after she wrote that some fellow students had exchanged notes during a recent examination.

The Form Four girl said the copycats were unfair to others, adding that those who cheated eventually scored high marks while those who did not, got low grades.

She further claimed that the teachers who knew what was going on during the examination deliberately ignored the incident.

Her grouses prompted the school authorities to order her to remove her entry in the blog.

A schoolmate of the 16-year-old girl said she broke down and felt she had been victimised merely because she wanted justice to prevail.

Who is Blogrush?

Anyone heard of Blogrush? I just encounter many of them added in many blog sites I frequently visit. Mostly about making money and blog contest site. ^^;; Blogrush is more a network community like. Once you placed the widget in your blogs. The headlines will display 5 clickable links from others user post direct to their website. I think this is one of the great features for promoting and help increase visitors to your blog too. However, please don't wait for the others to apply because this is already free to register by anyone.

Join Blogrush

About Blogrush
BlogRush is a "Cooperative Syndication Network." It's a network of blogs that run a small "widget" on their pages. Each time this widget is loaded it will contain 5 clickable headlines which are the blog post titles to other users' posts. Clicking on any of these links will open a new browser window and load the blog and full post. Users earn "syndication credits" based on each time their blog loads the widget as well as each time any of their referrals (users that signup after clicking the "add your blog posts" link on the widget) loads the widget. They also earn additional credit based on all the activity through 10 generations of referrals. 1 Syndication Credit = having one of their recent blog post titles served inside the widget on another member's blog.