Fansproject: CA-03 Thundershred Review

Thundershred is the third released Causality 2011 series from Fansproject. As you may know, the CA-01 Warcry and CA-02 Flameblast are just a redeco from the previous Crossfire series with different face and weapon parts. Basically the same mold so I decided to skip the first two released due to the unacceptable price I felt and better focus my attention on the CA-03 to CA-05.

Tokyo Toy Shows 2011: Transformers United Darkside Exclusive Version

This is a Tokyo Toy Show 2011 Transformers United Darkside Prime and Megatron exclusive toy. If you are Transformers collectors, you really shouldn’t miss this one. Why? It only cost US$59.90 (for now) which is the exactly the two United price. This is US$20 cheaper compared to the last exclusive Dreadwing and Smokescreen.

The paintings for both are so good especially Megatron is the best. I really love these two and really wanted to take them out of the box. But after seeing my room filling up with toys and junks, I think better off living them in there.

I don’t think I need to do review because they were basically the same toy and mold. This one simply just evil redeco version with good high quality paint job. Don’t miss out this one if you haven’t get one while the price still remain the same.

HLJ August Order 2011

Fucking HLJ, they shipped out my stuff too early for this month! Damn, now I am totally broke. If they shipped out on September I may able to hold out until October. Arggg…wrong calculation on the timing, dammit!

I did however this time went overboard purchasing so many Gunpla. Some of them actually wasn’t in my wish lists but needed some parts from every each of them. Most of them are from the promotions and some don’t, especially the two Advance of Zeta kits. I wanted to get them a long time ago so decided to add together in the orders.

We Are Atheism Campaign

To be honest, I have no idea how many Atheists are in Brunei nowadays. But I decided to speak out to all my family and friends. This is going to be ugly, hate, attacks and causing criticisms around me because all peoples I know are religious and believers except my big brother. No matter what happens, truth doesn’t hurt.

I already start promoting in my Facebook profile and see what kind of results I might get from the feedback. Of course I already am receiving unhappy comments from some of my Christian friends. Well, let see how it goes. Don’t feel ashamed. It’s up to you what you believe and disagreeing my view or the rest of the world.

Visit the official We Are Atheism website for more information's and check out the videos below.

Dengeki and Hobby Japan Limited Goodies Spotted

In case you guys missed collecting exclusive upgrade FG 1/144 Full Saber IV, XN update (for O Raiser) and GN Sefer previously on the hobby magazine. No worry, it is now currently available at online Samuel Decals and HM Shops. Do note that this is limited quantities available and comes with no magazines.

The price is okay and quite affordable comparing to the eBay sellers. I’m not sure myself might getting some since until now I haven’t builds them yet. The most interesting news from HM Shops FB is that the seller will be bringing 1/100 Full Saber VI version into the store. No details yet if this is made of quality plastic or resin. For sure I am eyeing on it.

Man I wish they would remake or produced back the Advance of Zeta Hazel upgrade. It really suck I missed those two.

Gunpla - MG Gundam Exia

Straight build with led lighting. Took me at least three days building and spray painting. The runners are not that many so much easier and faster to build. But hate to say it require to folk out extra B$8.00 batteries just only two led parts. Imagine working on MG Gundam OO with five led parts. You are going to spend at least $18.00 for the batteries on the led parts which is quite waste of money.
Well, depending on the builders. But I won’t spend again the led parts in the future unless I plan on working diorama.

Semi-Detach Housing Up For Sale?

That doesn’t sound right at all. The housing is given by the HM and it’s up for sale? Few days ago, my aunt calls us if we wanted to get the semi-detach housing in Mumong area. Someone is putting up for sales for $800+ including name transfer. Now the question, is that even possible?

I don’t have much information about such sales and even possible allow for name transfers. What I know is the owner doesn’t like that house and wanted to get the Lumut housing instead. In my understand, if the owner doesn’t want the house the governments will give to those in the pending list. They never mention or information that allowing Permanent Resident to loan the house. This is quite dangerous and illegal way for us to jump aboard.

Although I am hurry wanted to get our own house. But I rather play safe and having legally loan housing. I already asked my Malay friends to help gather more information and feedback to me. If any of you also like encounter owner putting up the semi detach housing for sales. Make sure you do the same gathering more information before paying the owner.

Online Order – August 2011

Finally most of my order arrived this week. It’s hard to go to the post office this month during Puasa time especially Saturday closing at 12.00PM. Surely doesn’t make sense at all for local post office closing such early on weekend. There is still one more order coming, hopefully not arriving during my busiest weeks.

Anyway, three orders from RK, HM Shop and iShop2go luckily arrived at the same time. here’s the photo for your viewing.

Tokyo Toy Show Exclusive United Darkside pack which you can still grab it for US$59.90!

Wagtail Restock! ^^;;;

3rd party HG 1/144 Unicorn Gatling gun restock!

RK Free Gift! Not sure if I should open it…

Why We Believe In God(s)

I don’t usually buy books to read other than comics or manga. Without any image or cartoon, I feel bored easily which I usually prefer watching documentary video instead. Since Why We Believe in God (s) book doesn’t contain 1000+ pages, I decided to get one from Richard Dawkins Foundation for US$9.99. Considering US dollar has been so weak for sometimes, why not.
This book is written by J.Anderson Thomson, in case you still don’t know who he is. The video below shows you his face and explanation title of the book.

Monsters Energy LO-CARB

I have been seeing lots of Monster Energy everywhere these days. It doesn’t bother me much since none single interest about the green three lines claw (an ‘M’ word for Monster). Not until seeing some colleagues drinking like Red Bull drinks (green version). They told me it’s quite sweet and expensive which I have no idea how much really, speculate around B$8-9. But it helps keeping them energetic working in the office.

There is no point for me to get some when I no longer go to the gym. However, I did try the Monster Enegry Lo-Carb drink given free by my aunt to try out this week. I drink before going for a jog and nearly feel like going to broke my leg. Probably the drink ingredients is simply too strong for me to consume, causing my leg muscle numb. You can’t feel the pain or anything. Luckily it just last few minutes, I stop the jog and continue exercise walk. Yes, I am continuously awake until almost mid night and force myself to sleep.

Monster Energy LO-CARB drink is not sweet and got a nice taste. It is advisable not to continue drinking if any strange occur and problem like mine above. Consult the doctors for help immediately if getting worst.

Best Years for Gunpla and 3rd Party Toys

Damn Bandai and those 3rd party companies are making so many great toys this year. I already pre-order Jesta and stock up some Gunpla from the current discount from HLJ. Jesta is without doubt one of the favorite Jegan variation I would like to get my hands on.
GMII also announce recently and to be on sale on October soon. I decided not to pre-order and wait until clearing up those remaining kits in my room. Still can’t promise myself over this decision. The only way to solve this are go for straight built which is much faster and easier. Let’s see how my things going.
The 3rd party toys over the years surprising becomes more competitive, new robot designs and more upgrades for Transformers. There are some already in my wish list. It just matter of time when the pre-orders going to open and suck my wallets.
I am currently waiting to receive my Fansproject CA-03 from RK. I will be making pre-order for CA-04 this week and CA-05 next month. Luckily I didn’t pre-order any TFC Toys Hercules (known as Devastator), they are simply too expensive to go for. Not unless I hit jackpot then I going for six of them which total up nearly US$500.00.
There are some companies are ridicules too expensive (like iGear) to put my money on when it comes to quality made and size of the toys. My advice is best and recommended to watch the video reviews before purchasing any 3rd party toys, unless you are familiar with the makers like well-known Fansproject. Of course many collectors don’t want to regret having missing toys in their display shelves.
Here are the upcoming toys and upgrades I am planning (surely) to get.

Expressive Arts Convention 2011 – Day 2 Cosplayers Competition

The cosplayers competition were held after lunch hour. It was a long wait since I never watch cosplayers performance before so a good chance to check it out. If you wonder who the judges are on that day, the photo above is our answer.

Yup, they are the same group I mention before. I’m not sure there are only three but my friends do find it surprise and if these girls are actually up to the task to be judges. Not everyone seen them before (including me) so I understand people do question their judging ability. Since they were chosen by the organizers, I’m sure they are good.

I have posted the five group performance videos (recorded by Scary Soul) and photos of each participant during the cosplayers competition. Check it out!