Rudolf's Customize Gouf Ignited

After submitting my model to Danny Choo X AFA 09 Gunpla contest year, I have completely stopped almost coming three months now. Yeah, my new job is getting my way and makes me so lazy on every Sunday and public holiday. Other reason are also the materials simply just not enough for kitbashing and also seeing my collections piling up like no tomorrow so I have to get rid some of it.

Starting out HG 1/144 kits was the best choice for me. If I started out with MG or HG 1/100 models, it might going to turn out worst so I decided to build all the Frame Astray before moving to others. I won’t be doing much on the modding but will be practicing and testing out the spray paints colors I brought cheap for Nippon white color to see it is good for plastic kits. Well…..turn out okay only but still not that good actually.

Here are the few photos shot for HG 1/144 Gouf Ignited (Rudolf's Customize) kits I finished today. I have to say the Tamiya Gold spray paint turn out really good and clean. Truly satisfied with the results except the white doesn’t turn out good I have to admit. One more thing, you will see a broken bit on the back of the leg below. That was not my doing, it was originally like that and it is my first time seeing such bad kit from Bandai product. Not a big deal anyway and hit read more for more picture.

More~! is Gone? Update!

Update 2: -

Okay, I have done some check on this rumors and speculation about the owner of might be running away with all the customers’ money. However, according to his website, he posted an image telling all its customers that he is currently having trouble with his internet problem so all reply are going to be very late. But that image has been up for months so it’s quite disturbing and buyers are starting to be impatient hearing their pre-ordering status. Even reports that shipping took more than months. Man, worst than my two weeks experience. LOL!

If you have read my review, I already stated the issue about the shipping and the stocks. The only thing I forget to include is about the direct payments during checkout. I didn’t include it because almost all HK online stores I shop with are using the same method systems so I don’t pay too much attention on this. But I will definitely mention it in my next review and update the previous reviews. My advice also never pre-order anything that require direct payments first, unless that site are a trusted by toys community webmasters.

Anyhow, there is currently no real answer yet so I am unable to prove anything until the investigation results are confirm by Hong Kong Authority. The complaint was originally filed by one of the members at Hobby Fanatics so I will check their reply from time to time about the progress. Nonetheless, some buyers are reporting that they received news about their order already shipped out according to Paypal (what? This is the first time hearing Walter using it for issuing invoicing for shipped out) so let see if they received it or not.

Side note: Someone actually done a free advertising for Walter Hobby just to get a discount for the toys. That’s not a really sounds a good deal to me at all. He should be receiving FREE toys for review instead. Never help any online toy stores to advertise for free if you are not getting a good benefit from it. For example like E2046 asking for a exchange link with your blog.


Update 1: -

I am currently looking into this rumors and investigate more about it. For the meantime, DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING from the online store. I will update it once I know more what happen.

Thanks to the Anonymous informing me in the comment from my review. – February 2010 Order

Was hoping for Henkei! Megatron with my pre-order with PE-01 Shadow Warrior. RK somehow showing me a negative side for not keeping my order on the first of month of 2010 and already run out of stock after CNY. Well, in the end I have to make a choice. Either choose another same price Transformers or get refund. But I just choose the Universe Autobot Ambush deluxe pack anyway.

New RTS Games for this March 2010

This upcoming three new popular RTS game will be releasing next month and I can’t wait to get them. I already did a pre-order for one of them, the Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight from last week. The remaining two for Supreme Commander 2 and W40K: Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising. Both of them will be purchase directly from my Steam account when it available for Asia. Not too much worry over the downloading the whole game problem since I already got a free eSpeed upgrade recently last week.

My original plan was buying all three from But I decided to go for one since I already figure out next month it’s going to be tough on the spending so I have to try to paying less extra taxes for DVD media in the custom and avoid over spending as much as possible. If it wasn’t the staffs forget my fucking Visa gift last month, there won’t be any order at all and rather wait for EA release it on Steam instead.

Lastly, I need a nice value gaming card for my PC. I did miss my last year upgrade because I have a habits waiting for the latest and improve technology. I have the patient and finally the wait is over, either going for budget ATI 5770 or the upcoming ATI 5830. If I could remember, it might be releasing next month so hopefully my upgrade will be around April. Yummy~!

Ami-Ami February 2010 Online Order

Got a pretty good price from Ami-Ami sales and also half price for EMS shipping really helps to saved half of my online spending this month. Actually this is only just too making up for Ami-Ami because the previous pre-order I did not pay them last month. Well, I do that on purpose for testing and see how it going to end up.

What I got here are all HG versions Seed VS Astray: Regen for 46% off, Mr. Bushido’s customize Ahead for 60% off and OO Gundam Seven Sword for 25% off. also doing crazy sales on Gunpla this month and wish to collect the best offers appear in my wish lists. Yet and again, I am going to see and carefully plan for next month because I just found that the exchange rate for SG to Yen has fall again slightly. Last December 2009 was 1 SGD = 62.5YEN and now this February is 1 SGD = 61.6 YEN. This is not really looking good for us.

Buying things from Japan require some deep monitoring on the exchange rates this time, just because they are doing promotion it doesn’t mean we are paying lesser.

Gong Xi Fa Chai! ROAR!!!

Avoid Using Sensitive Words

I never like to be a racist person in life. Although I am an Atheist, also very straightforward person who can talks many different subjects that are very sensitivity issues. I always try to keep the rude words away and very careful what I am talking when other races were just beside you. Of course, unless they don’t really mind so that’s different stories. But to me, it won’t happen, because every 98% races are going to be very curious what subjects are you really into that make them think you are racists.

Probably most of you already know that when it comes to racisms, Malaysia is the most in trouble because of the political issues. I am not too worried about Brunei. We all know that it won’t be happening because even if there are, it just going to be estimate 1-3% only. It’s a small numbers and won’t affect our relationship between Chinese and Malay.

Today, we just happen chatting about the situation in Malaysia between the Chinese and Malay. The only people who can give us the slight ideas and answers are those come from there. No, please be reminding that there is NO racist subject involved. It just that the words Malaysian-Chinese’s uses are way very sensitive and too open in their discussion causing misunderstanding. I was totally freak out sitting with them when the local Malays were just beside us and start glance at us. Yes, they were unhappy and quite pissed off.

I am so damn worried about their misunderstanding because one of my friends kept using ‘Halal’ and ‘Melayu’ words in the subject too often in our mandarin conversations. Luckily I was able to put it to stop continuing using those words but they simply think it’s normal. I don’t know how Malaysian-Chinese discusses these topics in Malaysia. To me, it just too risky for them so straight forward in Brunei and it’s bad if anything goes wrong.

Again, nothing racisms subject involved, we are simply just asking what happen when Chinese going to Malay shops and restaurants in Malaysia and how they would feel. Well, only two states I can gather so far. According to them, Malay in Sarawak is one of the friendliest with other races. But not in Sabah from what I heard, because they dislike Chinese very much and don’t serve them. I don’t know if that are true, since I never been to these two states before in my life so can’t gave exact answers to this subjects.

But anyhow, I do not have the power to stop people being racists or too open minded in their discussions. When you chat about any sensitivity subjects in coffee shops or restaurant, my advise always avoid using those words that others understand it sitting beside you even you are trying to be racists. It may not be good ideas but it’s better than getting involved into fights for misunderstanding forever.

Hasbro Toy Fair 2010 in NY

After waking up in the early morning during the first day of Chinese New Year, I would first check out twitter news. Yes, one of them is Transformers news and totally obsessed with it today. This is indeed good news to all TF fans because Hasbro finally decided to release Drift (once known as Deadlock in Decepticon faction) in Universe 3.0! OMG so happy! I couldn’t wait to get my hand on him sooner. I have been waiting for him to be release for quite a while. His appearance in the vehicle mode makes him looks great. It seems like my restart for this year is lucky one.

There are also some new products announced in the toy fair, the two of them are Powercore Combiners and War for Cybertron. All I can say it’s going to be a good buy after Hasbro reveal the price. Less talking and check out the TF site for the coverage and the images taken on live!

Happy Chinese New Year Eve!

Well, to me. It’s a crap CNY new year because I heard one of the Chinese guy get into car accident has passed away this AM. I don’t know about him personally but my company fellow sent us an email if anyone of us would donate blood to the victim yesterday in Ripas Hospital.

Anyway, I always feel CNY going to be boring in Brunei so nothing special to celebrate unless you travel to Taiwan as over there are much more lively in the festival. Tomorrow will be the day of work washing my clothes before going to my grandma house.

It’s time to get myself bath and continue watching my bidding in eBay status. ^^ Here’s one of the Gundam Unicorn seven minute preview clip on Youtube! Yes, I can’t wait to watch it

Internet Surfing Crawling

Something is terribly wrong with eSpeed this week and normal surfing the internet including downloading is crawling like shit! Thanks to that I lose my two bids from eBay because it won’t load the website properly during the critical time closing. Well, good for saving my spending but bad for losing exclusive deals.

I already done my eSpeed test last night and it appear to be correct speed on download and upload. I check my phone line, everything works perfectly. Luckily I have few friends using Twitter so I am able to keep track on their update and manage to found out that they are experiencing the problem too. Its funny why the network engineers unable to spot this issue in the first place and waited for the customers to start complains before taking action. I made the call and the operator has confirmed with me there is a problem.

You can’t possibly get too much information from an operators so you should refrain firing them for the problems. The only people should be blame and get fuck is those network engineers taking so long to fix the problem or maybe not doing anything at all. This is why our country business performs so badly because of the incompetent internet services causes so much trouble and temporary down from time to time. All they know is blaming on the exchange system or because your locations are too far and your phone line has problem. What’s more?

Nowadays every business is depending on the internet to work 24 hours and yet we continue experience such issue from Telbru (and Brunet) without trying to solve it. We pay so much for fucking internet charges and hoping for better change in the internet performance and yet we got no improvement at all. I don’t know what to say any longer to Telbru and believe this is what they want the customers to be growing tired complaining. Not for me, as long I am in need the internet working. I will continue to made my complains and find out what the hell is wrong with it. I worked as IT technician have to do multitask in work to keep track on every issue too. All else I am also get fuck by my bosses even it wasn’t my job in the first place.

Okay, there are guesses on this problem. I suspect it got to do with the US connection link between Asia got cut off or maybe there are problems. Since, there are no news about any under water optic fibers been damage so finger cross. However, I did notice those sending email to certain countries address are experiencing bounce back issue. Just my thought.

Room Tidy Up for CNY

Been busy lately tidying up my room yesterday and its now clean. Not much things to move around except putting out most of my MG Gundam on top of the shelf as I have no idea when I might even start building them. I was actually expecting to start assemble this month. But it stills another month for spending and had to shell out cash for my mom for CNY too. Thanks to the new TAP law started fucking up my income!

Anyway, nothing much activity at the moment for me as I am also preparing work my ass out coming CNY. I hate doing maintenance at such hurry time before coming March. Yes, it’s going to be fast and quite a few public holidays too.

Here’s a new video from namewee to boost up the CNY mood. Sorry it speak in Mandarin but its funny if you understand it.

Transformers - Crossfire 02 XF-02AB

Never expect the 3rd party made Transformers products would be so popular. I recently decided to make an order for Fansproject Crossfire 02 XF-02AB set (Munitioner and Explorer) at for US$89.90. I was originally planning pre-order Warbot Defender (Springer), but due to the popularity of Combiner Bruticus Maximum so I have to put it as a first priority in my listing.

I also place my order for Universe Bruticus Maximum (25th Anniversary version) at the same day. I was too quick making that decision because I was actually originally looking forward getting the ROTF movie version instead from eBay. Like I said earlier above, before this thing started became popular, the market value of this toy will also go up as well. Sometime you have no choice and started panic to act so fast. Anyway, hopefully next month I can still able to pre-order Warbot Defender and some new stuffs too!

The Worst Stomachache

I can’t believe it either experience this bad in my entire life. Thanks to the unhygienic foods in WYWY restaurant in Seria and others unlucky happening. It was my first time going to other branch and since my colleagues decided to drop by there for lunch and so well, why not? I just want to taste the different between KB and Seria branch cookers, that’s it.

Its end of the month, so I just do a simple order for American fried rice with slice fish what I sometimes order at KB. After taking it and went back to work. Something doesn’t feel right onward until 15.30PM because my stomach is still full. Half an hour later, my stomach feels weird until reaching home and it starts to detonate defecation. I thought it might relieved my stomachache, but I was terrible wrong about it and start vomiting almost nonstop hurting badly my tummy. Guess what? Damn those shit coming out from my mouth are those slice fish never dissolved for six hours. Yikes!

I was totally totaled and asked my sister to bring me to KB emergency room without any second thought. Lots of thing happens over the past hours because a lot of chicken and duck communications problem going on because they think I have Asthma. I was so restless start moving around after they injecting me something in my hand and the doctor was wondering what the hell is wrong with me so they decided to run another check up. They gave me pills to eat and manage to fall asleep for half hour I believe. I wake up with a fresh mind, got the medicine and left the hospital at ten. It was late and I still feel bad going to vomit. I was thinking about taking the medicines but the doctor told me it must be until nine at the morning.

There is no way I could hang out for so long in the middle of the night experiencing continues stomach pain and start defecation every six or ten minute’s non-stop. The medicine they injected me probably only suppress for few hours. It makes me no choice but to take the pills right after that at half past two as I could remember. It was somehow stabilize but it starts again after one hours.

Man, I was totally sleepless for entire two days! Eating porridges was somehow suck also. It was tasteless and makes you hungrier at night. I decided went back to the hospital for another check up because I felt the medicine is doing me worst. It’s true somehow according to another doctor. After replacing the medicines, I went straight home, took it and sleep for few hours. My stomach now has less pain than ever, a bit lesser defecation.

I also did apply some Chinese medicines and it did help greatly. Everyone should, traditional stuffs sometimes does work pretty crazy well too. Thanks to that, I can finally heal and able to sleep at only on Sunday night until work starts next day. What a torture for my pain ass (hurt during defecation) moving around in the office because it was embarrassing for people seeing you like that. But I am glad finally the hell I suffer is over.