End of June Weekend

Boring as ever, get up in the morning. Get my clothes wash and headed to town for haircut. After coming back, the fucking sky start raining and seeing my clothes still not dry. And then I get back to check my recent purchase Resident Evil 5 continue to stuck at 60%, Very good progress and that had to wait until tomorrow.

Talking about Gundam, I am moving on Gundam Rasiel and GN Sefer FG parts that left untouched for coming two years. I decided to scrap Rasiel entirely apart and use it as spare parts. Since I’m not good at painting at all, not to mention fully modify the whole FG kits based on the tutorial on Dengeki Hobby. I decided to think why not just used it on other Gundam OO instead.

To me, working on Gundam kit takes a lot of time to decide. Tools and material are what I needed. This is going to be challenging for me doing on mod and require ordering some Kotobukiya option parts to work on it. Luckily there are left over in order for me to start working on it immediately. HLJ, Hobby Search and Ami-Ami doing quite ridiculous often promotion lately so let’s hope there will be more promotion again in Japan as I need to stock up the option parts.

RK May Pre-Order 2010

Yup! Transformers again! This time around it’s the Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee from War of Cybertron and the other two is Drift and Thrust from Generation 3. I am pretty happy getting this four and intend to continue getting the rest as well new upcoming release. Gosh! I can’t believe Drift was the best looking Autobot (with Samurai) compare to the rest! I’m sure Takara Tomy Japan going to release next year and I planning to get the same Drift and Optimus Prime (WOC) again.

But the most I can’t wait is the release add-on for G2 Bruticus Maximus coming next month! I already pre-order way back on April so hopefully able to get it next month. If any of you guys trouble looking for G2 Bruticus Maximus. I got a brand new gift set seal selling for B$110.00. Feel free to contact me! Also check out the rest in my garage sales for more!

Walter Hobby Online is Back?

Update! It appear that Walter still unable to accept Paypal. I suspect probably he haven’t settle the previous refund or orders. The only payment right now he accepting is Western Union only. But I do not recommend using it because this electronic transfer is stupid and the fee is expensive.

I just drop by the website yesterday and found out that Walter has updated the toy categories listing. It has been long months without seeing him getting back to business because of Paypal ban (now lifted). Of course, his bad reputations and services will continue to hunt him no matter what, unless he made huge improvements and correcting his past mistake. The only questions are should we still trust him after all this mess up he creates? Although I never experience it, but the others does.

It is very uncertain answer to this because until today, he never made any apologies and doesn’t explain to the buyers. I don’t understand why he chooses not to do so. In order to regain the trust again, he really need to do clarifications on what had happen. All the bad things about his online shop will continue to spread by the community.

Anyhow, there are some toys I really would like to get from him again but for the safety precaution, I have send him a message asking Walter the similar question above and also if he ready able to fulfill the buyers orders on time without delaying for months. Let’s see if he going to be the same behaviors likes before not answering and response to the message.

Building File Server for Home

At first, I was planning to buy a home server or SOHO server for storing data which I recently discover Acer home Server was the best value for my choice. After spending few days thinking, I rather better off building my own because I simply have many left over old working PC parts so I think its kinda waste just storing in my room when I can’t even sell it off. Three PC at least I got so far. One old PC of mine and two from received free from friends.

I already gave one refurnished PC away to one of my cousins because the parent unable to afford one. But I feel so regret it and would rather just donate to the orphan instead or used at my own for Linux. My intentions were giving to them so that they can work on their school projects and also helping them to be more familiar on computer. I can’t believe they are so annoying complaining this and that hoping it is Window Seven. This changes my mind completely and decided to use it for my own until the whole thing die out. I already had done a success repair on one of my motherboard capacitors and waiting for new chassis to assemble it. All will be done on this October once I reached one year with the company.

The question now is what program or OS should I use for file server? For me, FreeNAS will be the first choice for building file server. It’s free and easily to setup within less than ten minute. I really like this FreeBSD and includes many features I needed to manage the server especially it allow to run torrent download directly. Ubuntu (Linux) server is also a really good OS to work as file server too. The only problem it requires to install some programs manually which I read require takes a lot times on configure even require full update. Looking at Brunei internet shitty speed, this going to takes up the whole days.

Right now, I am going to keep saving as much as I can. I still own my friend the graphic card debt so which is why I decided to delay until October. XD Hopefully I am able to settle it on August.

Top Deer – Hyundai Tucson Spoof Ad

Well, I am getting this car but low version GLS 2.0 with air bag which is enough for me. The high version (2.4) with one push engine button feature is totally out of question as it cost over B$42K +/- and probably will rise again due to the popularity. I really love this car and can’t wait to get it soon on August.
Here’s are the spoof ad from Hyundai and I suspect it might landed in next Top Gear review this coming June 27th opening. We will see how these guys going to rate this car.

Starboykb At 5th Year Blogging

Yup, yesterday was the 5th year blogging. I know I wasn’t really so active on blogging. But whenever what topics I am trying to write always ended up cancel in end and sometimes took many days to write only one post. Probably I myself find it not interesting enough to post it and also feel not necessary to reveal too much on the related personal secret.

Well, today I decided speak out a bit on my personal issue. I just found out how fuck my father was really were in the past. No matter if he already passed away or not for so long. It wasn’t my good day (birthday) yesterday found out the current house I am staying never is belonging to my father name from the beginning after checking out in the Government department. Well, I was enquiry for housing so at the same time I decided to ask who the owner of the house I currently am living in. I just can’t believe what my father had done when he is alive. He simply brought the house and gives it to the 2nd wife instead putting down his name. Maybe he did put into the paper but I feel so pissed now understanding how much love he really give it the second wives other than us. No wonder she was so bossy and trying to suck our money for so many years.

I even remember very well the day she was laughing when we never decide not to fight for any fortune when my father was in a bad shape and alive. Damn, that bitch knew it from the beginning that none of us will ever able to take it from her. She is really a clever bitch. Now she uses us as a profit paying her monthly over the house rental so that she can enjoy her life. Damn, I wish that money I spend rather goes to my mother. Seems like I have to work extra hard and find our own house sooner.

Generally speaking, getting a house in Brunei is FUCKING hard for purple IC holder. Unless you are rich and that is possible. Every day we only hope for good news and tried to enquiry Government housing if there are any available for loan. It always just too bad to learned that only available for yellow IC holder, not for purple. I have no idea what the story now for PR allowing buying house status this year. The only things I can wish is just good news. House size doesn’t matter, as long we have place to live and that’s enough.

For Sales! TF Universe Bruticus Maximus

BRAND NEW Transformers Universe Bruticus Maximus MSIB up for sale!!! The box is in excellent good conditions with another plastic seal cover. If you are planning to get Fansproject upcoming released Crossfire 02 - XF-02A & XF-02B Combat Unit Appendage Add-on kit set. I decided let one for you guys who interested getting this toy. Please note that this Universe version is way better than the movie version.

I won this from eBay quite hard but I didn’t expect getting two out from there. Due to sudden change in my mind, I decided to let one of them go and fund my future IT course. If anyone interested, drop me a message.
The Selling price is B$120.00. ALREADY SOLD!!!

Aiming for IT Courses

I have been really busy dealing with YaHobby lately struggle getting my refund over missing order on February and prepare my review on them which is already live to read. It was a huge messed but it was mow now.

Aiming for IT courses is what I am planning lately. Advancing my IT Technician career by taking IT course is really important these days. No matter how experience I am working on computer hardware and troubleshooting onsite all these years. It is necessary for me to have proved IT certificate with me and includes in my curriculum. I never get pass my GCSE ‘O’ many moon ago so it’s best I put down my saving on this important tasks first. Probably I might even sell off some of the Gundam plastic kits to support my funding.

The course I am expecting to be quite expensive even just three to five days classes would cost at least over B$2000.00+/- after asking quote from the local Tech One Global (Microsoft license distributor). I also currently was waiting for another quote from Infomars Training and Technology Solution for different courses and surprise that they are the only one (I believe) offer such courses. Well I hope there is no age limit  because some company expecting younger to join. It really sucks if they actually set this kind of rules. Nevertheless, I am saving hard on it right now.

YaHobby.com Online Shop Review!

Another online retail toy shop review and this time it’s from China. I learned about Yahobby.com when visiting to Seibertron.com last year which happen to be one of the sponsors. I afraid the information about them was slightly known, while it claim to have already operate for (more than) two years. This led too many concerns for the buyers whether or not they can be trusted even it was advertise in popular Transformers community. To find out, I decided to take risk putting my money down ordering some of the Transformers Universe toys I missed.

Of course, Transformers are not the only toys they are selling on the website. There are also others available military and Gundam plastic kits can be purchase over there too including knock off Lego toys. Price is average, in case you wonder.

First impressions

Rather to say, bad impressions. Not on the price I am bitching about. But the communications between the customers and shipping handling were the biggest main issue I have discover on YaHobby. Compare to my last experience with the Angolz.com, this is much worst.

It’s really disappointing seeing such problem still arise on newly setup or even on long-time online retail toy shops. For one, like Walter Hobby is one of the failure in online toy business when he himself unable to fulfill the customers’ orders and get into trouble not delivering and ban by Paypal due to overwhelming complains filed against him.

YaHobby is no exception, for my personal opinion. There are many international forums buyers are unhappy with their services and few cases claim they sent broken toys and unseal toy packing box (suspecting used toys) while the packing box is nicely pack without any sign of damage. Of course, they steps out and did clarify the problem that it was shipped with brand new products out from Hasbro/Takara Tomy Japan factory and even mention that the customs might have open for inspecting in some countries.

For your information, I don’t recall there are such cases done by the customs during transits. Why would they waste the time when it can be simply identify the packages inside by using advance x-ray machine? I have ordered for coming nine years in different countries and never encounter my package arrived seal been already open. In Brunei, only the inspections take place when the owner present.

Response like Donkey

The most frustrating thing in communicating with the seller is they never response and delay for weeks. YaHobby is actually had this kind of behaviors, the faster so far were four days and the slowest more than seven days reading my mail. I have no idea how the hell they can do such business practice like that. I know because using DidTheyReadIt.com service. I can easily track when my mail was read and remain hidden without them knowing.

Payment Method

Only Paypal is available. According to their site, buyers are cover with Paypal Protection when purchasing over US$200.00. Not sure how true is that, but be aware that you are eligible to get refund within 45 days under Paypal policy no matter what amount you spend.

Trouble Shipping

There is only one shipping method available for Asian buyers which I already asked. No more other shipping option to choose from and the cost starts from range US$20.00 to more depending on the total weight. I already made my first purchase with that starting amount and was successfully received after two weeks. I was relieved as it was sent by registered mail. But one problem though, no tracking number was provided.

If you think that is just a small problem, well another unbelievable nightmare started. After making my second purchase and choose the same shipping method. It become missing more than a month after they shipped out on last February and continue until today. I already contacted them and demand for answer why does it took so long to arrive. You know what? They shipped out by sea. This absolutely makes me very mad because shipping out by sea is a suicide method and big chances of getting lost. If I order is battery or chemical products that can comprehend because it’s an explosive item.

YaHobby explain the problem and very sorry about that. They even told me that if the orders total shipping weight around US$30.00 than they will send out by registered airmail. Then why mine was shipped by airmail during my first order? It doesn’t really add up at all. It never mentions on the checkout, not even in their shipping policy and even told me there is no other shipping option available to choose from. This show that they obvious trying to bargain over the shipping fee.


YaHobby was an entirely disappointment online shop I have to say. Even though they do refund for items are out of stock and did refund mine missing item. But it was already over Paypal 45 day’s policy and had to pay through Western Union. Not to mention they even dare to deduct my refund over Paypal fee and Western Union fee. These guys are really smart ass accountant behind calculator.

These guys really have a lot of problem and received quite bad reputations around the toy collector’s forums. Just beware and not to buy things from Yahobby.