Agro-Technology Park Open

To be honest, the name of the park doesn't sound suitable at all. Technology? Sound like big plan ahead, but still, not many details and information how they going to expand this project building better tourist attraction.

I haven't visit yet but I am still left with great impressed with the Garden by the Bay in Singapore.

Back from Two Weeks Journey to Cambodia and Singapore

There are so many things to rearrange and tidy up clothing after coming back from vacation. I am terrible broke right now because the pre-Christmas discount sales in Singapore are getting crazy every few days and I became a bitch shopper over there which I almost went broke.

I need time to sort things out before I can continue talking about my life and different things experience over there. I am glad making right choice taking extra one day off after having a bit jet lag and weird feeling coming back home.

On the Second Thought

Everyone heard about the good services and popularity at BIBD bank. Almost majority of people jump over there open saving account due to the good interest rates and others, loan. I wanted to do the same, but I decided not for my own sake of privacy.

Opening a personal saving account normally an easy task for everyone. However, BIBD done a little changes to the rule and they require your company letter before you can proceed. That I don't understand why. A personal saving account require to involved my company I work for? For what? I'm not requesting any salary transfer or requested by and not to mention I'm not applying any loan or something. It just a personal saving that I wanted to grow my wealth.

I don't really know how other feel about this, for my opinion, this is a stupid request. My personal saving account is 100% for my own personal private life. Requesting a company letter to open a private bank account it's just like exposing and telling your own financial secret to your employer.

For your information, this rule started after the BIBD move to their new office in KB. I'm not sure if their employee made mistake but I still not to happy about such requirement no matter what.