Learning Second Skill Target for 2015

After a really long considerations, I decided to involved in HSE occupation. This is only the job seeking backup plan I can think of more suitable finding new job in Brunei for me. Although the HSE course fees are not cheap, but compared to IT courses, the long term investment are much more cost-saving for further training and qualification.

This year of finding IT Technician position is basically so dead in the local market and only got one interview so far. Well, no hope at all. As long you don't have high level skills and qualifications paper in hand. Big companies don't bother to look at you nowadays.

Its too stressful continue finding the right IT courses and studying nowadays with my current salary. It's too hard to funds and too hard to catch up with the juniors. Not an excuse but the truth. Today world are not like the past. Qualification papers are necessary tool to seeks for better paid. I do feel like my IT time is over and without questioning further. I already started studying NEBOSH International General Certificate books which I borrow from friends.

People told me it's easy to qualify and the certificate. I just don't buy the story. I know myself when comes to capability in learning. I decided to take it slowly and understand the basics before jumping to the harder level since the course going to cost BND2,500.00.

Brunei Plamo Challenge 2014

Well, as mention before I didn't join the competitions. I do want to state that the photos posted here was only taken on Saturday (13th December). There are more on the last day so I miss out quite a lot of the participants. Next time I going on the last day as long my busy schedules are clear.

Microsoft Brunei Finally Making Move

Just when you thought Microsoft Brunei encourage its customers to get the genuine products to prevent Malware attack or whatsoever you might encounter on the internet these past few days. Today they made a new headline warning the local retailers to cease continuing selling pirated copies of their products. Otherwise, they may (will) face legal action.

Its been quite long after they took one of the company to court few years ago. But that stunt didn't even budge the local computer shops or companies ever since. Well, all you cunts starting from now need to pay more attention because Microsoft Brunei will start monitor and lookout for those ignore their warning.

To be honest, I do support their move. Even its very late decision at this stage. Still, I am fucking happy this is happening because it going keep my current job more control and preventing users over abuse the pirating software especially Microsoft Office, Projects and Visio. I am so tired dealing ignorance bunch of cunts not understanding the problem using pirating software that can't be update to fix bugs. Next year is going to be interesting and I want to see how my boss going to deal with these.

Patience Limit Reach and Closure

My patience reaches to the limit I no longer can turn blind eyes on. Since my own manager doesn't want to give me satisfactory answer letting me enduring and frustration all these years dealing with the kid including cleaning the mess when complains reach the door steps. This may not a good idea doing behind my boss back. I decided to bring this matter directly to the senior management for the closure.

The kid really too hard to dealt with and shows no intention of improving, worst, all the way to ignorance. Entirely lost communication between its colleagues just because of disliking and disagreement. My boss also like to overlook the kid continuous mistake and feel like nothing ever happen asking others to solve his problem in order to close complain case. Imagine while we are working half way on the site and suddenly call back to the office just to fix his shit. So what about our current work then?

During our heated exchange email conversation, he felt insulted that most of his colleagues are against him especially me. Yes, I am a cunt, and will continue do so towards him because I don't give a fuck. My issue here are about his work attitude. No one care about his personal issue. If you want people to respect, you need to respect back the others too.

The amazing thing is that he find his whole drama thing is just a small problem. That's when he started attack my performance problem at work. Does it concern me, no. Why? I can produce results and get the job done. As for the small problem he said to me, thankfully, the senior management stand with me proving he is wrong. More than two years showing no sign of improvement at work is big problem and raises more question.

I don't really want to say we both in the end had our satisfying closure with the senior management present because I still need to wait for my manager to come back during his vacation to continue the discussions the matter. He seriously need to do something about it. Nonetheless, I want this kid out of my line of sight. The rest what he does is not my concern anymore as long it doesn't interrupt my works outside.

Technology Loot December 2014

I can’t really think of anything that you can get in Brunei when it comes to computer parts. The internal HDD for headless server upgrade still had to wait because the local selling prices continue to be ridiculous not unless getting from neighbouring country. I will only hunt those that worth the spending which I recently brought a Western Digital 1TB Passport Ultra HDD and Edifier Sound to Go Plus portable speaker this week holiday sales.

The portable HDD are safe to buy in Brunei because after my trip to Singapore, I didn’t find too much the price different over there including neighbouring country. For the sake of convenient and easy warranty, BND100.00 is best way to go. Actually, the preferable portable HDD design in mind is rugged version. The reason I needed it because of often working on site and experience higher rate of drop. After a long consideration, I realize the existing home portable WD 1TB My Passport warranty left until next year. It’s about right time to get a replacement and swap for work by adding thick soft material to reduced impact in the HDD case.

As for the portable speaker, that was an unexpected selection put into the shopping cart last minute. I didn’t really want to get another but wanted one for the laptop a long time ago. It just my taste on design hasn’t been right, must be portable and sound quality is important too. After poking around longer, I finally found Edifier Sound to Go Plus. It fits the category perfectly. Slim design, great sound quality (tested) and can run with battery itself. This portable speaker is just what I needed.