Technology Loot December 2014

I can’t really think of anything that you can get in Brunei when it comes to computer parts. The internal HDD for headless server upgrade still had to wait because the local selling prices continue to be ridiculous not unless getting from neighbouring country. I will only hunt those that worth the spending which I recently brought a Western Digital 1TB Passport Ultra HDD and Edifier Sound to Go Plus portable speaker this week holiday sales.

The portable HDD are safe to buy in Brunei because after my trip to Singapore, I didn’t find too much the price different over there including neighbouring country. For the sake of convenient and easy warranty, BND100.00 is best way to go. Actually, the preferable portable HDD design in mind is rugged version. The reason I needed it because of often working on site and experience higher rate of drop. After a long consideration, I realize the existing home portable WD 1TB My Passport warranty left until next year. It’s about right time to get a replacement and swap for work by adding thick soft material to reduced impact in the HDD case.

As for the portable speaker, that was an unexpected selection put into the shopping cart last minute. I didn’t really want to get another but wanted one for the laptop a long time ago. It just my taste on design hasn’t been right, must be portable and sound quality is important too. After poking around longer, I finally found Edifier Sound to Go Plus. It fits the category perfectly. Slim design, great sound quality (tested) and can run with battery itself. This portable speaker is just what I needed.


  1. I would like to apply at university of Brunei D. Is there enough part time work for the international students? I inquired but UBD didn't answer.

  2. Hello. I dont think I able to answer regarding of your problem. Please visit and contact them by phone if possible. Please dont spam my blog.

  3. Hello there tony. im going to miri to buy some diy pc parts. As far as im concerned there should be no tax for computers / parts. correct me if im wrong.

  4. Depends what you buy over there, Power supply unit will be tax for 25%, wifi and bluetooth devices will be tax $50 each. But I heard there no longer tax except the power supply unit/ finger cross


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