Model Kit World December 2011 with Sinanju Bazooka

I pick up this magazine from after seeing them put up on the store. The Model Kit World is a Hong Kong toy magazine and been around for quite a while. Full color pages and this volume252 come with HGUC Sinanju bazooka.

In case you wonder, the plastic quality is okay. If you ever owned the HGUC Unicorn twin Gatling gun, it is the same. You can’t really ask for more on this book that only cost less than B$10.00 so it’s a nice addition for collections. I recommended picking one of these magazines if you see selling at any bookstore.

I’m not quite sure if you can find in Brunei today. I remember seeing them selling in Soon Lee KB book section but now no longer available there. Other places can be possible finding at Miri or in Malaysia.

My Kingston ValueRAM DDR3 1333 4GB Freebie!


Finally I received my Kingston ValueRAM DDR3 4 GB version memories ram from Kingston-Blog. It took me quite a while to decide which one to go. At first, I was thinking about getting 4GB for my ACER notebook. But after few thoughts and since it still under warranty. Maybe it’s best to get the desktop version instead because I am building FreeNAS soon once I got my stuffs.

Luckily I in no hurry stocking up the HDD at the moment. Lots of happening to the world and HDD price recently just shoot up because of the flood affecting in Thailand. Disaster really hurt the economy pretty bad. Hopefully the price might go down after Chinese New Year.

Yen Hit 60 Hard

Damn the Yen keep falling. HLJ just listed another crazy Gunpla sale until Nov 30 and I am still considering stocking it. There are many Gunpla I wanted to collect, when the foreign exchange rate falls like that I am much more willing to spend on US dollar rather Japanese Yen. I think best to hold my spending until Black Friday Sales. You won’t know might getting even lower rate.

Uh oh…..I’m in Trouble!

Yup, Trouble! I got myself into problem expressing my frustration issue and exposing the work place in my blog. Nothing secret, it just that I am invading the privacy and shouldn’t take any photos posting online or blog. So I have to delete it.

I do think the problem is expressing my issue at the work causing a stir, badly. It’s easily to track down who am I because I never put anonymous of myself. I even uploaded my own photo and beforehand improved the search engine of my blog post links when messing around, so nothing is secret and hiding.

Right now just waiting for something to happen since i went a bit overboard and kena poke LOL! XD I need to renew my documents as well.

PE-11 SFX Scouting Force X Camera Review

When I run a review on PE-01 Shadow Warrior last year, I impressed with the target master design and good articulation. The only downside is too expensive for such small toy which every collector had to reconsidering their spending budget.

If you haven’t follow up their latest product this year, the Perfect Effect had already released PE-03 to PE-10 with slightly cheaper and improvement over the PE-01. They are great, but I choose to get PE-11 SFX Scouting Force X Camera instead. I don’t feel disappointed my choice because this one is different, comes with cool weaponry and design.

Berserk Movie 1 Trailer

Damn, I can’t wait to watch this movie. Even though I know the story since I own the DVD anime series in the past. I hope this time there will be ending to this and better.

Headhunting in Brunei? Nah…

There are a lot of speculating and brought up again from the past about headhunting news. Since the day I was born until parent divorce. I have been wandering around the KB town with my bike for 10 years at night and when started working until mid-night never get chase once. So what’s the deal with the rumors?

Take it as bullshit or whatever you wanted to call it but me going to be straight to the point. There is NO headhunting in Brunei. It was never ever happen and any photo surface showing single proofs a head in the bridge or currently in the construction. Many of my cousins and relatives are living in area far from the police stations since they were born and the easiest target. I never heard single news of their death, getting chase or words worrying their head cut off at home surround by forest. Government covers up? No such thing that this is small country can hide many things from us people.

Even if there are head hunters in Brunei, they are going to be end up dead. Why? Cars are affordable in here right now and half of us willing to call the police first before chasing them and ram the suckers to death, take it as accident. However this won’t be easy day for the local Iban because they are cultural link to it so the police will definitely start from there.

Let me explain Headhunting was part of the tradition and ritual by Dayak tribes. Apparently Iban was known as Sea Dayaks people who once practice it in previous generation. I’m sure many of you find it hard to believe. It’s true and even recorded participates in World War II beheading many Japanese army.

Brunei is now living in modern day so I don’t really believe our local Iban would practice such reckless culture and went off becoming head hunters. Unless they were crazy thinking they would become immortal. The only recorded last event is in Kalimantan 2001 because of rioting and religious conflicts. Brunei doesn’t have any so stop worrying getting your head cut off.

Da Ultimate AT Pest Repeller (Pest-Shop 3000AT) Result!

I was supposed to let you guys know if this pest repeller gadget work last month. But I forget to write after going through my posts and busy watching World War II history channel. It’s a good thing to see the long term results instead 9-14 days as mention. Anyway, does it really work?

For my room, yes, it works. I haven’t seen any lizards in my room making noise anymore and now stay outside. The ultrasound really does the trick, even not seeing any insects in my surrounding. Only ants does crawl into my room sometimes, not a big problem. It just I always forgot to bring the drinks and foods out of my room.

So lucky that I didn’t waste my $59.90 spending on something I’m not familiar. Although this things claim no effect on pets, but my dogs never stay or even sleep nearby my room outside. I kind of suspect probably they are somehow disturbed by this ultrasound. Nevertheless, I am happy able to sleep peacefully without getting disturb by the lizards.

Horrific Murder Text

Human is something we still don’t fully understand until today. If you remember reading news about two teenage boys raped and killed 18 years old girl before mutilating and burning her under the bridge last year. The writer at Vanity Fair (credit to Kotaku) went deeper discovering more horrible crimes those two boys past. The article is four pages so it going to takes time reading the whole.

I’m not quite sure what does this got to do with the online WoW games. Parents in the west should start whack their kids to understand what is right or wrong if they do terrible things in the young age.

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