PE-11 SFX Scouting Force X Camera Review

When I run a review on PE-01 Shadow Warrior last year, I impressed with the target master design and good articulation. The only downside is too expensive for such small toy which every collector had to reconsidering their spending budget.

If you haven’t follow up their latest product this year, the Perfect Effect had already released PE-03 to PE-10 with slightly cheaper and improvement over the PE-01. They are great, but I choose to get PE-11 SFX Scouting Force X Camera instead. I don’t feel disappointed my choice because this one is different, comes with cool weaponry and design.

The Box:

Unlike the PE-01, these set contain 3 times more to assemble into camera. This is the list what you going to get from paying US$69.90:

- 3x Robots (SFX01, SFX02 and SFX03)
- 3x Rifles
- 3x Knifes
- 3x Knife holders
- 2x Arm Shields (side cover for Len)
- 2x Shoulder armors
- 2x Shoulder missiles (flash)
- 1x Sniper upgrade set
- 1x Shield
- 1x Len (jetpack or energy backpack)
- 1x Flash (Gatling) holder
- 1x Tripod (Gatling tube)

The Toys:

Perfect Effect does take the size into consideration. If you ever read the comic book found in All Hail Megatron issue 3#, they are bigger than Rumble. Same as the toys itself, they are a bit larger and taller than Shadow Warrior even better articulations. Not bad.

The fun things are, each of them given different weapons and equipment’s based on their names. According to Reflectors bio, they are basically functioning as one mind. No rules apply to who is the leader.


Edge is close combat type. In this photo, he uses two rifles, knifes, arm shields and equip with shoulder armors. Overall it looks good except one problem. The shoulder armors easily come off when moving or lifting up.


Shield is long range support or sniper type. He carries sniper rifle, knife, and large shield and shoulder missiles. The sniper rifle is converting from the upgrade parts. If you don’t like the sniper looks, you simply remove it and store back in the shield. Pretty cool method keeping your parts together.

Unlike Edge, the missile shoulders don’t have any problem moving around. Only the shield holder is somewhat too tight and has to careful putting in the hand. It does come off sometime. Luckily PVC plastic is strong so it won’t just break easily when playing around.


Bullet is the heavy support type carrying Gatling machine gun assembles from the tripod and flash holder. I do not have any real information describing the Len. It is somehow shown operate as flying backpack. My personal opinion think is energy backpack as it makes no sense such small robot could produce strong fire power. Oh, he also carry knife.


Before transforming into camera, you will need to put together all the parts and weapons. I have tried to take different photos to let you see how it should be done. PE done it creatively to keep most of the stuff hidden for example like knifes and rifles. What I didn’t expect you can build missile sentry too.

After putting together all the parts and weapons, this is where you start combing into camera mode. Just to let you know the size is around deluxe.


The the toys are impressive and surprising color details. It uses strong PVC plastic and very articulated designs. Everything is great except the price is just too hot for US$69.90 small toys. Without doubt this is a must if you are fans of Transformers Reflector.

Right now, I haven’t seen RK restocking and there is limited version which cost twice the amount. If you are not sure a wise choice putting your money on PE-11 SFX, I do suggest you to wait for TFC Toys Reflector version or better spend on exclusive toys.


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