Da Ultimate AT Pest Repeller (Pest-Shop 3000AT) Result!

I was supposed to let you guys know if this pest repeller gadget work last month. But I forget to write after going through my posts and busy watching World War II history channel. It’s a good thing to see the long term results instead 9-14 days as mention. Anyway, does it really work?

For my room, yes, it works. I haven’t seen any lizards in my room making noise anymore and now stay outside. The ultrasound really does the trick, even not seeing any insects in my surrounding. Only ants does crawl into my room sometimes, not a big problem. It just I always forgot to bring the drinks and foods out of my room.

So lucky that I didn’t waste my $59.90 spending on something I’m not familiar. Although this things claim no effect on pets, but my dogs never stay or even sleep nearby my room outside. I kind of suspect probably they are somehow disturbed by this ultrasound. Nevertheless, I am happy able to sleep peacefully without getting disturb by the lizards.


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