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Yen Raising King

By now, most of you who subscribe HLJ newsletter might already read about the raise of the Yen currency recently. I already expect that happen beginning from last year s after realizing the Yen is falling slightly every month. However, this time it’s different and getting worst. No idea what am I suppose to buy this month after spending on getting Transformers Micromaster. But I decided to let the HLJ Gundam sales slip pass me again and wait for the price latest update. Everything buying decisions will be decided by next month. For the meantime, I am most likely continued to focus grabbing Transformers Generation 2/3 and recently announce United by Takara Tomy. So many to get and I won’t missed Fansproject Rodimus upgrade either. Hehe…

Telbru – Privilege Card - Update

It’s a free card that everyone wants to apply one. Mine arrived on last week at Seria and that pisses me off greatly. Why? I applied this card on last year November 2009 and finally was told to get it on last week! Is this a joke or what? Does it really needed to take a long ten months to approve? Well, even that’s not the case anymore when open up and found out it was actually already approved on December 2009 last year also! Oh my gosh and how the fuck it can take so long too sent out is really out of question. Never mind that, I’m not sure how good the offers might give. But so far I know, it was disappointed and one of the listed computer and technology, Netcom Computer House, already no longer accepting this privilege card more than six month now I heard. Why the hell Telbru didn’t remove the partners from the official website merchant lists? No one knows if the other merchants do follow or already walk out many moons ago. To avoid this confusion, I decided to drop them a messag…

Bruneian Bloggers Rights

So, anyone thinking about going there? I’m not interested on the hearing about the rights or something since I know half of rules already. Every one of us might already know the first important rules that bloggers are not allow to insults or write opinions on any related on his majesty and its families private secrets unless you live outside of Brunei. Well, of course this includes the governments too. I know Brunei is not the country full of free speeches. As always did, I am careful of what to write and expressing. Although I no longer really cares about the Governments headlines, because as long you don’t write fake rumors and everything said is truth. There isn’t anything to afraid of. My only complains so far is just the housing issues and fucking damn long not hearing when we purple holders can applied too. Understanding more is a good things and hopefully seeing them posting up in the website so that every bloggers can read. No one knows for sure what changes anyone of us migh…

First Look! –

Here is another toy shop I discover way back on April during my search in Google. I didn’t take an opportunity to introduce this toy shop because the pre-order for Henkei Hound was very late shipping out last month. So I decided to hold until the right time to post once received the parcel. is quite rare and very unknown company to me. Yes, it’s not even popular and less information about them in the market. So it’s hard to rule out that they aren’t trusted toy seller. Just take extra precaution when purchasing things from them even though I only made one successful order only. For your information, their original office or HQ is mention station at US. However, the business and facilities operated in Hong Kong. So they are believed largely targeting Asian buyers. The good things are for pre-ordering, buyers doesn’t require make full payment. Only deposit is needed and no deadlines for most pre-order items until it reach the order limits. The shipped out items will be ba…

Another Internet Problem Yesterday

No one knows what the heck happen yesterday. It were confirms the every eSpeed users are having trouble accessing to a lot of website. Facebook was among one of them. Trust me, people feel so disasters and impatient unable to access and even played Farmville. One of my colleagues actually dealing such auntie don’t believe probably the eSpeed were the cause. So she calls every of her friend who plays Farmville and even to Canada to check with her daughter if the Facebook is down or not. What? CANADA? I really laugh so hard hearing about this. But after she told us it was fine over there. My suspicious turning over the exchange server in both KB and Seria because even at my company. The test out also experience the same issue at my home so I decided to sent an email to notify Telbru. After lunch hours, everything backs to normal. As I suspect, there could be something wrong in the exchange servers. Well the technical support guys didn’t says anything and I not even sure if BSB and Tuton…

Garage Sales Page Open

I have been doing some changes and decided to create own Garage Sales page. It’s now up and feel free to pass around about my clearance items. BTW, new item added. Sekirei KusanoNever display but did take out and check because the fucking PA sent me a wrong figure! Cost me around 67.00USD back then and not to mention PA doesn't want to admit they were wrong! I decided to let it go cheap. Near Mint Manufacture by Movic 2006B$30.00 onlyNo return

3rd Party Headmaster Preview

Hari Raya really gets in my way when it comes to posting. The review was still under revise and 20% done due to the recent leg was injured. The lazy diseases started spreading throughout my brain and taking nap a lot during holidays. Anyway, this is one of the 3rd party Transformers upgrade I have been holding off quite a while. The pre-production Hot Head (from mini review was posted at I have to say the upgrade looks really cool even for older Vintage G1 Headmaster toys. Not only have that, the Hot headed itself even able to hold any 3rd party LEGO weapons so that is an extra. The only problem now for me is, should I put US$29.90 this month. I pretty overspending lately buying Micromaster Toys at eBay and some order from HLJ haven’t clear up yet. It sure really sucks for me this month.

FP Crossfire 02 XF-02AB is Here!

The two boys, weapons specialist and engineer are here to get the three boys fix up. Two boys to get rid. Review soon….

HG1/144 Xist Cgue

The Gunpla was finished on end of last month public holiday. Nearly forgot to post it up while starting working on the next Seed Frame Astray kit. As you can see on the photos, I have done a few changes to the lower part for some training and feel requires improvements.

The front skirt armors have been extending longer using the Tamiya pla-plate. With my current tools, it’s not easy and really requires different angle rulers to measure before cutting. Mine is by estimate (too long) and slowly sand until both of them reaching the similar size and length which is why it looks out of shape. There is another reason for this problem, I used wire rod for the joint and causing unbalance because I cut it directly instead saw. If I had done choosing with sawing, it may not look so bad.

As for the back armor skirt, my original plan is adding extra thruster below like how Sazabi Gunpla. I don’t have any available thrusters and materials so I use Kotobukiya Nozzle for both front and below. It tu…

Nanyang Shopping: Power Core Combiner

No idea what is the best category to list the Nanyang company. All you need to know they sell toys, gifts, produce photos, sell cameras and quite few more I have no idea to describe it. What surprising thing was that they have been around even I hasn’t born yet. Thanks to them, the forever toys loving habits everything influence from there. I always visit the Nanyang shop once in a month and gets the Tamiya colors spray painting there. It just that sometimes I ignore the toy sections after addicted shopping online instead. I have to admit so stupid overlooking the local toy shops when you can get 15%-20% cheaper. For example my recent purchase TF Power core Combiners: Smolder with Chopster, Bombshock and Skyburst sets. Both of them only cost me B$79.70. If I choose to get in, the total would have cost me B$114.79. It really does save me a lot of money. Well, i guess from now on i have to be more supportive on more local toy shops. ^^ Alright, as for the toys, I decided …

eBay Hunt ! – TF Micromaster #1

Last few days ago just received the first batch packages. I am quite happy that both of them arrived on the same days and takes only two weeks to Brunei which is quite fast. I thought during puasa month would be slower during transit. Somehow I was wrong about it.
Currently these are the four Micromasters toy arrived. Three of them comes from direct purchased and one won from the bidding (very cheap and incomplete) both at eBay UK. For your information, all these four are 1989 released Erector transport, Ironworks station, Greasepit station and lastly, Ground Shaker Base. Total costs with shipping, £84.56 which is around B$175.43. Probably most of you think I am insane paying a lot but this is not a bad price for 1989 made used toys.
I have reason to choose UK location. Firstly it has better shipping with tracking (insured) price to Brunei compare to US. Secondly, most of the seller’s prices are better, not to mention willing to combine shipping with one cost. It’s not like the US selle…