Bruneian Bloggers Rights

So, anyone thinking about going there? I’m not interested on the hearing about the rights or something since I know half of rules already. Every one of us might already know the first important rules that bloggers are not allow to insults or write opinions on any related on his majesty and its families private secrets unless you live outside of Brunei. Well, of course this includes the governments too.

I know Brunei is not the country full of free speeches. As always did, I am careful of what to write and expressing. Although I no longer really cares about the Governments headlines, because as long you don’t write fake rumors and everything said is truth. There isn’t anything to afraid of. My only complains so far is just the housing issues and fucking damn long not hearing when we purple holders can applied too.

Understanding more is a good things and hopefully seeing them posting up in the website so that every bloggers can read. No one knows for sure what changes anyone of us might expect from the local Bloggers right legal system. I believe Twitter probably getting involvement too since it was known as mini blogs.

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