Getting Plus One-Year-Old!

Getting more toys too! To be honest, I don’t really feel much joy about celebrating birthday anymore. Cake or no cake, life still goes on and my wish is to get through smoothly settling the remaining car loan until next year then I can start planning to invest affordable house or apartment. Of course, managing own healthy lifestyle should be first in line. Few more years, I am going to be forty.

Yeah, people (family members too!) do ask me occasionally why not making time for relationship. As much I wanted to, I probably would choose to travel and focus something I missed for so long. The timing and self financial still an issue. But the personality of mine are being terrible asking girl out and kinda screw up big time on conversation. Not sure how myself can fix the flaws. It just a habit to be true to myself and speak directly that comes into the mind rather choose to fake it. Not to mention, I'm free thinker. The words and ignorance does the effect.

Now what kind of birthday reward I got for myself? Since the timing is great when Ramandan and summer sales crash together at the same month, the first present was getting new running shoe because the old one is beat up and bad for the foot. I also grab Philip steam iron for dirt cheap $29.00 that comes with 2 years warranty. Normally, I am lazy type of person who doesn’t iron the clothes and just roll putting straight to the clothing storage. But a lot of clothes now winkle and time to straighten it out.

Next, buying toys. Basically is unavoidable. However, because I have remaining Toy R Us $20 voucher to be expire soon. It would be a waste not to use. I drive up and brought two Lego Nexo Knights and Transformers Titan Return Diac & Optimus Prime. Still, a good day to know there are numbers of good discount and surprise to get free Lego City Tractor pack. It's a shame I missed out the Nexo Knights goodies pack few months ago and the sudden 20% sales on later week. Fuck me.

For the online shopping, Hobby Link Japan currently celebrating their 20th anniversary sales. Sad to say, there aren’t a lot attractive items to get. I feel like the additional or more bonus store credits for use in the next purchase kinda eyesore. While the offers last until end of this month, I will wait until the remaining lists will be reveal final week.