Upcoming New Directions

2014 is coming very close. Many things have happen a lot this year and I won't forget. Bad or happy are the things of past. Something new in life has to come and next year, upgrading job skills, travels more and financial saving are going to be top priority. This means I have to stop been addictive online shopping bitch next year.

Upgrading job skills will be my highest to do list next year. I hate to say, without new certifications there won't any expectation getting salary raise. Every company (existing) now looking at it and got to keep up with the younger generation. After failing my first Installing and Configuring Microsoft Server 2012 exam, this cause me a huge set back moving to second level. I still haven't decide to retake the exam since it's not cheap. For personal own safety, I heading towards CompTIA A+ which I believe will be the best interest restart my IT learning.

This year, I got to admit spending quite a lots on collections really make me blind with no single saving. This is seriously danger my future and financial support. So I had to get serious about start putting money into the bank. I slowly getting rid some of my collections in the shelves and hope the sales could improve financial saving a bit. But for some reasons, Lego toys are the hardest to sell even I lower the price between 40-50%. I really should carefully not buying Lego anymore unless I only interest themes in.

As for traveling, well, no saving and money. Don't think about travel anywhere.

My Microsoft Server 2012 Exam Over

And I failed. The worst part was knowing the final score right away after the exam time over. Do I feel disappointed, no, I don't. But failing is not something to feel happy about since I folk out a lot of money on this course. To be honest, I didn't expect able to score 525 (700 passing score) in the exam. Well, not bad for the first try on server exam.

I got to admit this exam is not something easily can be pass without touching and working in the real world servers a lot. While nowadays it is easy to deploy in VMware for learning. I personally find it not enough to understanding and familiar with its major built in tools.

Secondly, there are simply too many restriction on real world deployment due to my other colleagues were not familiar (disagreement) with Window Server 2012 even my boss particularly doesn't allow me to implement too much group policy and some great features in the server. This greatly affecting my ability learning not to mention I rarely had the time to sit down properly focusing configuring and check out my first Window Server 2012 standard deploy for the new setup company when I have to deal with my current PC technician profession.

Lastly, virtualization is something I really wanted to try. It simply not possible when a company had restrict funds getting second server, upgrades and licenses for deployment. Only unless I fucking able to hit a big jackpot, I definitely getting server and PC deploy in my own room for live testing and learning which will be much easier. But well, no money, no talk.

I'm not really sure if I want to retake the examination next year. It's not cheap from what I ask from the folks at TechOne Global. But my current plan right now should try to get the CompTIA A+ since I am more familiar and working experience on the field for so long as PC Technician. It just that I need to gather materials and books to study.