My Experience with Acer Products Quality & Services


When our company score to be part of Acer dealers, I was rather having mixed reaction based from my experience supporting these products especially their laptop lines have a lot of hardware issues including long warranty time frames. After a year run, it was freaking headache and create more unnecessary extra work.

It's true that Acer products are affordable to buy that packs with good stuffs and some newer technology compared to other products. I actually own one of the laptop from a great deal that comes with fast performance with less than $1K even slap with three years warranty. During those years of warranty cover, only one time mine were sent for warranty. The rest of the record so far are minor issues sold in year 2011 that our customers experiencing. This actually shows how much the products has improved compared to past. But that did not really last long.

Dealing with Dangerous Exchange

Past weeks was unbelievable busy and stressful dealing sudden break down of server. I got to admit working with Window Server 2012 and Exchange 2013 are not easy like PC that can be simply revert back anytime. All decisions bring risk if you are not careful or not fully prepare to face the worst which I messed up without realizing.

Thanks to the mistake I made myself had to abandon weekend and Sunday to find solutions to work around the problem for the whole days. Luckily my 5 years old PC is able to handle the current stress running multiple VMware Windows at the same time doing test on problem solving. The only are require times to find the right answer to resolved the issue which I success the next day.

I was happy to relieve myself from such incident mistake. I don't really have much problem with Window Server 2012 after I took the training last year and have much confidence to work on problem solving. But MS Exchange 2013 is freaking whole new thing and the hardest to work on because it involve emails. This is something that beginner shouldn’t mess with if you had no knowledge or understanding.