End of April 2012

Considering this is a late last minute shopping in the local store. I decided to grab some paints but instead just two Lego Mini Figure series 6 and a Tamiya primer. My stuffs are currently on the way so I need this primer to do some work for me. I didn’t buy much since today the last day of April. I best save a bit and begin my shop fest tomorrow.

Yesterday I also done some old Gunpla stock that I left over. Well, it’s Mr Bushido actually. Since I got Smultron cheap at HLJ last order, I plan to rebuilt and do some mixing into Shogun. It is still in progress so I decided did some blurry image until final mixing phase. BTW, the Kotobukiya claw sword does suit well with Shogun.

Anyway, before I head off. The two series 6 I got from inside are Alien san and mechanic.

Another Fuck Up from HSBC Seria

I simply just can’t believe it yesterday went to get my card at Seria branch. That bitch from last week told me the current card I holding is cancel. After getting the card from another counter, she told me this one is actually cancel. I was filling with crazy rage and like what, again?

She runs a double check and verification. SPAM! It was indeed an old card that was actually report lost and delivers back to their main HQ. This mean the one I am holding actually a real card instead of cancel and lost one. Wow, that just wow and unbelievable I was fool again for another week.

How could they even possible make such huge mistake when there is computer assisting her with real time update on customers account information? The funny thing the girl that serves me telling me it could be late system update. Completely bullshit, that is the worst excuse cannot agree on and fucking won’t work on me. If that is only one or two days, maybe I will buy it on the delay updating. But for one week the HSBC system never had an update on the correct customer’s information? Only children would believe that kind of story.

That bitch really sure lucky that the counter number didn’t pick me yesterday. Otherwise she won’t get away from the rage complains I plan to blast at her face and call the manager for big explanation. How dare she play games with me and unable to difference between which is the real card in the first place.

I’m not going to risk mentioning the name here. These cunts already trouble me for more than three weeks. Do note that apparently that bitch is well known making mistake and fuck up numerous times on customers services from what my friends had told me. If that bitch fucks you up, then you know who she is. IN SERIA FUCKING HSBC BRANCH!!!

HSBC Brunei – The Best Customers Fuck Up Bank

Indeed it was. I can’t believe this local HSBC staffs who process my new replacement credit card are bunch of cunts. No communications with their own staffs and even read English at all. These people totally make my days like deep shit past few weeks and now making big fake promise telling me to pick up the card today that was reported missing and already cancel.

Although the primary plan was supposed to deliver to the Seria branch so I can pick up during the first week. It just I don’t know which smart ass fucker working in HSBC makes decision changing to deliver by courier services. Not only the stupid and dumb courier services fail to deliver, they even fail to call me if even ever sending over as well. This useless courier just delivers back to Jerudong HSBC branch like nothing happen. If I know who they are, I will definitely call and fucked them even post the name of the dumb company here. Fucking useless people!

This is not only the reason I am crazy mad about this, the HSBC even fail follow up my case when I already reported not receiving any credit card during the first week. I forget which lady name but she did verify my home address again and told me to be delivered by courier on the second week. Nothing happen.

Since there isn’t any single news, I have to make the call to HSBC call center to check myself again and suddenly telling me the courier might have deliver missing so they advise to cancel the card and told me to go back there to pick up the new replacement promise by today. YET AGAIN NONE! They fail to deliver the promise and telling me to wait again and again until next Tuesday. What’s more, grantee to arrive.

All this bullshit was supposed to be just more than one week only and sudden coming one month mess. I don’t know if this is because I am nobody, not rich enough and less money in the bank to get fewer customers attention. These HSBC cunts seriously fuck up my day leaving pile of dump load of shit that I have to be the one follow up cleaning up their ass job all by myself.

Again, again, again all mighty thanks to the bunch of stupid HSBC cunts (who process my credit card):

  • Making fuck up decision
  • Fake promising and lies
  • Wonderful pointless visit to Seria branch
  • I do their follow up fuck up shit jobs
  • Trusting too much on the useless courier service who doesn’t know how to use a phone call

FUCK YOU HSBC BRUNEI customer’s services! Thank you for wasting my entire weeks waiting!

Next Gunpla Project: Blue Destiny Unit 1 Repair and Gundam O HWS Reboot

It is still unconfirmed project at the moment. I only manage to work out the sample build at the moment and found out later needing another GM parts to complete my imagine repair design. I thinking about doing some mod on the torso, so far the first idea was fix figuration version. But after looking for better option, the GM Sniper Custom does looks better. I’m not sure how good my hand works on this. I will give it a try once I get more tweak on this build.

As for Gundam O HWS, it is a reboot project from last year. I was supposed to work on this and put it on the first EA Con Gunpla competition. Due to me unable to meet the date and time figuring out how to design into heavy weapon system, I later abandon this idea. Right now, I am unsure the direction I plan on going. The first thing is buy the Gunpla Love! book and hopefully able to find out more ideas.

BPG Custom Model Kit Competition 2012

Sorry! Open to Brunei Residents Only!


  • Use of HG or HGUC (1/144 Scale) of model kit only.
  • "A Must" in Custom Build or Kit bashing.
  • "A Must" in Paint Build.


  • 1 Unit of MG 1/100 Scale of your choice at Chong Hock Toynation
    (Below BND$100 Sponsor by Kevin Goh)

- April'2012 until End of July'2012
*INBOX ME (Kevin Goh) for registration & Inquiry. Thanks

God Create Us, Not From Our Parents

Anyone wonder how the parents will react about this if their children said this in front of them. I honestly will definitely feel sad if my own child say that to me. It seems like working in big organization does giving me opportunity encounter plenty of funny, hateful or weird peoples. It just oh my god, what have you done to people minds? Seriously, what did people actually read in the religious bibles? God create us, so what are your father and mother then? The father is just a spectator watching the God fucks your mother as a vessel to create you? How silly is that?

Shit man, what’s wrong with people nowadays. Where is the common sense? I usually hear this statement coming from the mouth of western faith religious or documentary. But coming from the mouth of friends at local Chinese and Malay was so new to me today especially in Brunei. No point of arguing anymore because this will never end and continue to let them be what they believe. It’s my mistake joined in the conversation no matter how much I find unacceptable what they believe is nonsense.

The Hero of Government Job Scammer Reveal

TOP_A1_Job scam culprit identified, manhunt launched

How could they fall into the trap believing scammer, Lakim bin Hj Md Noor, says you need to pay (around B$150-300) to secure your jobs at the BSB Municipal Department? There isn’t such thing of paying before getting employed. Where are the common sense people? Not only that, almost everyone keeping quiet about this and bother raise any question if this is real at all. Even some went so far hiding behind the cousins and relatives for gosh sake.

This show how selfish the locals can do whatever it takes to grab the Government jobs and this is the result for being getting back fire. If my Malay friend had told me earlier how she secures that job from the beginning, I might have saved her from the scam without so rush quitting her positions.

We really need smart people to write down new question at next LegCo meetings whether Brunei the citizens information’s are even safe today keeping in the Governments buildings. No one knows how much have been leaks ever since when our security are fucking damn soft. If this simple non-military train scammer can gain access to the Government databank without single suspicious. So how much our country information has been stolen by the enemy expert spies?

Practicing Driving Speed Limit

IT WAS HARD!!!! Meh~! I really hate to say driving speed limit SUCK! Even though I am fine driving short distance to Seria during work hours, but geeezzz! Imagine driving to capital with the speed of 130-160KM+ already needs one hour. If driving at the speed of 80KM or 100KM, I might die in the accident falling asleep.

A lots of us going to feel very fuck by this law, you already get use to driving fast so many years and suddenly you need to obey spend limit do drive us crazy at some point. I know the Governments doing favor to everyone on road safety. If they introduced this new law earlier, I might just get KIA Cerato model with cruise control feature. Using Sportage needs more time to train my patience and controlling the speed in my gas pedal.