Keeping Aging Car Off Brunei Road?

This is worrying for me. As much I don’t really like comments or bother reading about LegCo meeting and conversations for the past weeks. Pehin Goh who brought this topic up really pissed me off. While I do agree some part about problem with aging cars, I don’t see how the aging cars is only to blame on affecting the traffic congestion’s, air pollution and high petrol spending.

What surprise me is Pehin Goh talks about fuel consumptions. He own a car companies and should already realize any cars that have higher CC engine consume more fuels and that's why we spend even more lah! ALAMAK!!!

It also pointless to argue about environment friendly. Why? Even new diesel cars, continue to produce black smoke in a long run after two or three years and sorry, this is true. No matter it's a gas saver, if people are stingy about spending money maintaining or servicing the cars. Same thing continue happen above. Advise? Well, I dump STP gas cleaning fluid into the gas tank before fueling every month and actually kept out smoke coming from my aging car. I have been using for two years so car still alive if you wonder.

The transportation in Brunei are truly limited access when it comes to locations. Improving require time and real experts to study implementing correct transportation needs. If a dumbass can build an Ugama school near residents housing area and going to cause traffic congestion soon. How do you expect locals and foreigners taking bus to work every day?

Now traffic congestion, how the fuck aging car is only to blame? Traffic congestion can be anything, new or old cars break down and technical failure all the time. Car accidents, terrible road conditions, slow heavy vehicles, shits fall from the transport truck, slow police respond to else the traffic or accident and so on.

I owned a 23-24 years old Toyota Corolla wagon and this car have encountered a lot of technical failures. But the spare parts cost are cheaper, easy to maintain without worrying much and the cost of the fuel consumption never that high as it claim by him. Thanks to it, I was able to save a lot money on gas during the financial income problem and gives me more time finding better job back then.

If this kind of law implement before they even fix the transportation issue. I can survive because I have one less responsible. How about those earning low pay job who unable to get a new car? What even worst for those of us who can't even own a house?

A Plan into Different Job

when you having a hard time finding a new job, there are four choices to choose from. One, continue to stay in unhappy (or low pay) company. Second, just quit. Third, take latest courses upgrading yourself and try again. Lastly, choose and try a different job that not in your current expertise

Second is definitely not in my choice, unless I am rich. Too bad, I never will. However, the first and third are continued to be the best selection no matter how bad you going to face tomorrow. Yes, I will be attending the Tech One Global training for Microsoft Window Server 2012 course next month. The price does indeed quite expensive for each subjects. This is for the best, luckily with my friend help. I was able to get a bit lower rate for it.

While I continue to wait for confirmation on the correct training date. The last choice has already becomes my next planning stage for next year. It is very tough choice to make after working as a IT Support Technician for so many years. Sudden switching to a new different job does hurt my career and time, even affecting the salary rate.

I'm not going for accounting, when it comes to calculating. I am terrible suck at it. Admin job, I am okay because I work on from time to time. To my surprise, someone did offer me a maintenance coordinator position and waiting for my confirmation. At the same time, it offers me continue to work as IT Support Technician and admin helper. Technically speaking, it's a multitasking career.

Of course I am expecting a raise on the salary part and willing to take on this challenge. But I want to expect something more in life experience, maybe heading out working in another countries and hoping for no annoying Saturday work! Yeah, continue in my dream.

Lego Galaxy Squad 70700, 70704 and 70705

Damn how I love Lego announcing new space theme and releasing to Asia market this year. It sure took quite a while seeing the local shop bringing Galaxy Squad in. I manage to grab two large set and a small one before someone took everything away. Well the Space Swarmer (70700) were definitely first gone.

Only the Swarm Interceptor (70701) and Warp Stringer (70702) which I decided to hold until next month. Surprisingly, if I didn't go to check out the Youtube review on the Lego Galaxy Squad. The Star Slicer (70703) never seen, even the Lego US official website haven't listed out in the product page yet. I really love that armor car so I hope we can see releasing in Brunei and TRU, hopefully.

Space Swarmer (70700)

Sold for B$19.90 and the first to be built.

Vermin Vaporizer (70704)

Sold for B$99.90

Bug Obliterator (70705)

Sold for B$129.90

GNX Lost Its Thigh!

This is what I hate the most when I nearly begin working on the spray painting for completion. Instead, I just (surprising) found out the whole GNX thigh went missing! Not sure where the heck did it fall into and searching around without any single trace. Gosh! Now I'm need to start a new project this week again.

Even though there are other backlogs Gunpla I can start with. The work ideas never kicks in especially for scale 1/100. This is why I never recklessly owning MG (Master Grade) kits nowadays. Yes, the new release MG are improving and I do wanted to get them. But I will hold off next two or three years until I clear off the remaining Gunpla. For limited version, maybe I will change my mind.

Anyway, I am now doing some Gunpla and book clearing in FB. Check out the group if you are interested! BTW, in Brunei only.

Time for Upgrading My IT Career

After getting my bonus last year, I have been looking hard for new IT job and continue with no available until today. I keep asking myself, is it because without any certifications background they don't even bother to sightly look no matter you have experience? Feeling quite true and to be honest, without any CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network + and Microsoft certifications support. There aren't much can help to strengthen my CV to grab job in Brunei.

While there are people continue to say if you got longer job experience, you get higher chance landing new job anytime. Sadly, this is old thinking and not the right way planing for your career. I know it myself as everyone can feel Brunei is slowly changing and education are upgrading every year. This is why I am planning to attend training and taking examinations for self upgrade no longer a matter how much it cost.

So far the planning for the training will start with Microsoft Window Server 2012. I am still in discussion with my friend to help me get better price rate for the course next month if succeed. Not much confidence in studies, but you just got to have. After the Microsoft training completion, I will start going for CompTIA A+ & Network +.

Toys Collections Hiatus? Nope! But Slow...

Indeed I am now very slow on collecting toys nowadays. This year, my financial weren't looking that good either so I need to plan well and making sure there are some savings left around. However, I am not the only person in this world currently facing of such issue in life.

I don't want to say until now I haven't bought any toys because right now the Japanese Yen is improving lately. So using Hobby Link Japan private warehouse features, I can slowly take advantage focusing putting my the orders together and shipped out every two months to save more on shipping which is a very good idea. If there were discount and can be brought direct from the local shops, I will purchase if the price are better compared to online shops.

For sure there will be a lot of missing favorite toys in my shelf by now. For so many months of monitoring and watching the stocks availability. I was quite surprised most of them continue to stay in stock despite many are popular among the collectors. Of course, time is the enemy. Once it run out, price jack up too in eBay. It doesn't matter to me anymore, as long it is not 100% my favorite. I am fine seeing to let go. It just a way controlling my habit and rampage spending on every toys I like.