Angry Rant on P-Bandai Gunpla Wish List

Happy New Year and FUCK P-Bandai, they just can’t stop releasing exclusive and limited stuffs. Not to mention it’s getting ridiculous rolling out more than ever and some doesn’t make sense like selling different colors. The most unimaginable so far are seeing previous limited kits getting reissue. There are good and bad. The good is always having another chance to buy in case you missed previously. The bad, I personally find the release date bad timing and crash with the newly announce kits. Putting me in a tough position either spend more or skip for next month.

HGUC Efreet Kai (Blue Destiny)

I already had a bad feeling when they released Efreet Kai as RE 1/100 category and then seeing the pinky Efreet Nacht as limited released. Now the pinky Efreet Nacht get HGUC retail treatment and the Kai get slap with limited released. This is just so fuck up by P-Bandai. Beware, Efreet Schneid was already showcase at Gundam Tokyo Base, the question remain if might be next P-Bandai.



We hardly had much EWAC design release so far. It’s good to know EWAC Zack no longer alone but seeing EWAC Jegan landed as limited release really does piss me off. The price itself even cost more than Proto Stark Jegan. I do hope we get good value unused parts, other than getting extra weapons.

HGBF Weiß Sinanju


There’s nothing special about Weiß Sinanju other than only two new melee weapon and with different shield. I don’t see any new armor mod or whatsoever. All the original equipment's are included since it sell nearly 4,000 YEN in retail. My question will always be WHY THE FUCK NO STEIN for HGUC!?!?!



GN-X IV announcement indeed was a good news when Bandai didn’t fucking bother to release retail after the last Gundam OO movie and now they decided to juice more money by listing as HGBF limited. 3,000 YEN is way too much when the old GN-X/X III only sold for 1,200 YEN. Even the Striker GN-X is better in my opinion for 1,700 YEN.

HGUC RGM-89 Jegan (Birnam Corps)


The Birnam Corps Jegan is a must have in the wish list. The new head with scope part and its unique weapon design really caught my attention. Problem here is all sold out and the availability are none so far from my sources. Hopfeully there will be another reissue. I am definitely going to hunt for three boxes at least because it got extra visor part inside.

HGUC Atlas Gundam – Thunderbolt Bandit Flower

As much I love Gundam Thunderbolt series. I can only see one new railgun design weapon and the rest same stuffs you from retail version. This is way too expensive for one new weapon. Are there water decal or new parts bundle inside we do not know? SKIP!

MG Gundam Hazel TR-01


Seriously, this is fucking original Hazel from Advance of Zeta in MG scale! Unimaginable that Bandai would release AOZ theme after so many years and I give them a rant pass on this. What interest me was the mod indicates that we might see Advance Hazel in the future. Oh I am sure the 3rd party may be working the parts right now.