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At Last! Pale Rider Is Coming

In case you missed that. Yup you read that right. Bandai announces the releasing Pale Rider Heavy ground equipment in April 2015 this year. I am so happy about the news except very sad knowing that only available exclusively from P-Bandai shop. At least much better have to get it from only video game limited edition. I will go for two orders for now and another three more next month. Maybe extra if March still available at the online store, otherwise just patience wait for the release space equipment which is going to happen this year. Good news also, the White Dingo team exclusive versions are getting third re-released again in April too! Damn, I am thinking.

Unbelievable New Monthly Rates is Bullshit

Telbru says they made 40% cheaper rate for all. You know what? I call that bullshit. I don’t see how much cheaper it going to cost us rather I find hard to believe they would even go as far after businesses putting together with home into same boat with quota limit. The fuck with home plans starting price BND199.00 for unlimited quota is entirely absurd. Their intention is so clear targeting the heavy usage customers and just wants more money. This is not about cost saving from the start but to control usage. The disappointment looking at my 3.5Mbps plan only have 150GB quota limit is sad. I don’t even see these numbers are enough to last two weeks running Youtube streaming, normal downloads, sync data and Steam games for me. If I include torrent, it guarantees less than a week. This is really headache for me right now as well when I am working as IT Technician who need to lookout for downloads for the latest software (especially Microsoft) and virus definition updates (weekly). My us…

Happy Bad Start 2015!

Yeah, it is to me. Life is always the 1st of everything. So for the bad start for this month, I sent my 24+ year old Toyota Corolla Wagon vehicle for full checkup since the Chinese New Year is coming next month. The inspection on the faulty parts (last year engine) was quite bad on the front. The steering bush almost broken and the effect wear out the tires side rubber. The repair costs repairing and replacing parts are definitely going to be killing half my salary. Luckily, the mechanic boss told me the existing absorbers are good in condition after they done more testing. Still, the rest will continue to be fixing and replace even if there are extra faulty parts found. Not like I had a lot of money in hand or at bank. My way of keeping the old car in good working condition mustn’t just fixing one by one concept mind just to cut costs. Replacing all the necessary faulty parts in one goal always recommended no matter if there even just minor problem to me. This practice actually helps…