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New Year Coming! But Bloody Week!

Hey Hoo! End of 2006 is coming very fast next week! I just can't imagine time flow so fast and I was blind by it, totally! :shock: It was quite hard and challenging this year. Bad things happen quite a lot for me and I can't imagine how terrible it was back then. Anyway, I was able to overcome from it and kept walking forward. Thanks to my anime and games removed my heavy stress. :roll: hehehe...can't believe it? Of course, I used also other healthy methods too. Simple! Chinese tea. :lol: Actually it does really help me lot when I was in a bad situations and facing some stupid fucking days I encounter previously. I know Brunei wasn't a hard place to live in! But the people here, I starting to find that they are getting badass and become irresponsibles nowadays. The most worst was just yesterday, I encounter one Malay lady hit my car when she open the door from the vehicle. She know I was in the vehicle and acted nothing happen! :mad: My car paint were totally badly off …