Hatsune Miku the Vocaloid

Who exactly is Hatsune Miku? Why she is so popular? Every single figures, toys, poster, fan arts and cosplay growing like no tomorrow. I have no idea who she really was until i start listening to some of the strange robotic like music in some of the bloggers and Youtube site and there was where I learned about her. She is surely the most perfect vocaloid character I have ever seen.

It was really interesting after seeing continuously popularity in Japan. She even slowly walks into the western markets with more than nine albums I believe. Not to mention, people (not just Otaku) really loves her. One more unbelievable singing voice about her are generate from the computer! Impressive isn’t it and which is why they call it vocaloid (official site for more information).

There was a YouTube video interview the producers and the information about beginning making of Hatsune Miku becomes so popular by Asahicom. You guys should watch the video below as it has a subtitles. I also includes the best Hatsune Miku songs for you guys to listen and gives you an idea why she able successfully enter to Oricon Japan music chart.

The Best Recommendation Online Toy Merchants

One reader drops me a message last week asking me for opinions about which online store is the most recommendation to shop with. It’s quite a tricky question and it’s hard for answering. It took me a few days to come up with better answer. Not really a good one but hopefully not confusing for you all.

HW Japan was my current favorite of choice when it’s come to Gundam pre-ordering and hunting for bargain price at their online stores. Tons of things I can’t really describe about this merchant. They might not have much stuff you may find in their store. You just can’t go wrong with their discount price starting 6-20% (50% for offer price). If you could spare your time, read the latest updated review I wrote here for more information.

The second favor merchant is Hobby Link Japan (HLJ). They got bunch of stuffs selling over there and also the sales sections are always update twice or so a month so you can’t really missed it. Yes, they don’t have any point systems and I never received any single discount coupons from them for three years. However, their customer’s service is pretty great. I remember when one of the Revoltech toys they shipped to me has a missing stand. They will immediately send out one without any charges on the shipping and even question me about it. Nice isn’t it? If you are plastic kits modeler, HLJ is the only place you can find tons of the stuffs you need especially when you are looking for HiQ Parts.

Hobby Search (1999?) is not a bad place to get your stuffs. But I only target this place looking for bargain stuffs and sometimes the monthly magazines that cannot be found the other two stores only. This store got pretty a lot of stuffs. It just that I dislike their ordering system and shipping rules as it wasn’t that friendly as the two above. Also the point you received from the items you purchase, it must be used within one year (read their FAQ).

There are many recommendation online toy stores in my current list. It just depending on what I am planning to pre-order or buy especially when it comes for limited release items. I know shipping from Japan is always expensive because Brunei does not have SAL or standard shipping option. But paying a bit more on EMS shipping is worth, cheaper (than FedEX/UPS/DHL) and guarantee safer as you can track your items easily online. Of course, every one of us always hopes for free shipping. It just that the risk of getting missing is higher and damn I ever experience that moment two years back. I hope not for my manga books next month.

Last June Online Order 2009

This is why having a credit card is bad and lost control of myself consume by the dark evil. After the free US$5.00 coupon landed on my mail the other days, I can’t hold myself with thousand strengths ‘NO!’ ordering Mobile Suit Gundam Ecole du Ciel (volume 1 to 5) at YesAsia.com that kept in the shopping cart for too long before someone else stole it.

You can’t let that happen, right? And so, since my other pre-order item have no news yet before coming end of June. I probably just go ahead with it first because those books are scatter around the world and it requires at least three to four weeks being delivery to me according to my invoice. Yikes!

Another worst thing yet happens today. I just made another orders from iShop2Go.com after I saw Gundam Astray Red Frame (Clear version) offer by half price in the promotion lists. As far I remember, they did offer it in the weekly promotion in the past, but not in half price. I think this is a great deal getting 50% off from them.

To keep my shipping cost lower, I decided to add my third copy for Dengeki Hobby February with GN Sefer to accompany with it as I have a project in mind building modification on Gundam O with its GN Sefer equipment for Form 3. As for Gundam Astray Red Frame, this is limited clear version release item from Bandai. It’s really hard to find it in other Japanese store and also weird that this can only be found in Hong Kong merchant (in korea too) even if it’s an old product five years ago. If you want to know how this clear version looks like, check the photos at Dalong review (in Korean).

Christian Bale Plays Metal Gear Solid?

This is surprising news coming from Kotaku today. The detail is short over at MTV interview so no one knows if he going to be Snake or may involved in other characters in the MGS movie. I hope it wasn’t because he suck in Terminator Salvation as John Connor character. Not sure if you guys notice his acting, he simply looks too cool even when he is sad from start until end just like he did on Dark Knight. Which is why I believe the movie doesn’t get a good rating.

It’s still early to say, for the time being, just finger cross for Christian Bale. Ah! Da! La! Da! La!

It’s Not Like You Think is True

Damn my life all this year. Can’t really seem to find a good job to keep me company and make my life better. I don’t usually write ranting post or jealousy about others able to work at Shell or LNG something. But it just happens when my friend came over brought this discussion and sudden remembering back which I am pissed at it.

When people found good job with a nice pay out, most of them started talking nonsense especially when they are travelling or taking courses in other countries. One of my friends who work at well-known offshore company mentions some kind silly statement that we all Bruneian are so lucky compare to other country. If you understand your own country system today, one day you definitely find the answer is not entirely true.

I never agree when people make that kind of statement because he never realizes that was offensive (for me) things to say. When I started asking him a question if he knows what is the different between “Advance Economics” and “Non-Advance Economics” are about. He had no idea what I am trying to asked him. The answer is simple. HE IS FUCKING STUPID   who already living with a good comfortable life.

If you see other countries experience high taxes, poverty, high crimes rate, huge unemployment and others sort of shit everyday that is because they had already advance their economics that becoming a lot of problem and starting out of control.

Just think about it why Brunei stays as non-Advance Economics country and decided to improve steps by steps to ensure the stability of the country? This is to prevent poverty and increasing poor people occur in the country. Well, even if we don’t have heavy tax systems. Do you think no one or companies are going to abuse it? Think again, no tax, low salaries which are why locals prefer landing themselves in government jobs and hoping for Shell Oil and Gas industries. Not to mention I didn’t even had a “Tap” paid for four years. HA! I even providing transportation for delivery, parking tickets and my phone credit for the company for FREE! Not a single pay back from them! You called that lucky?

However, life in Brunei is not a perfect or considers lucky country no matter how you look at it. Quitting my job is anytime. But my mom depends on me and you need money to survive next days. There is always half lucky and unlucky person born in this world. Don’t simply make that kind of statement and convince that everyone born from wealthy family. You know it’s not like you think is true.

Flash Back at Shopping.com.bn

It been a while I haven’t look at the local online for more than one year when last introduced Shopping.com.bn on my blog on April last year. Nope, I haven’t made any order from them yet until now, so no review entry. But continue on findings the errors or flaw were part of my habits and for a person who had nothing to do sitting in front on the PC.

Looking at the past entry I wrote, it was a bit terrible when Shopping.com.bn first launched its online store. The electronic warranties are not impressive and I found the cameras they selling only provide two weeks warranty. The funnier even it requires us to pay extra for getting one year warranty. That was worst impression for me turning away as a customer and I’m sure the rival was laughing hard when they see it.

According to the source I received, QQeStore and Shopping.com.bn are not related. I’m sure that many locals may mistake thinking they are, too bad it’s not true. But it’s good for us, more price competition between them.

The question here is, did they learn the mistakes commit in the past? Yes, and this time much clever and better. I do not want to point out which parts, but I am glad the warranty for the camera is back with one year cover instead of two weeks. Other I do not find much change over the year especially their website.

I want to hear and learn more from the local’s opinions about their customer services rating because this year is still not a green light to go for a new digital camera yet. If I am rich, maybe it’s different story. I’m not intending to go back to QQeStore anymore so I like to know from experience buyer at Shopping.com.bn for opinions.

First Look – YesAsia.com

Looking for another online store on free shipping policy to Brunei? Yup, there’s another one!It is a well known merchant from around the world, YesAsia.com (Global). I didn’t really discover it, only after when I was finding some manga books online. This is truly shocking because as far I remember few years ago, there was no such policy happen before. But I’m glad this might be my next target shopping area for hunting Chinese or English languages stuffs.

The condition of getting free shipping is you have to place an order for over US$39.00 in items that are mark as eligible for free shipping. Please remember to check the marking on the items first before you check out.

Not a bad condition, however, let me warned you first. This is not a dream place for hunting Japanese toys. Many of the items there are ridiculous expensive because they sell it in US dollar, so don’t put too much hope on it. Also, if you intend to buy music, movie or anime, please don’t over buying it because you have to pay 5%-20% taxes through the local custom. If you are asking me for opinion, all I know the manga books is the only affordable item in my list so far. Say no more, check out the website yourself and decide.

About YesAsia.com

“Established in 1998, YesAsia.com has since emerged as the leading Internet source for Asian entertainment products. With quality service, a user-friendly interface, culture-specific content, fresh new releases, and a comprehensive selection of products, YesAsia.com has become a favorite of customers worldwide.”

Update: A US$5.00 off YesAsia.com coupon just landed in my mail box when I was writing this post. Kekeke…getting manga book next month!

Sunday is BORING AGAIN!!!

As usual, after watching a few anime, my eyes feel so tired and I fell asleep for at least four hours before I wake up and played Playstation 2 game to keep me awake. This sleepy habit is really hard to change. I think another reason is also something hurt on my neck there and it’s painful when I tried to look on top. Right now it’s still hurt, damn.

Nothing much lately, but I only done some update on the links and still writing on some post which is not yet ready to publish. However, there is good news for me two days ago. Kingston Technology Company has informed me that I will be receiving an appreciation gift for supporting Kingston products. I really didn’t expect such surprise coming from them, but I really have to thank them for it. Of course you can be too if you want to win some prizes from them, check out Kingston Blog for more information and join their members earn KB points to claim prizes. It’s a fun place to learned, shared and also troubleshooting your Kingston products. Check it out and the membership is free!

Crazy Neon Genesis Evangelion Special Items

This year is totally outrageous when it comes to getting special items. With the returning new Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.0 movie, there will be at least (or more, maybe) eight limited miniature and toys collections from different magazines. I have to say, this is one of the most advertised and offer most limited collections compare to other anime today. Newtype, Young Ace (new magazine from Kadokawa) and Hobby Japan are listed in the flyers (picture from Ngee Khiong). The rest are from The Final Messenger Strategy Books. I wonder how many more to come?

I already pre-order the Newtype August issue with Mari Illustrious Makinami (Eva-05 unit pilot) together with Revoltech Choginga Gurren Lagann at Hobby Search this time. I also can’t wait to pre-order the next Hobby Japan September issue with Limited Eva Provisional Unit-05 "Resin Kit Ver." coming end of June. This limited collection is hard to get easily if you don’t pre-order it.

Oh my, I am shooting myself again yet again.

Shewsbury Figma Fan Club & Contest

Local Otaku fans rejoice yet again, Shewsbury Land (David) blogger is putting another contest for the newly launched Figma Fan Club and Shewsbury Land Summer Party 2009. This time the contest are simple as you only need to sit in front of your PC/laptop to answer some questions given by David.

“Don't worry, this time it's very easy, you don't have to do anything difficult, no photos, no travelling or walking or running, you just need to sit in front of your laptop and browse the previous post of Shewsbury Land to get the answer, as simple as that.... and I can assure you it's very easy....

You also need some luck though as the last part of it really is all about wild guess - pure luck... only me know the answer...”

So? What are you waiting for? Check out the terms and conditions including the question over here.


For Figma Fan Club, congratulate on the opening today. Any of us do believe there might be others already running Figma clubs around the world. But I am happy with someone willing to put their efforts starting it. Although I have a few voices about the fan club, one of them is why he wants to use Blogspot to run the site? I don’t really think using the blog services is a good idea at all and I would prefer forum based would be great to manage the fan club. Anyway, just my opinion, visit the blog for more information about the fan club. Forum is open!

1/1 Scale Gundam RX-78-2

Damn, look at the size! The teams are now testing the articulation on the head and probably the arms too. But so far it only reveals the head turning. Let’s hope there are other special surprise for Gundam fans when the public viewing opening on 11th July, next month. Of course, those who are living in Japan can now watch the testing at Shiokaze Park at Tokyo. Man, I really wish I am there to watch it!

Starboykb World Marks 4th Year Blogging

I am really happy to celebrate myself breaking four years on blogging. It’s hard to say right now for me how long I am going to continue posting since I am still single and not sure how it will change my life after. But I decided to keep it going until my last moment.

Expect nothing much going celebrate this year. Next year, I might do something more different for my blog and maybe I might include giving away some contest prize to the local bloggers. I have been planning to do this for a long time. But I feel that it’s not a right time at the moment. this is current plans for now and every one of you need to wait for another twelve more months until next anniversary. Check back next year. kekeke…

I also replace my blog layout into more looking design. It took me a while to find the best free code error for Blogspot these days. Although, this layout are much more like for running SEO or something. I think it’s going to be fine for simple blogging only. it took me two days to finished inserting the codes and test run for couple time. Google Chrome (Beta) should work without any issue, but if you experience any missing image link, please update your Chrome to latest version. Let me know, if you find any other errors or missing link.

Also, if any of you wanted to exchange link with me. Feel free to drop me a line, your name and addresses so that I can update it within 24 hours. No porn or pirating stuffs, please. Used the direct contact link above.

Please be warned that, if I found out you didn’t link me or you did not update your blogs or website for more than six month. I don’t care if you are serious or non-serious blogger. I will just remove it without giving any notice. I am sensitive keeping my blogs update every time.

Alright, I’m going to dine with my family now because today it’s my Birthday too.

Dalong.Net Gunpla Gallery

Dalong’s is the only Gundam website I visit the most every week. Whenever I want to buy a Gunpla or maybe other plastic models from online store, I will definitely drop by first to survey before I put my money. If you are new to Gundam, Super Robot Wars, and Armored core or wanted to find out which Gunpla you intend to buy in terms of quality. Dalong’s is the good place to start with. It’s really hard to find another such website reviewing many Gundam and other plastic kits models. I think he might have over 700+ kits in his home today. Damn, crazy isn’t? Well, he did mention many of the plastic kits are sponsors by his local shops and I also believe from advertisements he made all over the years. But gosh! I am soooo jealous!!! Check out his website for more gallery.

Shakugan No Shana Second

Sometimes, when you chase the latest anime too fast, you are going to abandon some of them or even forget it after a few months or a year. I can’t believe I have so many pending anime title put on the side after I done doing inspections and arranging on the years I copy (burn). Shakugan no Shana Second is quite popular last, but I had no idea why I did not watch the second when it releases. Anyway, while there wasn’t many weekly release recently. I decided to watch the second to kill some of my time.

Also, tomorrow will be updating my new layout for 4th year’s blogging. Going to be dead busy!

Malaysian Cop Beat Student

I just read the story from the Malaysia news, The Star today. I didn’t really expect this case to be so serious and now broadcasting to the whole world about the incident. This Youtube video below show the open public and so I decided to post it here. I’m not doing this just the reason for supporting my own Chinese race because everyone of us need to know the truth and hope there are no repeat cases like this in Brunei.

HLJ Anniversary 2nd Sales Hoot Arrived

Oh right finally arrived! I just went to the post office to grab mine after received missed call from post office. Last week order from the 2nd sales is HG 1/144 Rudolfs Gouf Ignited, HG 1/144 Alecs Kerberos BuCue, HG1/100 Tieren Ground Type and HGUC 1/144 Geara Doga Rezin Custom.
IMG_3253 (800x600)
Luckily I did not have a second thought of not buying Tieren. I can’t believe the quality of the plastic is so good for high grade (HG) and it doesn’t really looks needed to paint for the body. Gosh, I might reconsider grabbing one more if there is more sales! Man, I can’t stop destroying my pocket!!!

Another Boring Sunday

Argg! It was suppose to be a Gundam day for me. Without spray paint in stock, I can only watch anime and movies. After few hours in the afternoon, I went straight for a nap. I don’t know why I was so tired every Sunday afternoon. This time is a bit different and trying to pass my time for remembers something I really hate the most pissing off not getting my salary this week. This really started anger towards current company for such a jack ass delaying it. When Danny Choo wrote a Japan Job Benefit article, these make me more angrier   thinking at my current job. I have read many commenters’ and it seems like they does enjoy with the benefit given by the companies even if the work is hard. For me, everything is just a turn around and I paying for them. Damn, this day job is hard to search.

Anyway, my HLJ 2nd Sales hoot is arrived in the post. Probably tomorrow I will be able to get it. I also can’t wait for my HW Japan to arrived too because the remaining pre-order is Drossel. It will ship together with Gundam OO Designer Color Version and Gundam O. And ouch! This month is hell for me!

Also, I done some changes again in my blog layout and add some banner on it. Yeah, I know is annoying to many of you reader. I am looking for new layout to mark my 4th year’s blogging. I have not decided yet unless the new design is good. One last thing, no contest for my blogging anniversary, maybe I will think about it next year.

E3 Show down 2009

WOOT! It looks like my effort of spending on my new PC is not wasted. After looking at E3 this year, I can’t believe some of the popular games are coming to the PC, except Final Fantasy XIII which I wanted to play the most as it only available on PS3 platform. Too bad isn’t it? Not much a problem for me because the most exciting announcement from Hideo Kojima is that the newest title for Metal Gear Solid Rising is going to make it to PC else well! Yeah! No one really expecting such surprise is going to be happen and it’s going to be on my buy list.

The Remedy Entertainment also previews Alan Wake on E3 this year. After watching the game trailer and game play demo in Youtube. I am definitely going to get this game! It’s been a while not getting on any horror games for a long time and not to mention this is going to be a story based. If you wonder Alan Wake might disappoint on us. I believe it won’t because we are talking about Remedy Entertainment here. They make a lot of good games and story, so this is going to turn out great although it has been going for five years (I think) making.

And yes! Supreme Commander 2 is coming next year. HA! I knew it! RTS game is also my favorite taste recipes because I always like to camp in my base and until I prepare with massive advance units. I love doing like that even in Starcraft online back then and come up with different combinations on defenses. Man, I am so excited and can’t wait to get my hand on it.

But first thing first, I have to get a high-end graphic card!

Pre-Order Gundam Exia Ignition

Damn, finally I got hold of mine on Gundam Exia Ignition mode at HW Japan. It took me a while to decide which online store me preferring to put my money in. At first, I was planning to place my order at Hobby Search after I received the newsletter about the opening reservation. To my big surprise, it just closes less than 15 hours. I was like what the fuck is going on? I was mad like hell! There may be possible that the pre-order is over exceeding, because who doesn’t want when the first batch shipment is going to be ¥5000 rather than paying for the original ¥6500+, right?
After that incident, only left two more store. I check out HW Japan and also shock that they didn’t have any pre-order for ignition mode list except the normal version. I am an impatience ass hole so I quickly write and email to the sales for confirmation. While I was doing that, I quickly also place my pre-order at Hobby Link Japan for just in case because the response took (after) two days to arrived. I just couldn’t wait because the deadline is only a week, so it’s not wise to think too long. Take it or regret forever.
Luckily, the sales from HW Japan manage to inform and provide me the link for pre-order. Damn! YEAH! No more worried not able to pre-order it. It just the MG Gundam Exia decal is still not listed yet except the other online store already can be pre-order. Well, I’m not really on the hurry, so I can put it on the box until I stock up my paints or made any other purchase again. Okay, time to start making my other pre-order for Hobby Japan October issue. i can’t missed that too!

Storm Rider II Coming December

I didn’t really expecting that. I thought it was a LONG dead project and how many years has it been last film? Anyway, check out the trailer. Looks pretty good and those Hong Kong comic fan rejoice too.

Hobby Link Japan June Sales Started

I waited from morning 8.00am until now to find the MG Gundam Destiny simply just finished in second! What the fuck? I already owned one and hope for another extra for combination if the price is right. Man, it simply just too BAD!!! But i really missed the MG Strike IWSP one. You guys can check out the HLJ store section now. I have to say not many of them are quite impressive for collections. But I decided to purchase just Gundam kits because they offer most of them about half the price. You can’t go wrong with that!

Here’s the list I hoot this time in HLJ:

  • HG 1/144 Rudolfs Gouf Ignited
  • HG 1/144 Alecs Kerberos BuCue
  • HG1/100 Tieren Ground Type
  • HGUC 1/144 Geara Doga Rezin Custom.

Now, hopefully my pre-order will also soon arrive. This month is going to be expensive!