Flash Back at Shopping.com.bn

It been a while I haven’t look at the local online for more than one year when last introduced Shopping.com.bn on my blog on April last year. Nope, I haven’t made any order from them yet until now, so no review entry. But continue on findings the errors or flaw were part of my habits and for a person who had nothing to do sitting in front on the PC.

Looking at the past entry I wrote, it was a bit terrible when Shopping.com.bn first launched its online store. The electronic warranties are not impressive and I found the cameras they selling only provide two weeks warranty. The funnier even it requires us to pay extra for getting one year warranty. That was worst impression for me turning away as a customer and I’m sure the rival was laughing hard when they see it.

According to the source I received, QQeStore and Shopping.com.bn are not related. I’m sure that many locals may mistake thinking they are, too bad it’s not true. But it’s good for us, more price competition between them.

The question here is, did they learn the mistakes commit in the past? Yes, and this time much clever and better. I do not want to point out which parts, but I am glad the warranty for the camera is back with one year cover instead of two weeks. Other I do not find much change over the year especially their website.

I want to hear and learn more from the local’s opinions about their customer services rating because this year is still not a green light to go for a new digital camera yet. If I am rich, maybe it’s different story. I’m not intending to go back to QQeStore anymore so I like to know from experience buyer at Shopping.com.bn for opinions.


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