Dalong.Net Gunpla Gallery

Dalong’s is the only Gundam website I visit the most every week. Whenever I want to buy a Gunpla or maybe other plastic models from online store, I will definitely drop by first to survey before I put my money. If you are new to Gundam, Super Robot Wars, and Armored core or wanted to find out which Gunpla you intend to buy in terms of quality. Dalong’s is the good place to start with. It’s really hard to find another such website reviewing many Gundam and other plastic kits models. I think he might have over 700+ kits in his home today. Damn, crazy isn’t? Well, he did mention many of the plastic kits are sponsors by his local shops and I also believe from advertisements he made all over the years. But gosh! I am soooo jealous!!! Check out his website for more gallery.


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