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LJ-ZGMF-X09A - Justice Knight Gundam

Another Gundam Seed experiment kit bash and color test. Nothing much to explain here except I didn't expect the Justice Gundam kit has lack of movement in the hip.

Maketoys MT-04 Nemesis Pre-Order Announced!

The Maketoys has announced a special pre-order for another exclusive battle tanker series, MT-04 Nemesis, at their official website. Same as Hyper Novae, this is complete with the new core figure plus tanker trailer. The selling price for Nemesis is going to be US$139.90 and allow up to three pieces if you have the cash to spare. The ship out date will be next year on February 2015. Did I get it? Yes. My heart is telling me that this is too hard to pass compared to Hyper Novae last year. Yeah, I skip him. As far I remember the price was more than US139.90 which I entirely held back. Not Nemesis this time.

FansProject (FP-Core) - WB-002EX Deluxe Package Arrived!

Weeeee!! Seeing the arrival of both Core Trailer and Steel Core figure really brighten my day last week. Nope, I didn’t play around or even transform it. But instead unseal the box doing inspections (except Soleren Ruthen) to make sure I didn’t receive broken toys after reading someone actually did. I got to admit, Steel Core figure is really a great toy. The quality is incredible good and the joints are beautifully tight. No regret having him staying inside the box forever. As for the trailer, I take a great peek on the inner and outer design too. It is not disappointing, nothing much fancy stuffs we might expect as usual. Like many collectors said, it definitely completes the Steel Core vehicle mode which is true. BTW, there won’t be any exclusive review in my blog since everyone already done it.

Avoid Getting Yourself with Scam Trouble

It really sad to read the news the tourists continue getting scam at Sim Lim Square in Singapore until today. The recent Vietnamese and refund money using coins back to the customer’s cases really got into the nerves of the locals. The netizen decided take the matter against the scammer by revealing his full background identity using the power of the internet. Yes, they shame him. But this whole thing gone too far and becomes harassment case instead. There are similar cases in Brunei as well because the victims are so pissed off, they use internet to shame the persons by posting the photos circulating around. This result again can backfired to the victims because the bad guys can goes to the police to defend themselves using the law system to say they are innocents. There are no true justices in this world and the imaginary god has to step aside to watch like everyone else to see the outcome. Bruneian also loves flying over to Singapore getting a phone. I don’t really understand the …

Brunei Plamo Challenge 2014

To all local modelers who are not aware. The registration fee is BND25.00 at Mabohai 12th December. Not sure if I want to join but I am trying to clear off and focus finishing the 1/100 scale Seed VS Astray backlog. It’s hard for me to start at this moment. Anyway more information can be found at FB page.

The Unstoppable Gunpla Collections

It is indeed unstoppable and just can’t stop buying. The upcoming Gundam Build Fighters Try Gunpla really pierces my heart hitting the button pre-order both Gundam Ez-SR and Hyakushiki Custom. They both simply look terrible awesome! Of course I also include both the custom parts in the purchase and jumping for Powered GM Cardigan too. So far, only Lighting Gundam will be skipping in the pre-order list at the moment and deciding if I should add Lighting Back Weapon System part too. There isn’t any idea yet coming through my mind for transformable MS kit bash. At least one possible candidate in the existing stash, but requires more pictures review first for better insight. The MG Destiny Impulse R and Gundam Astray Noir announced to re-release again next year. I really tempting placing order for two of them since this is second chance to get. It's not easy to work on 1/100 scale when comes to fully painting. I tried not to buy anymore and avoid as much as I can. However, not easy t…