Avoid Getting Yourself with Scam Trouble

It really sad to read the news the tourists continue getting scam at Sim Lim Square in Singapore until today. The recent Vietnamese and refund money using coins back to the customer’s cases really got into the nerves of the locals. The netizen decided take the matter against the scammer by revealing his full background identity using the power of the internet. Yes, they shame him. But this whole thing gone too far and becomes harassment case instead.

There are similar cases in Brunei as well because the victims are so pissed off, they use internet to shame the persons by posting the photos circulating around. This result again can backfired to the victims because the bad guys can goes to the police to defend themselves using the law system to say they are innocents. There are no true justices in this world and the imaginary god has to step aside to watch like everyone else to see the outcome.

Bruneian also loves flying over to Singapore getting a phone. I don’t really understand the reason. If you say cheap, I personally do not see huge price different between Brunei and Singapore. Probably because of the iPhone hype the locals can’t wait to get their hands one. Well, convenience and easy warranty approach locally are easier to deal with in my policy.

Shopping in Sim Lim Square is all about doing research first and buys later. I went there three times and avoid bad shops starting from ground to second floors. Although there are genuine shops in those floors, I only choose to visit the recommended shops listed by the Singaporean. You don’t get to find much IT shops nowadays and most of them really are unknown to me. So I advise you guys to be careful and avoid asking price. Otherwise, you will become bait yourself.


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