Former Swimmer Becomes Singer

I was really wondering what happen to the girl back then after she wasn't able to participate in the Olympic 2008 and not seeing her in London this year. Although not many people really cares, but it just brought into my mind remembering of her. But good to know she is doing well today after the previous mess scatter the dream of becoming Olympic athlete.

Interestingly hearing her development, she is now a singer and recently released a new single two days ago called Hello World under the name, Eia, which you can purchase in iTunes store. She got her Facebook page setup also so you can check it out. I got to say the song and voice are pretty good.

WD My Passport External 1TB 2.5” HDD (Red Version)

Woo! Finally got my Western Digital 1TB external drive from KL! It sure took me a while buying one after the old one finally die out and not even one local shops able to sell the price for $125.00 so far. Well, now I don't have to worry without a HDD at work.

Although I don't really like this type of external drive due to unable to open up in case of failure or faulty. I usually buy those internal type and get separately for the HDD chassis because it's much more reliable and easily able to test either one of them for problem without worrying voiding the warranty of the HDD. So far, I had a bad experience with Seagate when I first got it in the PC fair. But my sister using the WD version also from the PC fair still last until today and counting. Well, better off getting WD which is my trusted brand!

First Timer Blood Donation

Yesterday was the donation day organize by my company department, my friends told me about it so we went there together. As a first timer, I am glad to be fit and pass the medical test. The only bad thing happen is my blood aren't filling the bag coming from my right hand. The reason because I am sitting rather laying down in a bed like. So they asked me if I wanted to tried the left hand, I agree to go on and better choose the bed like sitting. Luckily all goes well seeing my blood flowing through filling the bag so fast.

I always wanted to donate my blood, not just only giving out as a gift. From the medical research finding, your body are making fresh new bloods as well keeping yourself healthy. Of course there are people afraid of needles regardless how much they want to give out. For me, I am excited seeing it hitting through my vein. LOL!

Kid with Continuous Mistake Behavior

Everyone always learn from mistake no matter how bad we messed up. But it just that I have reach the tolerances guiding the freshman (again) how to work efficiently even not necessary to teach him how to use common sense every single time. He just continuously making different weird mistake everyday that officially pissed me off.

He had been with us for seven months, SEVEN MONTHS!, with each days at work I have to scold more than twice either forgetful, stupid surprise or even bother trying something new. Worst, he is like a robot asking the same question and require us for the next steps that was the same repeated problems over and over again. This is seriously pissing me off and most headache of my life handling freshman who learned nothing and giving non-stop mistake without realizing until today. How can that be possible?

People gives three chances or forgiveness. I give ten times of that with return results of disappointment. Fuck, I really wish to fired him on the spots no matter if he had any qualify certifications or not. He wasted his time here and shows no single thought improving his own simple mistake. I have reach my level holding off my heat blasting that kid and now no longer wanted to teach him anymore ever.

EA CON 2012 Gunpla Work Begin

At first I was so unsure if I might join or not while doing lots of planning looking for new jobs that probably might affect the EA CON participation in December. It’s hard to know for sure if I might even end up again with another one working on Saturday. Hopefully until then everything were fine and able to get my Gunpla submission. But for now, I just go ahead first working on ideas and think later.

To avoid spending unnecessary money on new Gunpla, I am going to build either one (or two) that previous purchase backlog stay in my collections for years. It’s quite challenging clearing up the old stocks and now has to get new ideas without going to spend extra money on new parts. Well, both of them are already half way built so let’s see if I could discover more using the left over scarp Gunpla.

GNX-704T/SG Ahead Shogun

Nothing much idea and effort puts into the Ahead Shogun. I decided to work on the rough idea how will Ahead Sakigake might end up looking like after the engineers went through their trouble working next new idea upgrade to meet Mr Bushido expectation and performed same level against Gundam.

Not So Good Month

LOL, I just can’t believe I went straight broke yesterday after paying credit card debts and now waiting for auto transfer payment for my car loan. Everything that I spend last month hits me really bad over $1k and barely has enough to spend now. Even though my bonus is coming out soon which I believe won’t be much as expected due to my performance has been bad since involving less messy work I hated recently.

The reason probably because I slowly pass down half of my work to the new guy and continue seeing his learning including performance. Sure, it did reducing the work load of mine so that I can focus more on other areas. But at the same time affecting my surrounding and motivations nowadays. I grow really tired working as standby and have to rush to site after working hours even during sometimes public holiday which really making me very unhappy from time to time.

I guess this is the sign for telling myself it's time for a fresh start for me and start looking something new. It just matter of time when I going to start submitting CV. Hopefully I can find a nice job without having too much worrying working during public holidays.