WD My Passport External 1TB 2.5” HDD (Red Version)

Woo! Finally got my Western Digital 1TB external drive from KL! It sure took me a while buying one after the old one finally die out and not even one local shops able to sell the price for $125.00 so far. Well, now I don't have to worry without a HDD at work.

Although I don't really like this type of external drive due to unable to open up in case of failure or faulty. I usually buy those internal type and get separately for the HDD chassis because it's much more reliable and easily able to test either one of them for problem without worrying voiding the warranty of the HDD. So far, I had a bad experience with Seagate when I first got it in the PC fair. But my sister using the WD version also from the PC fair still last until today and counting. Well, better off getting WD which is my trusted brand!


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