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Too Rich for New Generation of PRC

Even if you are not aware how rich China has become nowadays, the new generation of People of Republic China (PRC) majority have becoming so cocky over their family wealth. I'm not quite too sure if this show pulling this stunt intentionally to increase their viewers rating and popularity. But this teenager does fuck up their country image, as always do. No surprising and thanks to one child policy. This video will explain everything but speak Chinese language, sorry. I'm not good at translating but apparently this kid say he doesn't want to smash the watermelon using his head and somewhat because he is from wealthy family that could mess up his image. He then throws money into the table asking the host to do instead. LOL

What's Next for piracy in Brunei?

We maybe continue looking towards downloading TV and movies at online. But for me, local companies are actually more at risk compare to home users pirating in the internet. Every local business owners can be easily a target by piracy watch or someone wants to pokes them which already happen on year 2008. If you don't remember, read this article here. No one can estimate how many are still using pirated office or drawing programs running their business in Brunei today. My guess are around 90% using illegal programs and 10% probably just Window license. I know because I am an IT Technician. Leave out the operating system since almost new OEM system comes with license. However buying Microsoft office already cost half of the new desktop PC price and it does hurt the companies capital budgets no matter how large the organizations were. Of course we have to consider which versions we are talking about. Even so, the office “Professional” version could price you around $450.00 BND for on…

Lego Exo Force Sentai Fortress 7706

Amazingly, this set is still available when I go up to the capital last week shopping at Hua Ho. I last saw was last year (forget when) and didn't imagine continue to find it there. Although the box does wear off badly and open. I run a check and inspect with the permission from the sales lady. The content and stuff inside does feel missing. Well, I may be wrong as well because I have been so long not playing Lego so its hard to remember how to check the contents inside properly. But I went on swiping my card and drive back home. Build it straight away and regret later if really missing. So, anything missing? No, I am so happy not a single bricks missing after completing the build. This set truly an epic despite it’s 2006 released. I planning to pursuit another one and hopefully able to get one more from other Hua Ho branch if still available today.

Goodbye Masterpiece Grimlock!

Okay I have been busy doing some clean up on my toys. Last two weeks, it was Takara Transformers Masterpieces Grimlock. Too bad I have to sold for 70% of the value to the collectors. Still not bad and also lesson not to open expensive toy boxes for photographing. Otherwise I can still selling off more than 120% value today market. The Masterpieces product doesn't seem to be worth buying and the designs does look cheap for some reason the more I continue to observe. The answer just hit my mind telling me better spend on Transformers Voyager series. They have better quality and design which even have more fun accompany by 3rd party upgrades. Even though my Grimlock doesn't have any issue or broken. But it just if something happen to the toys out from the new box, either broken and bad manufacturing parts then this will definitely hurt your selling value to the collectors market. To play safe with my spending, no more Masterpieces series in the future.

Blue Screen of death No More!

Took me a while deciding to buy new Kingston ValueRAM 2x2GB memory ram to replace my current Cosair 2x2GB brand. I don't remember when I last warranty it but their brand sure suck causing my PC auto restarting itself or crash during booting. I think about for years now. Back then the memory ram price jet up a lot so I tried keeping my spending low until my system die. I guess it's not possible as I believe my current gaming still can last for another two years or more before replacing whole new hardware. There isn't any point of spending bunch of money on the PC upgrade when I can't even last ten minute playing many first person shooting games nowadays. My friend told me to tried out ginger tea before hitting the games. That only works extra thirty minutes or so and I’m entirely done motion sicking. Probably hitting old age so my body are too weak handling this kind of games. Sad hate to say. I also purchase Cooler Master U2 Notebook cooling pad for my laptop at Netcom …

Finally Mindwipe Join Up with Skystalker!

Phew! I am lucky enough to secure ROTF Mindwipe at eBay this month. The price is still good despite being so long. It sure does take me a while looking for the best price as possible when Headrobots announced Darksol upgrade for it. The price suddenly jet up so best to grab fast while the price just $10 more expensive. Even though the work is still in the early stage but that excited me and can't wait to grab it. It just looks fantastic. Now Skystalker can dock with Mindwipe without being alone.

Training Freshman

Never thought I would reach at the age of teaching freshman at works. Although it just started last month. I'm not too quite happy about and have that kind of patience on teaching. Its not like too stingy passing my skill, but not so sure if IT Technician require to teach when plenty of the guides and tips can be found on the internet nowadays. Also depending how you adjust and make good use on the field. Now, how does the freshman doing? Headache is the only word I could describe at the moment. Yes, anger does go up these past few weeks. My colleagues are much more angrier and ignore him in the end. For me, I can't and it's my responsible to guide and teach him at work. It just unbelievable challenging to teach when he is twice forgetful than me and disrespectful towards seniors. Still the biggest problem I never face is such young person being forgetful and unwilling to learn properly, even think logically when assigning simple tasks to complete when few minutes work bec…

Lego Agent 2.0 Aerial Defense Unit–GET!

HA! I went to brought the Lego Agent 2.0 Aerial Defense Unit (8971) set yesterday when after seeing at the KB local toy shop offering damn great deal on Saturday. I can't turn down this B$115.90 price and not to mention cover with plastic seal. Nowadays this set already cost twice and triple if you plan to get online. Well, of course at eBay. Quite lucky I am no one yet grab this set while I done some survey and calculating for the original market price. It was a dangerous move delaying purchase this 2009 release Lego. So I guess best to prepare a list of the pricing and keep into my phone to making better choice. LOL! I also grab another two more mini-fig and a brick removal tool. I have been looking for that so long and happily grab one without holding back.