What's Next for piracy in Brunei?

We maybe continue looking towards downloading TV and movies at online. But for me, local companies are actually more at risk compare to home users pirating in the internet. Every local business owners can be easily a target by piracy watch or someone wants to pokes them which already happen on year 2008. If you don't remember, read this article here.

No one can estimate how many are still using pirated office or drawing programs running their business in Brunei today. My guess are around 90% using illegal programs and 10% probably just Window license. I know because I am an IT Technician. Leave out the operating system since almost new OEM system comes with license. However buying Microsoft office already cost half of the new desktop PC price and it does hurt the companies capital budgets no matter how large the organizations were. Of course we have to consider which versions we are talking about. Even so, the office “Professional” version could price you around $450.00 BND for one user (only). Imagine buying the rest like Visio, Projects, AutoCAD, Photoshop or 3D Max for each, that definitely worst unless you are rich enough or hit big contracts to cover the cost.

Still, they are stubborn people in this country won't bother about spending on license shits as we get use to 'free' stuffs, continuing breaching the law. This is why I done quite extensive self research in the internet looking solutions saving budgets for smaller companies and worry free on Intellectual Property Law in Brunei. No one likes getting sued by software developers especially the Microsoft. Yeah, don't forget them being here for so long. Anytime you are the target. So to save yourself, you need alternative route which is free programs until you are able to purchase those legal licenses.

Question always continuously remain the same. Do you willing to learn to use it if the IP law enforce in Brunei? Until now, not many locals like using freeware like Ubuntu (OS and server) and Libre Office (another version of Open office). Even both the programs are free and no single worry breaching any Intellectual Property Law in Brunei. No one just likes em when you already experience using MS office and Windows.

Like it or not, best to learn how to use the free programs as also benefits for your working skill able to use any office programs or operating system.


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