Blue Screen of death No More!

Took me a while deciding to buy new Kingston ValueRAM 2x2GB memory ram to replace my current Cosair 2x2GB brand. I don't remember when I last warranty it but their brand sure suck causing my PC auto restarting itself or crash during booting. I think about for years now. Back then the memory ram price jet up a lot so I tried keeping my spending low until my system die. I guess it's not possible as I believe my current gaming still can last for another two years or more before replacing whole new hardware.

There isn't any point of spending bunch of money on the PC upgrade when I can't even last ten minute playing many first person shooting games nowadays. My friend told me to tried out ginger tea before hitting the games. That only works extra thirty minutes or so and I’m entirely done motion sicking. Probably hitting old age so my body are too weak handling this kind of games. Sad hate to say.

I also purchase Cooler Master U2 Notebook cooling pad for my laptop at Netcom Computer Shop for B$33. Most of you probably would say why bother to buy such expensive notebook cooling pad when you could get less than $10?

Brand is one of the reason, they have been around in the industries and market selling computer cooling stuffs around 20 years. Secondly, the fans are replaceable and even removable to allow adjusting the cooling location for any laptops design. Thirdly, their fans have longer fan life expectancy. Lastly, the pad is made of aluminum!


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