Lego Exo Force Sentai Fortress 7706

Amazingly, this set is still available when I go up to the capital last week shopping at Hua Ho. I last saw was last year (forget when) and didn't imagine continue to find it there. Although the box does wear off badly and open. I run a check and inspect with the permission from the sales lady. The content and stuff inside does feel missing. Well, I may be wrong as well because I have been so long not playing Lego so its hard to remember how to check the contents inside properly. But I went on swiping my card and drive back home. Build it straight away and regret later if really missing.

So, anything missing? No, I am so happy not a single bricks missing after completing the build. This set truly an epic despite it’s 2006 released. I planning to pursuit another one and hopefully able to get one more from other Hua Ho branch if still available today.


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