Happy New Year and Goodbye 2010!

2010 is going to be like a yesterday. I can’t believe expecting 2011 tomorrow just few more hours left. Oh well, no place to go actually and friends are hanging with their own friends. My life is getting lonelier than ever. Of course same goes to peoples like me around the world too. But I’m not that kind of person feel into delusion of some sort.

Yesterday was quite sucking actually. It was suppose a happy day able to get my passport on time. Thanks to the late SMS from the Gov system sent during lunch hours when I was so free in the morning. My work is getting way out of hand this month and even I manage to get down getting it. Applying for visa won’t be on time. Damn important works last minute pop in front of me. Pui!

Nothing much to wish for and looked back this last day. Too much sad things just happen so fast in real life. Hopefully tomorrow will be another better day and hope to hear about my new car soon.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Walter Hobby Online Shop Final Review

This is a revisit review for Walter Hobby online shop. You can still find the previous review post here or in the E-Shop Review category list. You may ask me why bother going back when they have bad reputations and services records. The reason is very simple, I want to know whether they learn their mistake and done any improvements. Anyone deserve second chance. It just whether they can pass or not.

As many you already know, Walter Hobby is today many buyers blacklisted toy shop in Hong Kong and no longer a recommend site to get Gunpla. The issue were quite a fuss back then, not delivering buyers orders and even went further not responding emails together almost more than a year. This causes many outrage and immediately filed complains to HK Authority including blocking his Paypal transactions.

Walter intention is unclear until now because he never makes any statements on what happen. The only information I got is from Prime92 YouTube reviewer are that his is too busy handling college examination and unable to fulfill the orders on time. He even puts up banner mentioning that his internet was down and unable to reply emails. As long there aren’t any official statement made from him, everyone of course taking this as completely bullshit and he was just trying to avoid responsibility.

FG 1/48 Gundam Unicorn Head Display Base

It was done yesterday after getting Tamiya clear red spray paint in town. Nothing much was done on the head display, only done a spray painting and putting decals for better looking. You can see there is one missing warning sign on the left. No ideas how the hell happens as I confirm it stick after using Mr Mark soft. Even I put another one second time, it still missing.
I still got another one, but will be plan later for more challenging projects in the future.
View the rest of the photo simply by clicking read more.

Another Year of Boring Christmas and Shit happen

Feel like having a Sunday, same as usual staying at home doing all sorts of things. This month is kinda like shit to me. Passport expires and can’t even get a new car before Christmas. My life is becoming too meaningless boring if I don’t go out and enjoy soon. This does remind me one of my friends saying nothing weird about that because everyone already get used to it since the day we are born in boring Brunei.

Anyway, quite busy and tired this past week’s working on company PC maintenance. At the same time getting into trouble with an employee in other department. Thanks to my openly discussion and opinions, she quite pissed off at me. I don’t really care much if I am rude or disrespect what I wrote in the email. You may think is just a small matter, but for a big private company I working for. You got to be very careful as people loves to poke you and use email as an evidence or proof.

It’s like this. I personally hate the secretary using email as a way of communication to contact the IT department for any urgent matters or require our service ASAP. I don’t understand why they don’t bother to call us directly when there is telephone available. Don’t you find it weird and stupid without logical sense? It’s like they never take the words wrote in the email as important at all and simply ignores it.

The word urgent and ASAP use in the email are always top priority in the company rules. Imagine how fuck is that when we just get back from the office and suddenly reading the emails that require us urgently, we have to rush back there to fix it. Other shitty things are that chances they are waiting for us to solved the problem. What if we don’t? Of course, we get complains and this going for too long.

Our IT job is not just sitting in the office, we move around to on site doing servicing and multitasking on different works every day. So we usually unable to keep track all the emails and normally received phone calls a lot. Their way of action does put us greatly in trouble and get question most of the time why we didn’t follow up the issues. This is the moment I started to get heated up and decided to write back. Not sure yet what is the result of it. It feels better for me because I dislike this going forever and getting us all the blames for not attending urgency.

Happy Holiday to all!

Ford Fiesta 2011 For Me?

I am quite busy lately working and part time on logo designs. After switching to KIA Sportage 2011, still no stock for me. I think I am going to stop wasting time waiting and simply just jump to Ford Fiesta 2011 Sedan as they got plenty of stocks ready.

Not a bad car really and the price is quite affordable too when it comes with feature. However, according to my friend the Premium Motor currently only have one model which is Sedan version. I was much into hatchback version but too make sure if this car are worth buying it. I check out some of the review on YouTube. The result is quite good except the rear passenger seats on the back are kinda of draw back. I need to find out myself to confirm it because I want my friends and my mom sitting on the back to feel comfortable.

If you are interested on the new Ford Fiesta 2011, you probably need to watch the video review and visit the show room before purchasing it.

It Gets Better Project

“It Get Better” program is started gaining popular through out the world lately. The Malaysian also join in and speaks recently, so I wonder if any Bruneian might join too. But if you are gay or lesbian, this place is a good start to voice out your feeling, help others and get out from your closets.

Visit the Official Website.

What is the Reason for FB Ban in Brunei?

If that is true, I would definitely laugh hard on these idiotic peoples who propose and follow Malaysian footstep supporting this silly ban. Many should know by now that rumor AiTi is going be the one banning (link) on Facebook this end of the month. I’m sure majority of the locals probably going to feel rage by this if it happens.

Now, what causes this? It appears that the speculation behind the ban is because of the recent news about the popular 22 years old Malaysian teen committing suicide this month that is known by Alviss Kong, who updated his last message on Facebook before jumping off from this home. Here’s the news, last message for the ex-girlfriend and information’s if you don’t know what happen.

So the question, is Facebook the blame all this suicide mess? For my personal opinion, Facebook indeed actually helps us to find out the truth in the messages left by Alviss Kong. Think about it. Do you rather continue to suffer without knowing why someone suddenly went suicide?

I don’t know why the Governments are trying to put in a fucking blame on social networks either. No matter how we look at it, this is human nature problem. Blaming on internet is just a big excuse. Even without it, we can still find another replacement in no time. Not to mention video conversation are starting to get more popular nowadays meeting strangers around the world. No one can stop this unless we pull out the internet once and for all.

There are other reasons why they want to ban Facebook. That’s right, freedom of speech. The big boys doesn’t like whenever someone criticizing the Governments that can damage the country images. It’s just another pointless thinking that might help to solve the problem because it will never will as long we human have problem with anything that came to our minds.

Anyway about Alviss Kong, I find it totally stupid. Sorry I have to be really rude and disrespect him because I find it really hard and unacceptable choosing commit suicide just over a four month end of relationship reason. I’m not him, so I can’t understand the love depression that he fought so hard for her. So what makes one of my Malay friend die in cancer 16 years old looks like? He can’t even work, study, love even ever to enjoy rest of the life today. He can, but 22 years beautiful healthy life ended just like that for the sake of four month love! Chi bai, what the fuck is wrong with the young people these days?

Now the whole family had to suffer and the ex girlfriend is carrying ‘guilt’ on the rest for her life (BTW she is freaking beautiful). Nonetheless, according to the Chinese newspaper report he actually had this same problem before in the first relationship and plan on commit suicide but was saved last minute two years ago. What does this mean? End.

Gunpla – HG 1/100 O Raiser

I have been finding hard at the moment looking which to build. So I decided to go for the easy one instead. Well it somehow took me 5 hours to finish for very few runners. I think probably because I took time examining how to improve the O Raiser kits for the next try. The only things I done are adding sensor and camera like option parts. Luckily it doesn’t turn out that bad except I over done the transparent cockpit color.

Gunpla: HG 1/100 Vitue and HG 1/144 Kerberos BuCUE Hound

Both were completed this month. It originally begins last month, it just both of them work half way after moving to MG Gundam Destiny. Again, all straight build and color testing for future projects. White Tamiya spray is very hard to find right now, even I stock up extra doesn’t seem to be enough at all.
So my plan right now is to test which colors work best on white surface. Next time, the work will be much easier to choose which is right for the Gunpla. Anyway, I finally completed another one of the Seed Astray Frame model. One more left to go Leons's Arms Astray PMC Custom.
As for Gundam Vitue, the Tamiya light sand color spray works pretty well on white plastic kit. I kinda love it because I never once have any Gunpla in sand version. No special posing photos. Too lazy for it.

No Holiday Toy Sales?

HLJ is not actually doing holiday sales for Brunei. Even though there are 50% off on Fed-Ex, but it doesn’t include Brunei Darussalam. That was the saddest thing seeing this to go. There always be a last minute sales and I hope for a nice one especially on the shipping. Nope 20% is not enough!

I also can see that the HK toy stores are not making any moves on the sales or offering free gifts right now like last year. It’s weird to find this, my guess probably thinking because of the US exchange rate issue. Damn these shop owners are not thinking bright enough that they can earn much more compared to Japanese store, don’t you think? You can say I’m wrong but just take a look at HLJ. How aggressive they are promoting sales almost every month. Even now most of the Gundam plastic kits on sales are still plenty in stock and very slow clearing out. Good or bad sign is hard to say. Probably most people are like me, holding off and wait for much better to come.

Well, not entirely. Of course I already making purchase this and that after receiving my new credit card last week and get approved for reapplying PayPal. Totally went nuts ordering Transformers and KO MG 1/100 Strike E (for project) toys just in one day over B$500.00. Luckily I got temporary card limit increase to cover that up because I even over spend during my Soon Lee shopping. What a crazy month I have to say.

One more thing, I got a US$7 ($50 or more) off and US$12 ($100 or more) off free coupons for Play-Asia.com. This year, I’m not going to buy anything there. Anyone who wants it can find in this post. Good luck with your holiday shopping!

First TF Reveal the Shield and Generations Arrived

This is the last month pre-order and soon my TFX-Protector should arrive as well. The first set Reveal the Shield title contains Jazz, Turbo Track, Fall Back and Mindset. As for the Generations, I ordered Skullgrin and Dirge. I have to say, all of them are great!

Credit Card Got Copy and Car Got Hit on Rear

This is suck for the first December of the month having such a bad shit around you. I was told by the HSBC international that my Visa card suspect been copy and require to replace immediately. Damn this bank always joking around with me like that making so many hassle reapply this and that all over again. Thanks to it, I lost my order for Gundam Ace with Sinanju Head display last month. Argg….

While continuing having a bad day dealing with the credit card issue, on my way back home also got hit by a car at rear. Luckily just a slight damage but my past trauma caught me blank out like few years ago hitting someone else car at rear. I don’t know why I am so stupid not asking that sucker to pay my car repair fee. Even I forget the car and the number plates. Everything blank out in my mind. What happen on the first day of this month is definitely experiencing fuck up life and continue asking myself why I am so stupid.