Walter Hobby Online Shop Final Review

This is a revisit review for Walter Hobby online shop. You can still find the previous review post here or in the E-Shop Review category list. You may ask me why bother going back when they have bad reputations and services records. The reason is very simple, I want to know whether they learn their mistake and done any improvements. Anyone deserve second chance. It just whether they can pass or not.

As many you already know, Walter Hobby is today many buyers blacklisted toy shop in Hong Kong and no longer a recommend site to get Gunpla. The issue were quite a fuss back then, not delivering buyers orders and even went further not responding emails together almost more than a year. This causes many outrage and immediately filed complains to HK Authority including blocking his Paypal transactions.

Walter intention is unclear until now because he never makes any statements on what happen. The only information I got is from Prime92 YouTube reviewer are that his is too busy handling college examination and unable to fulfill the orders on time. He even puts up banner mentioning that his internet was down and unable to reply emails. As long there aren’t any official statement made from him, everyone of course taking this as completely bullshit and he was just trying to avoid responsibility.

Now the website is back for business including the PayPal ban was lifted last few months ago and ready to accept orders again. The only changes I notice are no longer selling any TT Hongli and GHD Gunpla. Sad really, I am planning to get one bootleg MG 1/100 Strike-E I.W.SP and scrap it for project. Not quite a big problem, as I decided to go for second choice. That is 1/40 Gundam Unicorn Head Display Stand which I missed it last year.

Never Change a Bit

Yes, never learn at all. It’s really disappointment Walter continue to walk down the path like this. Everything goes back to same as before I last brought from. Sending him enquiry for PayPal payments and stock availability took almost more than two weeks to response. It is a bad sign, but I decided to proceed with the order since its not expensive and worrying about the risk.

Just to let you know that the whole order took nearly ONE month to prepare the shipped out. It sucks I have to be the one sending him enquiry for my order update once a week. Not until the third time I decided to warn him that I will not hesitate filling complained to PayPal if I still haven’t heard anything before 45 days. Guess what, he updated my order as delivering.

This may sound like threatening the seller, but the problem here is Walter never update with me anything at all. This is one of the mistakes a seller shouldn’t do making customers impatient for over two weeks.

Payment Methods

Walter only accepts PayPal and Western Union payment methods. But for WU, its best you contact him through his email (walter [at] walterhobby [dot] com) first before you made any orders because I didn’t find any selection payment options during on the check out.

By the way, no extra charges for the Paypal users. Do note that this require direct payments for both orders and pre-orders.

Shipping and Handling

The history itself somehow repeats itself by not giving its customer the tracking number. I find it very annoying when he does that as I have to contact him again for it.

So far, that’s the only thing improve is by introducing own packing boxes. No doubt he still uses plastic string to wrap around the box. Seriously, is masking tape really that expensive to buy in Hong Kong and just to seal the box? If you are saying the reason is because the inspections are require by the custom in the post office. That is nonsense.

Final Conclusion

Well, I have no idea what to say about Walter Hobby. The only thing came to mind is disappointed. Even though I successfully received the order, but the experience going through is still no doubt very headache and had to chase him for updates.

Let’s get straight to the point. Is Walter Hobby still a good place to buy Gunpla and other toys? Answer is, NO. I know, from the beginning to the end everything I wrote is just complains. I can’t help it. This is the same case experience from last years. It’s a fact nothing has improved since after the incident.

Although Walter does offer some impressive discount including exclusive toys that only available there from time to time. I would suggest you think twice especially those of you who can’t receive Paypal transactions. If he hasn’t responded you within one week time, you must contact him immediately for update. He was already known for not responding emails and enquiries for more two to three weeks.


  • Nice competition price.
  • Sometimes selling exclusive and limited toys.
  • Negative:

  • Well known not and late responding emails more than 2-3 weeks.
  • Website doesn’t indicate stock availability.
  • Have to request tracking numbers. Never update with the customers.
  • Have been blacklisted by many previous buyers experience past incident.
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