Happy New Year and Goodbye 2010!

2010 is going to be like a yesterday. I can’t believe expecting 2011 tomorrow just few more hours left. Oh well, no place to go actually and friends are hanging with their own friends. My life is getting lonelier than ever. Of course same goes to peoples like me around the world too. But I’m not that kind of person feel into delusion of some sort.

Yesterday was quite sucking actually. It was suppose a happy day able to get my passport on time. Thanks to the late SMS from the Gov system sent during lunch hours when I was so free in the morning. My work is getting way out of hand this month and even I manage to get down getting it. Applying for visa won’t be on time. Damn important works last minute pop in front of me. Pui!

Nothing much to wish for and looked back this last day. Too much sad things just happen so fast in real life. Hopefully tomorrow will be another better day and hope to hear about my new car soon.

Happy New Year to everyone!


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