Ford Fiesta 2011 For Me?

I am quite busy lately working and part time on logo designs. After switching to KIA Sportage 2011, still no stock for me. I think I am going to stop wasting time waiting and simply just jump to Ford Fiesta 2011 Sedan as they got plenty of stocks ready.

Not a bad car really and the price is quite affordable too when it comes with feature. However, according to my friend the Premium Motor currently only have one model which is Sedan version. I was much into hatchback version but too make sure if this car are worth buying it. I check out some of the review on YouTube. The result is quite good except the rear passenger seats on the back are kinda of draw back. I need to find out myself to confirm it because I want my friends and my mom sitting on the back to feel comfortable.

If you are interested on the new Ford Fiesta 2011, you probably need to watch the video review and visit the show room before purchasing it.


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