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Preparing for 3rd Local Gunpla Competition

While it is too late to speculate if the 3rd EACON will be held this year, I take no chances waiting and preparing my submission early as my long vacation is coming very close this November. I haven’t been flying for four years and it is time to do so. I am going to spend at least two weeks in Singapore staying at my brother place and travel to Cambodia checking out the ancient wonder. I’m thinking about visiting the neighboring Legoland as well, depending how my schedules so finger cross at the moment until I am there. As usual, my Gunpla category entry will be different (secret). Again, depending how my current work progress because until now I am stuck with the weapons of choice and modifications of the upper area. This is the most challenging work I ever spend for two months figuring ideas making good use of the existing left over parts and trying to fix the damage area. I can’t back out half way, if I do. Two months of effort building would be completely pointless so I decided t…

Everyday Has a New Problems

Shitty things just never stops coming. Apart from facing daily jobs issue and dealing with asshole, my sister is pissing me off as well. Man, I really wish there are ways to get away from this entire problem. While my stress has calming down for while maintaining healthy lifestyle going for better eating behavior, exercises and get an early sleep. Yes, my life becoming more boring than ever when I myself even questioning do I have friends at all. I usually take night out with friends at Saturday night. But my head get spinning whenever I stay very late at always happen during 10.00PM. Not sure if this is about reaching certain age of effect or getting use to early sleep. At work, I don’t really want to think much about it. I personally feel the place I work are getting messy and changing month by month. People too change, it doesn’t really feel good continue working at such environment. As for job hunting, IT is fuck up in Brunei. It is rarely available and the requirement is the bi…