HG Powered Zaku II F2 – W.I.P

This one is a bit quite a challenging kit to work on and first time merging with the old MG 1/100 Zaku parts. Lots of drilling works need to be done, also require different size of the poly parts ready if you plan to fits in with HG1/144.

As you can see, it’s not really perfect hand works so I fill some putty to repair, at the same time make it look better. I’m not using 2 hour fast dry putty since I still got half of the Tamiya 10 hours putty around. Better off not wasting, it just the problem needed to wait longer to dry. The rest of the kit sanding is nearly 100% complete so next month I can start coloring.

The photo here shows how it going to looks like in the final stage. Although I did have problem solving the energy pipes linking to the backpack and to the booster legs. Somehow I manage to find useless electrical wire to do the jobs. Not quite liking it much but it does solved my problem.

Empire Cinema MI4 Premier on 15th

I got to say the Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol is really good. Recommend everyone to watch tomorrow holiday if you got the time. The only complain so far is the chair really uncomfortable at Empire Cinema. This is why I don’t like watching movies at Empire after the first that I remember is Punisher.

The ticket they given to me somehow too close to the screen. What make me feel bad about it are many empty seats at the rear when I look back. I was like damn why they can’t even try to put us in the middle instead spreading us randomly? Someone is worse than me in the row. Hopefully next time Telbru could arrange better in the future.

Anyway, I got back home at 12 and sleep straight away. Not quite a nice trip because of heavy rain but after a while hitting the dry road. I became the need of speed and hoping some creatures would appear in front of me. Oh that’s the free t-shirt Telbru given to each of us!

Certification Worry

Although this currently just happen recently in Malaysia, I wonder if Brunei might follow one day. This indeed causes me worrying because I never had any certified IT background as mostly everything learned from self-study, job experiences and internet. The only time I did PC Technician course is at the local shop. Well, not even a local recognize paper.

Hate to say I am not a bookworm and like reading. Seriously I really need to start playing safe and came up cash to take some courses next year at ilm Academy. Otherwise I might both lose my job and have my car pull away. Geezzz…

Don’t laugh at me being bad educated person. You young folks need to worry as well. The past few days I did learned some information and changes about the educations in Brunei from the locals. Not sure how true is that, it was told that the UBD certification papers doesn’t recognize by other countries. Enlighten me that was not exactly true. However there are few confirm that somehow.

Of course you do have two choices if you happen get sponsors. Head over to UK three years or stay at UBD by completing five years. Flying to UK studies may sound very nice but if you plan to get master degree. You got to pay for it. Free? Oh you got wait for at least ten years’ time to get that chance, I heard.

Heading to Mission Impossible 4 Next

I didn’t expect to win the ticket and t-shirt from Telbru. Well, what can I say? It was suck at first knowing got to drive all the way to the HQ at old airport to collect the prize. That was definitely so inconvenience way asking KB man like me to go up.

Not like I can’t take leave. But had to one week earlier so not possible. The only way is to ask if they can send it down. It was denied. I was WHAT? Luckily they gave me another option by going there on December 15th and collect directly before screening. That was much better. Otherwise I might as well give up the prize.

Not entirely good thing too as I do find it suck watching on this Thursday, not to mention starting at 8.30PM. Seriously that was late and one hour trip there even work on the next day. Anyway, still a few days away better off not thinking anything now.

RGM79QH - GM Quel High Mobility

Really love the Advance of Zeta Gunpla kit! I spent quite a lot of time mixing to build a balance high mobility version of Quel. It has additional weapon and shield booster defense against beam weapon which I first thought why this shield booster is so different. Well, I am not kit bashing type so I usually look up in Gundam Wikia for information on those weapons and equipment’s to understand before starting to build and fitting into the UC lines.

Black Friday Root 2011

Another no posts for weeks, hate to say it always happen during third and fourth week of every month. Work does keep me company and tired after back from work. I wanted to go for a jog, the weather play it’s part on raining so much my body become more stressful and sleepy.

For most part, monitoring online activities doesn’t put me away especially Black Friday sales hunting. So far only Hobby Link Japan has a good deal on EMS shipping and this is what I get from the store below.

  • 1x 1/100 Justice Gundam
  • 1x 1/144 HG 00 Gundam & O Raiser SP
  • 2x 1/100 Nix Providence Gundam
  • 1x 1/144 HGUC MS-06 Zaku F2 EFSF Ver
  • 1x Large Missile Launcher
  • 2x Hand Gun
  • 2x Saber & Hummer
  • 3x Duct Nozzle

Some of you may wonder why I bother to get High Grade 1/100 Justice when Bandai (obviously) going to release the Master Grade version probably next year. Well, idea simply just pop up in my mind since I am quite a fan on Seed VS Astray design so Justice kit going to put in good use and mixing.

I also get Nix Providence because the half price is without doubt a good deal you simply can’t missed it. Same goes for HG Gundam & O Raiser for nearly only B$11.00. There weren’t much HGUC kit I am hoping for, but in the end manage to grab MS-06 Zaku F2 EFSF Ver as I needed the weapon parts so bad for Advance of Zeta I am currently working.

The rest are the Kotobukiya latest weapon units and option parts. The duct nozzles are needed for continuing Wagtail kits. Although I still need more stuff to begin my works, best to stock up first when you can get a good EMS shipping deal.