Chara Hobby 2010

Really love the Bandai new products showcase at Chara Hobby this month. It simply just too bad not many were interested me at the moment, except the upcoming Hobby Japan issue bundling OO Qan [T] Full Saber. Why? Same reason, still have tons of Gundam lying around and it’s not wise for me to keep on spending for not building it. Although there are some progress clearing up the old Gunpla, but I need more time and slowly working one by one.


I am surprise by the MG Rezel announcement. Never knew Bandai would release MG version so soon. Lucky I’m not longer a quick buyer these days and went for the HG version. Who knows next year would be commander type? I do hope for Delta Plus on lists too. Banshee, not quite in my taste since I haven’t lay my hands on the Unicorn yet.

For some reason these days, nobody should left out Kotobukiya products. I starting to find their mecha really interesting especially the Frame Arms lines and modeling support goods. The weapon sets are the most appealing to me and always the best on replacing those Gunpla ugly weapons during modifications. I already placed my pre-order for Kotobukiya latest free style weapon sets (17, 18 & 19). After looking at the picture brochures, this is going to be a nice additions and replacements for those ugly Gundam release last years.


BTW, it seems like Gundam Seed movie rumors to be announcing soon after Gundam OO movie release. Hmmm….could be after Bandai announce the PG version at Chara Hobby 2010. It would be nice to see those Seed characters back again.

Halo Reach: Deliver

Why don’t they make the movie sequels? Damn them! Microsoft and Bungie really done a great job every time when using promoting upcoming XBOX 360 Halo Reach game commercial. Not only that, it uses real person filming more and more! Love the real suit too!

Fansproject Crossfire 02 in Asia Soon

Yes, just received words from RK that the pre-order will be shipping out starting next week Shipped out yesterday! I really can’t wait to get them and pose together with Superion Combiner. However, I am going to bring in bad news is that there will be price increase for my brand new TF Universe Bruticus Combiner MSIB at the garage sales section.

It will rise from B$110.00 to B$130.00 starting next month because every seller in eBay are already done raising the price between US$69-$79.99 (mind you, not including the shipping) after the Fansproject Crossfire 02 released worldwide this month. Well, this is not good news for every Transformers buyer in the world who keep waiting not purchasing it.

Don’t bother asking for any discount, no negotiation or any best price whatsoever to be entertain. This is going to be fixed for this year or two and I don’t mind keeping it in my closet even unable to sell it off. As long it stays as MSIB, it will continue to worth a lot in the future, for Transformers at least.

Note: The current price still remains the same but please note that first come first serve only and no booking!

O Gundam Ver.1.5R

Celestial Being Undisclosed 1.5R Project Data:
0 Gundam has basic complements for combat, a Beam Saber, Proto GN Bolter with Knife, and Gundam Shield. During the trial test, the engineer decided to refitted with a GN particle storage tank, GN back booster and Rasiel fins for new GN Sefer equipment research and weapons for future Gundam developments.
Work Log:
It took me quite a while finishing my work on HG O Gundam until last Sunday. The original planned was doing lots of mod and upgrade. Somehow due to the limit of option kits, I decided to give up and move on to other kits. That way, it will be easier to clear up most of the Gundam kits I kept for so long.
Anyway, not much changes has been done on the HG1/144 O Gundam (Type A.C.D) except the feet fitted with Rasiel fins (what I called) to allow docking GN Photo Bits. The original idea was plan to make into a claw like shield instead so that it can both use as beam cannon and allow deployment or dock GN Photo Bits at the same time. But I just couldn’t get the ideas work as it quite challenging ahead. Luckily, the work turn out to be nice looking.
The Rasiel back booster also has been converted to use as an optional small booster backpack which can be installed on the back of the O Gundam slot (originally for used in action base) freely. I really like the location because it actually allows the modeler to design any different weapons and equipments. That itself already give me an idea how to solve the GN Sefer equipment.
As for the weapon, I’m sure you guys familiar with Kotobukiya option parts and weapons. This is one of this year release bolter gun or maybe a shotgun. I decide to use this due to similarity to Exia weapon. Moreover, I really like the design and the melee weapons is interchangeable between knife and chain sword which is much cooler.
Okay, working on HG 1/144 O Gundam wasn’t that hard. The mistake and worst job I done so far is applying putty onto the Rasiel fins and back pack. I’m not sure if the Tamiya putty doesn’t work well or my skill sucks whatsoever. But I decided to change to another brand next time which require 3 hours drying as the current needed up to 8 hours or more and more chemical danger free. As for the GN Sefer kits, I only applied putty to filled into the empty hole and continue working in the future. At the mean time, I will precede working on other Gundam first.

Facebook Game: Car Town

I never thought of starting playing Facebook game again. There are tons of great games out there, but I feel like most of it is very time consuming and boring in the end. I decided to try out the recent Car Town game after my friends introduced to me and currently hitting to level 9. It’s not really a bad game to be honest, I myself do enjoying it. The most interesting part of the game itself allows you to designing your own car graphic and I just finished working on one which is Raka Lee Itasha version. I didn’t expect it turn out to be great looking car so I probably going to make more sooner once I got rich in the game. Hehehe…. For the mean time I decided to sent this to car show and see how many vote I might able to get.


Well, as for the garage workshop. I am slowly building it bigger soon because due to the unfriendly earning money system. That’s the bad part of the game as timing is important, every car servicing you started requires being on time receiving the payment, all else the customers would run away. I first thought it is automatically, but I was wrong about it and that’s annoying when you have to monitor the game from time to time.

eBay Hunting for TF 1989-1990

Damn my eBay obsession started again. Recently I just couldn’t stop searching Transformers Micromaster toys. I really miss those in the past and just remember owning one of them but a painful memories destroying in the end. Hey, there isn’t any way to avoid it when you just an 8-9 year old kid who knows only playing instead of protecting it.

However, just to avoid confusion that I am much more into those vehicle and air planes that can transform into bases. I love those design back then and not to mention it was only released on year 1989 until the end on 1990. Quite an old Transformers toy and it’s more than 20 years old. Of course, there are ways to find it back once you start looking in eBay.

I manage to trace back most of them on the hard search. Some comes in complete sets and some with either missing or broken. The price and bidding are okay. Although some are expensive and over priced which I do normally don’t bother to look at it. As an old timer Transformers collector, I understand that was the exact value for ‘Mint In Seal Box’ (MISB).

Either way, I am happy to get those missing parts base with low price so that I can try out some challenging kitbashing and modify the whole thing. Well, I can’t say it’s an easy task trying to get hold most of them because no matter how old the Micromaster toy today. It is still very popular Transformers toy for collectors around the world. I lose most of the bid and feel pissed off due to the time different. I’m not that kind of crazy person would just wake up in mid-night and watch the bids.

Tokyo Toy Show 2010: Dreadwing and Smokescreen Exclusive Version

Yup, the brothers finally arrived few days ago, but I am too lazy to post up while continue gaming Starcraft II campaign for second time. Well, as you can see this is exclusive G2 ROTF Dreadwing and Smokescreen (redeco Mindwipe and Skystalker) exclusive toy release for Tokyo Toy Show 2010 which I got it for US$88.90 at RK. Now the price just suddenly roasts to US$109.90! Woah…lucky me.
I know it’s quite a lot of money spending on it. But I don’t have any regrets because I simply love these two bad boys and decided to display on the same shelf with the Japanese version of Dreadwing (name as Gigant Bomb) and Smokescreen (Smokesniper) which I got it this year from eBay.
Both of them looks great in alternate form and combine mode. Although the ROTF design is much more advance and taller compare to the older Dreadwing. Nonetheless, the combination design still loses to the previous version from my personal opinion and has a triple changes mode which you hardly can able to find much these days on latest Transformers toy line.

August Weekend #1

I so into Starcraft game the past few days and finally finished yesterday. The last mission was seriously quite hard fighting Kerrigan even playing in normal mode. Damn, I love this game so much and hoping the expansions would come out next year (was told on 2012)! Well I guess it’s time to get myself some rest first and proceed with other things. Okay, I lied! I am still playing another round trying different stories and research on the game. Heh!

Talking about Gundam kits, I haven’t yet continued but planning to do so on this coming public holiday. The only things I done are stocking up the Tamiya spray paint this morning shopping in the local toy shop in KB. To my surprise, they actually have Transformers Power Combiner and latest Universe 3.0 sold there. I always see them normally putting up the movies version which I don’t interest in.

Another good thing it cost almost the same price sold in RK. This reminds me also not to be haste on buying them online next time and saves more on the shipping. I might be planning getting some of them next month if things worked fine on my budget saving. Damn, new car coming next month and got to renew mine old car road tax including the insurance at the same time. Yikes!

Starcraft II - Wing of Liberty Collector Edition

Finally my Wing of Liberty collector edition arrived on my door step today! It was truly a long awaited RTS title of my life after the first Starcraft and the expansion Brood War released ten years ago when my friend introduced it. I remember first playing online non-stop during my student time for years. Thank to this game, study never was my priority.

I won’t be explaining or going to review this game. You can read on the official gaming website for more information and rating because they gives you better answer. To me, just go for it! Anyway, you might know what special stuffs going too packed with the collector edition. Let me bring you a closer look again for your pleasure!

Starcraft II: Wing Of Liberty Collector Edition (North America Version):

  • Starcraft II: Wing Of Liberty PC DVD game
  • Jim Raynor “Dog Tag” 2GB USB Drive (contains Starcraft and Brood War expansion set)
  • Starcraft II: Behind the Scenes DVD
  • Starcraft II: Collector Edition Soundtrack
  • The Art of Starcraft II: Wing Of Liberty
  • Starcraft Comic Issue #0
  • Exclusive In-Game WOW Pet (Baby Thor)
  • 2x Guest Game Pass card for Starcraft II: WOL & WOW

The entire box weight at least 2.7kg when it shipped out by UPS courier. Well, of course the art book itself is quite heavy, not to mention even the USB dog tag is made out of steel I presume. What a great addition to the collection, I love it! Overall, the packing box design was quite nice without needing to remove any seal damaging the looks.

While letting the PC doing all the installing work and updating the game, I decided spend my time checking out the art works book. Total 176 pages with full colors printed. This would probably cost US$29.90 or more if buying separately. Two pages teaser on the arts done by the Blizzard staffs.

As for the comic, I already had done reading in the toilet. That was simply just the first part introducing the War Pigs mercenary squad story. It seems like I have to get the rest of the issue to learn more about them. Hmm….

The top one is obvious a sound track CD, so the left is the installer DVD 9 and the right is the behind the scenes DVD. I haven’t watch yet but planning to save it for later when I have nothing to do. Quite interestingly after finding out that you don’t have to worried about losing or damage installer DVD. You can simply download the whole game online again through your Battle.Net account. Just in case someone stole it, house burn down or whatsoever happen in natural disaster.

Jim Raynor “Dog Tag” 2GB USB Drive that contains the first Starcraft and Brood War expansion set. Luckily I didn’t went to buy it.

There is a slide button on the back of the dog tag to push out the USB connector.

Yup, it lights up after you plug into the USB port. There are two led lights coming from the side and the top. Both come with blue and orange colors favors. Looks pretty cool I have to say. But the only down side is the dog tag simply too bulky and occupy a lot of the space (seen as picture above). Nonetheless, these pen drives reads and write really fast! Installing Starcraft game only takes less than two minutes with the total file size 1.23GB in window 7. I am happy this is not just an ordinary cheap pen drive even if the size is bulky.