Chara Hobby 2010

Really love the Bandai new products showcase at Chara Hobby this month. It simply just too bad not many were interested me at the moment, except the upcoming Hobby Japan issue bundling OO Qan [T] Full Saber. Why? Same reason, still have tons of Gundam lying around and it’s not wise for me to keep on spending for not building it. Although there are some progress clearing up the old Gunpla, but I need more time and slowly working one by one.


I am surprise by the MG Rezel announcement. Never knew Bandai would release MG version so soon. Lucky I’m not longer a quick buyer these days and went for the HG version. Who knows next year would be commander type? I do hope for Delta Plus on lists too. Banshee, not quite in my taste since I haven’t lay my hands on the Unicorn yet.

For some reason these days, nobody should left out Kotobukiya products. I starting to find their mecha really interesting especially the Frame Arms lines and modeling support goods. The weapon sets are the most appealing to me and always the best on replacing those Gunpla ugly weapons during modifications. I already placed my pre-order for Kotobukiya latest free style weapon sets (17, 18 & 19). After looking at the picture brochures, this is going to be a nice additions and replacements for those ugly Gundam release last years.


BTW, it seems like Gundam Seed movie rumors to be announcing soon after Gundam OO movie release. Hmmm….could be after Bandai announce the PG version at Chara Hobby 2010. It would be nice to see those Seed characters back again.


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