eBay Hunting for TF 1989-1990

Damn my eBay obsession started again. Recently I just couldn’t stop searching Transformers Micromaster toys. I really miss those in the past and just remember owning one of them but a painful memories destroying in the end. Hey, there isn’t any way to avoid it when you just an 8-9 year old kid who knows only playing instead of protecting it.

However, just to avoid confusion that I am much more into those vehicle and air planes that can transform into bases. I love those design back then and not to mention it was only released on year 1989 until the end on 1990. Quite an old Transformers toy and it’s more than 20 years old. Of course, there are ways to find it back once you start looking in eBay.

I manage to trace back most of them on the hard search. Some comes in complete sets and some with either missing or broken. The price and bidding are okay. Although some are expensive and over priced which I do normally don’t bother to look at it. As an old timer Transformers collector, I understand that was the exact value for ‘Mint In Seal Box’ (MISB).

Either way, I am happy to get those missing parts base with low price so that I can try out some challenging kitbashing and modify the whole thing. Well, I can’t say it’s an easy task trying to get hold most of them because no matter how old the Micromaster toy today. It is still very popular Transformers toy for collectors around the world. I lose most of the bid and feel pissed off due to the time different. I’m not that kind of crazy person would just wake up in mid-night and watch the bids.


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