O Gundam Ver.1.5R

Celestial Being Undisclosed 1.5R Project Data:
0 Gundam has basic complements for combat, a Beam Saber, Proto GN Bolter with Knife, and Gundam Shield. During the trial test, the engineer decided to refitted with a GN particle storage tank, GN back booster and Rasiel fins for new GN Sefer equipment research and weapons for future Gundam developments.
Work Log:
It took me quite a while finishing my work on HG O Gundam until last Sunday. The original planned was doing lots of mod and upgrade. Somehow due to the limit of option kits, I decided to give up and move on to other kits. That way, it will be easier to clear up most of the Gundam kits I kept for so long.
Anyway, not much changes has been done on the HG1/144 O Gundam (Type A.C.D) except the feet fitted with Rasiel fins (what I called) to allow docking GN Photo Bits. The original idea was plan to make into a claw like shield instead so that it can both use as beam cannon and allow deployment or dock GN Photo Bits at the same time. But I just couldn’t get the ideas work as it quite challenging ahead. Luckily, the work turn out to be nice looking.
The Rasiel back booster also has been converted to use as an optional small booster backpack which can be installed on the back of the O Gundam slot (originally for used in action base) freely. I really like the location because it actually allows the modeler to design any different weapons and equipments. That itself already give me an idea how to solve the GN Sefer equipment.
As for the weapon, I’m sure you guys familiar with Kotobukiya option parts and weapons. This is one of this year release bolter gun or maybe a shotgun. I decide to use this due to similarity to Exia weapon. Moreover, I really like the design and the melee weapons is interchangeable between knife and chain sword which is much cooler.
Okay, working on HG 1/144 O Gundam wasn’t that hard. The mistake and worst job I done so far is applying putty onto the Rasiel fins and back pack. I’m not sure if the Tamiya putty doesn’t work well or my skill sucks whatsoever. But I decided to change to another brand next time which require 3 hours drying as the current needed up to 8 hours or more and more chemical danger free. As for the GN Sefer kits, I only applied putty to filled into the empty hole and continue working in the future. At the mean time, I will precede working on other Gundam first.


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