Sea Dragon King Causes Flood?

This is a very old news I have to say. Like I mention before, the only things I am after are latest PC and IT gadgets stuffs. Nothing else, except movies and funny videos I'm interested to throw into my hard drive. BTW, It does caught into my attentions from my relatives last week discussing about the Sea Dragon King causes flood in Sabah, because the fisherman caught its son (picture from Malaysian Atheist blog). Do you believe it? If you asked me, my answer should be no. Of course you can't argue with the God believer and even to the Chinese elderly. :smile:

I only believed what they caught must have to be a very rare fish species type from the deep sea. Just like the Frilled Shark caught in Japan, it sure does look creepy if you ever see one. :shock: Sad thing was the Frilled Shark did not survived after that. :sad: Also, The Stars Online reported that someone actually willing to paid RM$50,000 to obtain the fish "dragon". WHAT!?! Damn these rich people do loves these things, aren't they? :lol: Unlucky for them, the fisherman threw back into the sea because they were too afraid about the sea dragon god will get mad and punished them.

Oh?...damn waste. It will be a good sample researched to identify the species type. I do wished they take more picture or recorded to video.